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Most employee s have already quit. They just show up for the paycheck. No one really holds anyone accountable anymore. Good place to surf the internet all day and work on outside projects such as homework, class projects, and proving the flat earth concept.

The company also asked the employees if they could be cooperative and improve our own morale. So there's that. Lol

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The beatings will continue until morale improves

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Well that's havard BUSINESS review.

STX is nowhere in the Good Governance index chart

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Remember when Steve-o introduced the concept of almost everyone getting a THREE? He made a comment that he would rate himself a THREE.

Well. Here we are, and the ex-3EO just got the Forbes' sycophants all wet with excitement at the prospect of grovelling and supplicating worship at his feet.

See? Just be a THREE. You might get an award of some kind.

Or not.

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. If you were from an area that has the highest unemployment rate in the united kingdom then you would know why people stay in a job for 15yrs.

Lack of employment opportunities keep people in Seagate springtown,not the love of the factory or job.

They pay me average wages then i make an average effort.Its a simple equation.Pay people what they are worth and morale gets higher then its not so much of a chore going to work.When If any time Seagate springtown start paying people a decent wage then output will get better,less "accidental scrap" wafers,less sickness days and it makes it a bit more worthwhile putting it the effort.

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Why work at a place for 15 years if it's never treated you like you matter? Seems like a bad personal decision. I have sympathy for all colleagues who suffer RIF, but no one is forcing us to work here.

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I totally agree.Ive been working for for about 15yrs and not once have seagate treated me like i matter.We are just disposable commodities. Im a 3 in every appraisal, i upped my work for a few years and still a 3.So if they want to put in extra work and effort then should pay the extra money.Im a 3 theyll get a 3 work effort and to every other 3 who busts their b*lls trying for a are wasting your time.

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I wonder if the bad sentiment are across all region of the coy. All the -ve inputs are pretty spot on, at least for the singapore node.

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I do not support the complete slacking off that some here think is fine. Nor can I tolerate the buttkissy bootlickers that think STX is their friend.

So I'm planning to simply continuing to work at a level of "3" on a 1-5 scale. That is what they have been telling me I am for all these years, regardless of how much I worked or accomplished.


Mediocrity. It is a lot less work and nobody notices anyway.

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Stx Stock could double over the next 6 months and none of you are getting raises next year. You are nothing more than exploitable labor and seagate will always do the bare minimum for you.

Why work hard for a company that treats people like this?

It does make me happy seeing our best engineers leave to work elsewhere.

I'll treat seagate how they treat me, fair enough?

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Its not the deplorables that are getting riffed. its the well rounded and highly adept that catch the boot. Seagate has already hit the iceburg. This ship is already on its way down. so for all you "dedicated" employee that think you are doing what is needed to make this company suceed i want you to remember this post when you are handes work that you dont know how to do... remember that the person that handed you that work likely had to figure it out from scratch and was at least kind enough to train you on their way out.

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So if there is a package, why would a deplorable quit? Better to linger on until you're paid to leave. If the executives really want to clear the decks of those not proactive enough to seek other employment, they should really consider cutting the size of the severance packages. Those committed to Seagate would not mind, while those unhappy or incompetent would get the message and improve their performance or get real about moving on. The current situation does nothing but make it worse for everyone.

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If they're truly deplorable, they'd be laid off, right?

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Well said 1riw. The deplorables that say they are sitting around and not contributing need to grow a pair and leave. The rest of us actually want to work hard, make Seagate successful, and share in that success.

If another layoff happens and I draw the short straw---oh well. Life goes on. I will thank Seagate for the great engineering experience.

Seagate may be the best company I have ever worked for. (I've worked for 2 very large companies, 1 small one, and the U.S. military.)

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Seagate doesn't have a long-term plan for survival that its employees can contribute to. Disk drives are slowly being replaced with solid state, and our executives have no answer to that other than to shrink its workforce in line with revenues. Its attempt to extend disk drives using HAMR is fraught with reliability issues, and the less said about its attempt at SSDs, the better. Any Seagate employee should do the minimum to keep their job while they sock cash away and update their resumes.

To quote Ramsay Bolton: "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."

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"I'm guessing most would rather do what they can to see if they can contribute to this companies survival"

Im guessing they are not!! Seagate have crapped from a great height on their employees for long enough and now its the employees turn to crap on seagate.Its not the average workers responsibility to keep seagates head above water,likewise it wasnt the average worker who got seagate into a position where there are layoffs annually.The people at the top are to blame and they are responsibile for seagates survival.We dont matter thats why we dont care.

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I for one love being paid to pretend I am doing desktop support. Everytime I get a ticket to fix a computer I take my sweet a-- time because I can. Seagate is burning like the rash on Luczo's a--. WORST COMPANY EVER!

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So......your point?

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So basically you are a thief. You think a company that is in a major transition is ripe for your decision to become a slouch just because you don't agree with their practices? Think about the coworkers around you for a bit. I'm guessing most would rather do what they can to see if they can contribute to this companies survival.

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