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Layoffs in Jan 2018

company streamline in Jan 2018. Good luck.

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US Tax cuts in 2018. Bring back all the jobs from all around the world to USA.

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Layoff hands on people then only left mouth talking people. Who will be doing ground work?

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Don't you just love it when ex-cementers reply to this forum ? (Note: easily detected by the lack or grammar and spelling) Besides, everyone know that if layoffs are coming, they would occur prior to years end... its the Halliburton way.

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Only two technical staff report to one team you thing restructure needed? Why do we need a team leader to manage two staff? Hiring more to cover the team leader's backside? Flat ladder management structure is the best....

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6dke - hey you have a lot learn about the oil business. Throwing up verbal garbage about sleeping in a pick up is baloney. I would have checked into a 5-star hotel away from the mud and noise.

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Restructuring is the only way to make Halliburton great again. Key to success is to cut costs as soon as possible. Layoff is part of the restructuring process. Share holders are happy to see the profits jump every year. Who cares you are hardworking workers.

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This is directed to, and applies to the worthless little socksucker, who has the intellect of a frac weenie, but is undoubtedly some type of 'manager':

"This worthless son of a b--ch is exactly the f---ng reason Halliburton is riding on its past reputation.

IF, and that is a HUGE assumption, this arrogant POS has even spent one day in the field, or maybe he proved so f---ng incompetent that he was promoted into the new management structure, OR he got his a-- kicked so many times that it was thought best to get him out of the field, but MOST likely he was 'recruited' directly from some university, and placed in some office job, and his field 'experience' came from a few ride alongs, where he b--ched and moaned about the dirt, the noise, the mud, the having to sleep in the pickup, or about the food.

NO, sons of b--ches like YOU would NEVER have made a pimple on a REAL hand's a--.

What's the first two digits of YOUR employee number, er, SAP number, little man? Mine was 11

Thirty Eight YEARS, most of it overseas, and I have EVERY f---ng right to b--ch about how useless sons of b--ches like YOURSELF have fked up the company."

Who wrote this:

"Hey nobody cares what you think so get back to work"

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Hey nobody cares what you think so get back to work

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Listen to what the man says"

"Worked 40 years total for Halliburton. One of the finest family friendly companys a employee could wish for. All under the Flying H logo."


"Halliburton does not care about the field personal"

I had 38 years, 27 of which were overseas, and I foresee the day when ANY FIELD HAND with more than FIVE years service, will be a candidate when it comes a time to do a reduction in force.

The company, as it stands today has absolutely NO concept of the SERVICE that the customer expects Halliburton to provide. Halliburton has, for the last 10 or 12 years been riding on its past reputation, and that reputation is rapidly diminishing. It is the small independent service companies, whose management and senior field personnel that Halliburton trained who really understand and CAN deliver customer service, instead of meaningless hype, and endless excuses.

There are very few operating areas where Halliburton can offer a unique solution, but those regions are few in number, DON'T believe me, why, then are there dozens of pumping services in the fraccing field, WHY are independent tool companies able to offer a competitive service, when, at one time the RTTS and EZSV were the ultimate in downhole service tools, why are at least a dozen small companies offering drillable frac plugs. At one time our OMNI and APR test tools, as well as our open hole test tools were the creme de la creme, and I would wager that 99 percent of today's employees do NOT have a clue as to ALL the well services that Halliburton has the capability to offer, but does NOT have the experience to compete, much less ensure a successful outcome of a weeks long, multi-zone production test.

Face it gentlemen, YOU are working for a company that now relies on gimmicks and buzzwords, and YOU, as a field employee are nothing more than an necessary, and expendable 'evil' that is barely tolerated at ALL levels of management.

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Worked 40 years total for Halliburton. One of the finest family friendly companys a employee could wish for. All under the Flying H logo.

When Mr. Halliburtons log left. The company went south.

News update. Halliburton will use you up. And when it slows down. They will lay you off. A new employee should start looking for a small private owned company to work for.

Are better yet another industry.

Halliburton does not care about the field personal


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Nobody giv a ratsass

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C.I. = Continuous Improvement

This is part of Halliburton corp values. i.e. always improving better and better slowly. Restructuring is same as C.I.

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Remember that layoffs increase the size of management's bonuses.

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Share holders care about profits and dividens...who cares you are very lean.

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Stop It ! You are all over reacting. We are lean. Now maybe we do have room to make a few adjustments, but they should be minimal. Although Baker assets on the market could be a wildcard. Sit tight.

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Industry is dying folks get used to it. Pay cuts, heads chopped and low pay is the way forward.

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layoff and restructuring are a NORM in industry.

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Which PSL affected? Which country?

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9 January

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expecting HAL stock price up till USD80 per share in next few years....holding these shares tighted.

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If the Board wants the executive team to show a cost reduction for the share holders, projecting that stock price will increase, there are a few things to consider.

Selling off assets such as equipment or facilities would take too long to see any results in today's market.

However, what we do have is our human assets.

On an average, if we needed to reduce operating cost of say, $100.000,000.00, we would simply layoff 1,000 employees.

2,000 employees $200million, 3,000 employees, $300million, etc.,...

It is all a game and us employees are just numbers.

In the past few years, thousands of knowledgable employees have been let go.

Some have been replaced for a substantially lower qualified person at half the pay, burdens and benefits.

We don't have a lot of knowledgable and experienced employees any longer. And the ones that we do have, if they are around the age of 50 +-, making around 100k including burdens & benefits, these folks need to be concerned about getting laid off.

At this point it is all about the numbers, bean counters, share holders and stock prices, and these people don't give a sh-- about loyalty or dedication or job performance or any other attributes that we used to think made a good employee.

We will be rooted out and replaced with lower skilled and lower paid employees all for the mighty dollar to line the share holders.

Don't see a bright future for Hal, I am just holding on and rackin in the $$ and waiting for that time.

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Restructuring and push up stock price higher...

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ohhh the fun jus never stops, so then just where do you think this streamlining will take place then ? huh ?

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Is abz getting a piece of this news as plenty offshore boys had enough of manager's and lack of investment along with wages so give me the money

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there’s always a little fat to trim, it just a matter of where you cut and how you trim yes sir, we must extract efficiencies

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Yes, we are in a time of the "dumbing down of America" and the pussifacation of men.

Unless we stand up to these damn libtards and socialist snow flakes that don't know their a-- from a hole in the wall, we are doomed.

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Back in the days when men were men and tabacca-chewin was acceptable I preferred huntin' an a shootin' rabbits to working on dem oil rigs.

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Yup, and the new hires are safe. They brought them in for penny's on the dollar after the big layoffs one to two years ago.

So all you, Men, who are hard workers and give a sh--, and actually are productive, and don't take no sh--, start looking.....

They company doesn't want Men like us.

The new halliburton wants yes men, that can't think for themselves, gets along with all cultures, bows down to woman, cowards basically.

No room for real Men in the new company.

Halliburton will probibly sell or go bankrupt by 2030 maybe sooner.

Good luck

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No joking please....

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