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Thoughts on Shareholders Meeting?

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Don’t let it get to you too much. These managers and exec’s think of us as widgets. They truly believe they can cut costs by replacing an experienced and higher cost person with a warm body, so they believe there are 1000’s of bodies they can stick in there. These delusions they suffer are prerequisites to being hand picked for management. Once there, they are mentored by a previous generation of clueless managers who also suffer from an inflated sense if value, and, hence, believe they’re the real value-adders with their ppts.

When the turnaround occurs these idiots will be caught holding the bag when their widget replacements don’t have a clue how to do the job. They’d step over a dollar to pick up a penny when times are tough, and their foresight is only a single quarter. It’s sad, but they’ve destroyed any future we had beyond the current downturn. They all need glasses for their myopia.

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first off, you s-xist POS, i'm not a dude...and I don't make a 6-figure salary...

next...I personally know several employees who've asked for The Package, but due to our clueless, inept "betters", they're in limbo right now for an indefinite period of time, waiting for perogitivity (sic) to kick in. so, positive package optionality doesn't appear to be a sure way out of this scenario, as -3sjj proposes.

and as far as "a thousand people who would be happy to take your place" many of said 1K people could actually do my job?

(very) educated guess: none...and neither could you, skippy. go back to watching the pretty lights on skype, preparing your occasional PPT for irrelevant meetings and feeling vastly superior to those around you who actually make this business happen on a daily know, because you were promoted above your level of incompetence (as were so many others) several years ago.


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Wah, wah. I make a 6-figure salary. I have a job when 10’s of thousands of others were laid off. I make a huge bonus for showing up to work and doing my job. But I want my ego stroked by RL and the ELT because I’m special.

No job is perfect and I agree that things can be better, but take a step back and look around you. You’re a lucky dude. You could be on the street or digging ditches for 20 grand a year. If you want to keep whining here, that’s your perogative, but don’t expect all of us to agree with you. If you hate it so much, ask for a package or quit. There’s a thousand people who would be happy to take your place.

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believe it or not, I've got a clue. I've listened to uncle ryan drone on about shareholder returns without mentioning employee contributions since he came to power (exactly as mVulva did prior to him) shareholder meetings and in company town halls. you, very much in particular, mr/ms mgmt, are lucky this company doesn't have a clue how to be an independent and continues to value unnecessary levels of management & bureaucracy more than it does actual contributions to the bottom line.

since we're betting, i'll bet your (imagined) major contributions all have a .PPT extension, don't they?

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Uuhmmm. It WAS a shareholders meeting, so the emphasis was on the shareholder. You're surprised and angered by this? Get a clue. You’re lucky to have a frickin’ job. Stop whining or hit the bricks. Nobody’s begging you to stay, I’ll bet.

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they droned on for literally hours and didn't say anything new (actually just repeated the rah rah from directly prior to the downturn, if you were paying attention back then). and they also didn't address any of the issues we've been facing for the past couple of years.

let's make up a bunch of sht & pretend it's awesome!

But the biggest disappointment (yet again) is that RL's boner is very obviously directed the shareholders...I've never heard that fkr utter a word about how he values the workforce...which is kinda funny since we generate every fkng penny that sockcuker puts in his pocket.

but, yeah...we're doing fantastic, so great shareholders meeting.

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We’re doing fantastic. No more layoffs.

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