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Layoff Decision Process

I got laid off in 6/2017 and I would like to know what the process is on how selection is made for choosing staff to get laid off within the department. Looking for answers from persons who may know about the process directly. Is it the direct manager that has some input on who to layoff or is it strictly done at the HR and senior manager levels?

I'm trying to get a sense if my immediate manager was asked to pick a name from the team and foward on for layoff.

Yes I know favortism and all of that MAY come into play........but I have to believe it is more controlled than that.

Any knowledable answers or insight would be helpful.

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, note the irony here! The manager has an executive! So he has someone to do his job for him? (pronouns interchangeable for gender roles) Talk about real waste, the managers should be doing their jobs, they don't need "executives" to do their jobs for them. This is where the money is being lost - it is in fake roles that are just not needed. If HR did a review of all managers to see if they were actually doing their jobs, they would find a lot of extra savings that would swamp any layoff savings.

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It is definitely up to the manager (or sometimes manager's executive as was my case). Managers are asked to rank their directs. That ranking reflects how the manager feels that day even though it cannot be reversed once it is submitted if he/she was having a bad day. HR does not choose who gets laid off...the names are submitted by the executive. HR's role is to review the list to be sure there cannot be any litigation resulting from the decision(s) as in age discrimination, harassment, any pending litigation.

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Because you guys aren't unionized you are powerless.

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IN good old GTO its who you know, who you brown nose and how well you are liked. All in all there is a process but its just plan smoke and mirrors - the goals are so vague that you are measured against they can rate you anyway they like.

The previous poster offered good advice - move on to somewhere else that possibly cares about you as a productive worker!

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It's really quite simple! You were ranked lower than others on your team. How the ranking is done is totally personal and subjective so don't feel bad if you think you could have done anything differently because it's most likely nothing within your direct control that would have made any difference.

It would be nice if there was some fairness to the whole process like some objective measurement but even that can be skewed any way a manager wishes if he really wants. Some managers are total psychopaths and so you really have no chance of any fairness on the selection of who stays and who goes.

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thank you all for the responses, in my case I was band 5......I honestly think I got cut because I had low seniority on my specific team, but then again as the previous poster responded, who really would make me less angry if there was a coherent logical process to this, and it seems there is not. Thanks again to all.

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Sometimes managers are told that everyone in a certain line of business with a certain job code will be cut. Othertimes it is financial: your pay rate was higher than others on your team in the same group and that is why you are cut. Or maybe you are a band 4 svp with no ne reporting to you. Sometimes your manager had to give them their team of 5 ranked 1-5 and that day you were listed as 5. It feels personal, but most cases it isn’t.

The fact that it feels personal, even though it is not a lot of the times is what makes everyone anxious. If there were some logic to the actions, we’d maybe feel better. But instead, since no action at BAC is logical, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, how long you’ve been there, or whether you got an exceeds exceeds or anything in our control. What does this do? It makes us know that no matter how hard we work, it won’t matter. Now you have lost any desire to do well. These types of environments are made and sustained by bad management. Who wants to work here if you could get cut anytime for no reason? Not me.

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Sorry to break it to you but your manager ranked you as someone to be let go. Could be performance or they just like you less. Move on...

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My manager informed me ( I had asked for a package) that the management team meets and discusses who to let go.

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