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So much upheaval at Staples

There has been so much upheaval within the organization between the sale, stores closing, long time EEs being let go, contract replacement employees from outside the US, not to mention the "Staples" of the culture of bullying and blame, the visionless ineptitude of management, the lack of support from HR for reported grievances, the lack of knowledge with respect to IT and how to compete in the 21st century economy...and that's just the company view without factoring the utter chaos that is occurring within the US and globally on a daily basis.

With respect to Furniture, the belief that it may go to a 3rd party is a valid one based on the historical precedent of outsourcing set under Ron Sargent's tenure and continuously repeated under Shira Goodman's for all things that Staples leadership cannot manage effectively. Which, sadly, are most of the functions associated with the business.

For as much as the leadership at Staples loves to boast of their collective levels of academic and professional achievement by flaunting their advanced degrees and empty awards as a means to justify their behavior and decisions, they have failed to learn from history and allowed themselves to become bloated and complacent, and as such have driven a once thriving company to the brink of extinction.

Founded on supermarket chain executive turned entrepreneur, Tom Stemberg's notion that, "The world needed a supermarket for office products", Staples never moved away from the grocery store mentality that what they are selling is essential to the world as food/household products. To wit, Staples could not even successfully develop a BtoB delivery model and had to purchase Corporate Express to do so.

The mindset has always been that of Retail Store first and in Sycamore they have found a partner who professes as much in their description of themselves, "...a private equity firm based in New York specializing in retail and consumer investments."

Therefore, with both the original company and its new partner in lockstep, what would give anyone pause to think that the path that Staples is currently walking is going to change? Particularly in light of the fact that they have trotted out the same tired mechanisms of new branding without innovation of vision (Pro Time - What does that even mean?, 20/20?), "restructuring" (layoffs, cheaper foreign labor, ineffective upper management hires), closing stores (declining sales) and outsourcing IT (no internal technical prowess to compete in a 24-7-365 online economy).

Whether or not you work for Staples, you should have a healthy fear as the Staples scenario provides a window to the future idiocracy we are moving towards by continuing to repeat the mistakes of the past and accepting that complacency, greed, and mediocrity are the foundation of success.

An excellent post by that needed to be a thread.

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B2B is down again this quarter by 6%

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"OMG . I am so looking forward to when Staples is completely gone. What will you people write about ? Maybe you can get a job in an Amazon warehouse, or in a UPS terminal and write about Jeff Bezos. Please try to be a little harder on the Staples leadership team and Sycamore Partners. They deserve it." Post ID:

If Jeff Bezos ran a company into the ground like Staples leadership did I am sure many people would have much more to say than what is posted here, but his business intelligence has not gone into negative territory like those at Staples. Maybe you are right. We are too hard on Shira, the other C Levels, and Sycamore. They deserve the golden parachutes for their outstanding leadership and the resulting thriving business. Oh wait? Many who were working on the ground and in the trenches were laid off with no warning and not much more severance? Is that what they deserved? I think Staples is a sad shell of what it started out as, and I do agree that I, too "look forward to when Staples is completely gone." However, that cannot erase the negative impact they had on so many lives. Peace be with everyone and may you find something worthwhile and not toxic like Staples. We all deserve better.

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I don't agree with 's commentary nor do I agree with your rant because I've just had it with the all the negativity and hate speech in the world today, but I have to say that after reading the OP and both of your responses, you are lending credence 's blatant stereotype by not offering supporting facts to bolster your argument.

*What is the reasoning for your generation to "HATE" two generations of people?

*What is it that you know that could have avoided Staples' decline?

You're definitely creative, so show it. No need to be a jackass like

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OMG . I am so looking forward to when Staples is completely gone. What will you people write about ? Maybe you can get a job in an Amazon warehouse, or in a UPS terminal and write about Jeff Bezos. Please try to be a little harder on the Staples leadership team and Sycamore Partners. They deserve it .

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at each other's throats as the titanic sinks.

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I hope Sycamore puts Staples out of its misery soon.

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"Omg, that's too much bla bla bla"

First and foremost 140 character neophyte millennial, it's spelled "Blah". Or in your case should I pen it's "spelt" "Blah".

Second, at least the author put forth some ideas of merit that are able to be verified with fact. Something I believe has been lost by your generation's inability to fact check despite having the greatest tool for information at your fingertips. Perhaps fewer selfies and less propagation

of information regarding the deliciousness your half-caf mocha almond milk skinny mocha latte

might serve you well.

Third, if I've used too many words for you feel free to call your helicopter parents so they can complain to the folks at and fix your problem for you.

Lastly, if you think the OP is misguided in their argument that "the Staples scenario provides a window to the future idiocracy we are moving towards..." just look in the mirror for the source of that notion.

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Upheaval is exactly what is needed. Status quo means death in retail. Cut the dead weight and focus on B2B and services.

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Omg, that's too much bla bla bla

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Well said. All true.

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