Thread regarding Chevron Corp. layoffs

Fit for Duty or Fit for Disposal

Do you work in, or visit a “Remote” location? Well pay attention because this affects you!

Fit for Disposal, sorry Fit for Duty is a way to lay off people without paying them a package. It circumvents protective legislation for discrimination and unfair dismissal whilst appearing, to be caring. It also reduces present and future costs for the company.

How is this achieved?

First set up a medical team with fitness criteria for remote locations NASA would be proud of. Subject people to continual review. If they take sick leave, review the reason even though their own doctor clears them for work. It could provide a reason to terminate them.

Here’s some of the benefits for the company.

• No redundancy payment or package.

• Cancellation of accumulated sick leave commitments.

• Reduced accumulated leave payout (reduced location / field loadings).

• Reduced perceived risk and therefore insurance costs.

• Reduced projected, emergency evacuation costs.

• Reduced cost of replacement (contractor, lower pay scale, fixed term replaceable).

• Reduced entitlement costs including long service benefits and awards.

What about people in non-remote locations. They’re exempt, FFFA (use your imagination).

Where is “Remote”, is it like the “Core” / “Non-Core” argument all over again?

So, are you Fit for Duty or Fit for Disposal, Discharge, Dismissal, Discarding, Departure?

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2ffw, Yes Siree! That's why I am just tickled pink to be one of the good ol' Gals!!!

Argue amongst yourselves. lmao!

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Chevron is too big to care. If there is a lawsuit, they settle for small potatoes, much less than the package with unused sick days. The good old boys and gals club rule.

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Having the last word is not the same as winning an argument. Making a better point does.

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Childish troll .

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1zkb, yes, you are correct and agreed with 1rqw, yet you refer to the one who agrees with you as "obtuse". Is everyone who agrees with you obtuse? In that case, I disagree with you! LMAO!

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No American company will ever get away with “Get fit or get fired”, 1rqw. It’s outright discriminatory. You and everyone else knows it. Don’t be obtuse.

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I’m a troll, 1whh? What kind of a person are you to support the kind of predatory behavior the OP is talking about? Jerk.

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Troll. Get a life, loser.

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Sounds like a juicy paycheck for a plaintiff and his lawyer if this discriminatory farce is selectively implemented anywhere in Chevron.

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Get fit or get fired. Works for me.

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