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Ding Dong the witch is dead

Meg is out />

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I worked at Hp and left in 2011 on my own. I saw this coming lucky for me however stayed a stockholder.

Honestly as I look at my hpe holdings the two companies dxc and micro dollar and sense wise together almost equal my total hpe holdings

My hpinq holdings surpass hpe by 40k

So the person bragging about Meg, what’s your thoughts on that

I’ll say it again the stockholders don’t mind getting invested in these new companies, higher dividends splitting Hp yes but it as a whole had not been run correctly in such a long time

How come dxc is trading in the 90s hmm

Good mgmt that’s how

Hpe is at 13 hmm bad mgt that’s how

Micro at 34 hmm good mgt

Hpq 22 dollars hmm good mgt

Guys running a company is all about dollars and cents at the end of the day

Hpe mgt needs to be rebuilt

Having meg stay on the board still means she is the ceo and Neri works for the board

Roi cannot be gained by letting people go

Roi is gained by success and happy new customers

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, it is clear that you are the same person that tried to discredit the other post that contains an article of an author that says that HPE is a mess.

It is clear that you are an HPE HR minion. Don’t you have anything more important tomado, such as go back to work and try to get some bonuses for us (instead of giving bonus only to the top executives?). HPE is indeed in terminal stage.

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LOL to

Good luck!

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Meg will stay in the Board. It's the best that could have happened to us. It's obvious that most of the people posting on this forum are simply frustrated ex-employees that can't get over the fact that they are not part of the bright future ahead of us.

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Kodak, Xerox, Motorola, Polaroid and now... HPE.

All these companies did various major mistakes. They did not completely disappear, but they became irrelevant in the current market.

And unfortunately that's HPE future that Meg created. A small, nimble but completely irrelevant company.

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Emperor Nero is not the problem. He is a good guy like Ric Lewis. The problem is that there are no clothes left for the emperor. Carly, Hurd, Leo, and Meg have s---ed up all of what's good out of HPE. My only f*cking regret is why I end up with HPE. I should have taken the Agilent offer and positioned myself with HP Inc. This company is dead, give it 2 to 3 years. Better package Aruba and 3Par/Nimble as IPO's asap while they are still in a strong position.

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Nothing will change. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!!!

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What's the Point? What's Next? Maggot.... Good Luck to All!

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The ship is sinking. She is jumping off the ship.

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It's too late

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HP used to stand for high price and high performance as a tech company.

Carly comes in and merge low margin business and the company became bloated.

Forgot who then wants to be more like IBM and merge consultant business. Even more bloated and non tech.

By the time Mark Hurd came in, there is not much tech left. So, he address the cost part.

Merge with more software companies.

Spin Agilent Technology and HP inc out.

I use the word merge because you buy someone using cash. If you use stock, you are just merging with someone.

Meg, you want a technologist to run the company? Ha, the HP you want is the pre-carly HP which is long, long gone by now.....

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Great news to HPE!!!!!

Meg, take the bloody money you got from laying off employees and retire.

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Gosh... All you guys have lost the perspective of what was today's real radical announcement. What shocked me BIG TIME is that Meg is just 61 years old... I had to sit down when I read that. I could have swear she was in her high seventies. I still see blurry and have difficulty breathing...

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Internal promotions never stick at HPE.

What they'll probably do is treat him like they did the internally promoted CIO. Announce a new CEO from the outside 4 months after he takes over and then thank him for his leadership as "interim CEO"

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Proof the money has been rung out, most likely.

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Ding dong the witch is rich. Not dead. Life and capitalism are not fair. Like Trump's tax plan, only the top 1% matter in a corporation. Sure wish that I could have created my own severance package when I got laid off and a huge bonus when HP split into HP/HPE. I look forward to the day when there won't be a need for a section on this blog for HPE because there won't be a HPE. The sooner they are OOB the better.

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More info here: / ... 100,000 plus people have gone since she became CEO in 2011, and the madness isn't over. Interesting that she said HPE needs a deeper technologist, what an admission. Something we all knew though.

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Where is all this coming from of getting rid of 3 out of 4 employees in the next few yrs coming from?

I hear it on here, but havent found proof. Links please!!! And no im not trolling, just would like to see the source for myself

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three years ago I was hearing that she was developing extra smart super super computer that can do everything. What happened to that project?

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Meg will still be on the board :(

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Emperor Nero is just chartered to get his hands dirty and finish the job. Under his un-leadership, HPE Next will be executed, getting rid of 3 out of the current 4 employees in a 3-years timeframe (but I’m more than sure he’ll be done with it in just 2). Two more merger-spin-offs and any remaining assets sold in pieces. The Goliath’s prophecy...

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At long, long last, the end of the Meggot infestation is within sight!

Will Emperor Nero do any better? Time will tell...

It will take a miracle to turn a Meggot-chewed-up, half-eaten sow's ear into a silk purse, though, by now...

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"Looking back on the past six years, what I am most proud of is how we were able to reignite innovation to deliver ground-breaking new technology solutions. To me, one of the best examples of this is The Machine. The Machine is the kind of program that few people ever have the chance to be a part of, something that can really change the world. I still get chills when I think back on the first time I saw the prototype light up in HPE green. Who knows how far you will take the program, but rest assured that I will be rooting for you every step of the way.

What made all of this progress possible? You. "

Damn you are right!!!. Laying off people made all of it possible

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"Now is the right time for Antonio and a new generation of leaders to take the reins of HPE. I have tremendous confidence that they will continue to build a great company that will thrive well into the future."


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, could you please copy and paste the internal memo here? Thank you!

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1:27 ... Meg finally sends the internal email. Employees are ALWAYS THE LAST PRIORITY. It used to be the first under Lew Platt.

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"Confirmed through company communication." LMFAO ... It's called Yahoo News. We employees dont get the first notice. We have to find out externally first. As of 1:23pm, we are still waiting for the internal email from Meg. What a pathetic company.

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Confirmed through company communication. Meg Whitman is stepping down at the end of the company Q1 (January 31, 2018). Antonio Neri will be the new CEO.

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Earlier than what I thought. What a disaster... She met her goal of destroying the Company, while getting tons and tons of money for herself and a few of her investors pals. I a SO MAD right now... SO UNFAIR...

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