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There is no "team" here, we are all treated differently

I'm a long term guy and I had a lot of respect for the company when I was hired. It wasn't until year 4-5 that I started to see how badly this division was run (power). Managers only care about their metrics and bonus and don't want to hear your good ideas that will save the company thousands. There are so many knowledge people who know how to make things better and get the job done but management doesn't care. They say we are a "team" but we are all treated differently. Favoritism runs rampant. It's just so frustrating because I see what a great company we can be and I feel like I can't change a thing. GE created the 2nd pay scale for the newer employee's because they needed a quick fix to look good on paper. They shot themselves in the foot. Sometimes I feel like this company is run on a day to day basis. If the company actually listened to good ideas, we wouldn't have a 2 tier scale. Now with the lower pay people are looking the other way for a job. Why come to GE? We offer less pay with less benefits then our competitors. I don't know how GE went down this path of "Manager Superiority" but it's ruined this company with one bad idea after another. I knew this day was coming and I want to help fix it, but GE needs to let us help instead of laying us off.

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When you see who is laid off first, it is mostly older experienced technical experts that are of no value to the present no nothing managers who are generally six sigma promotees with little produce knowledge.

This is a recipe for disaster and has created a low efficiency work environment where cost of quality failure is huge.

GE Power is in major failure mode, where actual costs from mindless cutting and outsourcing have actually gone sky high. Instead of capturing value added cash flow, GE Power is bleeding cash flow where 7.41 Billion in revenue only produced 611 million in earnings.

When GE Power made 2 to 3 billion in revenue, they used to produce around 650 million in earnings.

Something is really wrong at GE Power. Bad management and bloated cost structure from empire building, duplicate facilities, and all the fake six sigma cost savings are now destroying the entire GE enterprise, what is left of it after selling off all its assets at rock bottom prices just to obscure real organic corporate earnings.

GE management at the top has faked its way through decades of destructive bad management just like the way we see at lower levels. Its the same dishonest fakery where systematic age discrimination and six sigma are tools.

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