Thread regarding Mondelez International Inc. layoffs

Sales Rally Meeting

Just received a email that we're having a sales rally meeting in a few weeks.

I'm very confused!

Anyone think that they're going to tell us that Mondelez is exiting DSD?

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If they only practiced what they preached! GS is the worst of them all! Press him on Kroger, they are definitely going CAO and he skipped right over that at our rally.

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Having our wonderful sales rally this week and the all the “suits” are coming. Heard the RVP GS makes everything sounds like DSD is hear to stay.

Why have these sales rallies all we are is a Number to the company. They don’t care about us. Values? Yeah right.

Act like an owner = make us money

Inspire Trust = do not tell us the truth

Keep it simple = let us make everyone’s job harder

Decide, Discuss, Deliver = Decide where to “F” are employees, Discuss how to get rid of DSD, Deliver we can’t we have no product

Tell it like it is = Don’t tell us the truth we like to lie

Open and Inclusive = We lie and Keep it all to our selves

Lead from the Heart = We lead with lies

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Amen to that! Rallies were held simply to try to quiet the rumors. Not so much about mass exodus, although that's a worry, but realistically how hard are people gonna work once they know their jobs are gonna end!! Rotation, what's that??? Objective will be another work for load your back room, for many it already does! Need to try to keep people focused! Problem is, for a lot of us who have been here a long time, we quit caring when our managers did. Hard to give a care when nobody else does! Never seen such pathetic attitudes ever!! No wonder mondelez is where it is, not in a good place. Don't listen to RVP, his job is to try to make you feel safe before they fire you!! Watch!!!!

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I've been here 7 years and it's the first one we've had!

Wasn't much of a sales meeting.

Mostly senior management talking out of both sides of their mouth.

DSD is here to stay but

Walmart is going CAO?!?!?!?!?

Guess like Paul Harvey used to say"I'll be back with the rest of the story"

Mondelez employees are just waiting"for the rest of the story" Good day!

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We have a sales rally every year... Been with the company 10 years.

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Why all the sales rally meetings if they are intending exiting DSD?

One team one dream😂!

What a joke!

They must of had to spend some of Trumps tax rebates instead of giving us a bonus

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What you should believe is all the evidence surrounding you, open your eyes😳, kinda hard to miss all the red flags! The excuses are so far fetched even my 5 year old would laugh at them! Come on people, wake up! Who cares who or what you believe, totally up to you, but cannot change what is occurring! When I spoke with my WM store manager and shared what we were told, we both got a good laugh!

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So your uncle told you all this information?

Sounds about right but it's hard to believe.

Another post from a so called senior manager said late February announcement with a late April exit.

What should we believe???

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The Rumors are True:

At the end of Q2 2018 DSD will no longer exist. We will find out end of April. Managers will find out beginning of April.

Fianance working on incentive packages currently.

My Uncle is Senior Finance and has informed me.

Huge objective increase for Q1 so it looks like DSD failed. This will give them the excuse.

New CEO is against DSD, that is why the Board of Directors hires him. New NA President has experience with Kraft overseas, that is why he got the job

Product Supply is fine, the product is going to warehouses just not DSD Warehouses.

Time to start looking for new jobs. DSD will no longer exists.

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Keep believing upper management, they would never tell a lie 😟 lol

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They said that Frito lay has been CAO for a while now and they're doing fine.

Nothing to worry about!

Just what Walmart wants they


We're committed to DSD according to upper management

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So when wal mart goes CAO and shortly there after bins our product, which was confirmed, is WM going to give our merchandisers a telzon to take our product out of the bins, and then a locker to lock up the telzon at each store! Think about it! Why are retailers leaving DSD? To save $$$. Can you save money if we essentially lose the power of DSD,

Yet still deliver to individual stores and merchandise? Why you think we consolidated our branches?? We are now warehouse ready! Don't let senior management dummy you down to believing the bs they are feeding you!! DSD is going away, bye bye!

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They only said Walmart was going CAO and we can adjust the orders.

Gives us more time to sell he said

Who else is going CAO?

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Glad they convinced you! That's why they had the rally!! Did they tell you, "They got your back", "trust them"?.

That's what they said at the last regional meeting and then fired 1/3 of the sales force. Hard to trust management after that, especially when CAO starts in April in our two largest accounts! Things are about to change!

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DSD isn't going anywhere!

We had our sales rally meeting today!

They said that it's fake news!

One team one dream 2018!

Nothing to worry about folks!

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Heard from a Kroger that they are also going CAO in April

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Just received email today for a conference call in reference to CAO test for Walmart in our region. It is coming. I would think that by the end of the second quarter we will be warehouse in Walmart.

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As an ex kellogg rep they did offer incentives to stay on because the last thing they want is mass turn over. They offered the cars to reps but the quota was so high it wasn't possible to hit plus the turn over got so bad at the end that reps were merchandising the stores as well as running routes, most reps tapped the breaks and just did shelf the way the cars where junk and worn out vehicles

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We are not just "exiting" DSD! Plan has been in place for years! Have your Wal mart manager scan our product, already in system just waiting for product to arrive. Kroger finished the 60 million dollar warehouse where they will house our product and they have been testing order system for over a year. What part of that seems like it would be overnight? Consolidation of branches across the country and the negative effect is has had on DSD. Whether people believe it will happen is up to them, some just done want to look like a deer in the headlights when it happens!

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Plan has been in place for about 3 years now!! Not just a quick "EXIT"

Closing branches, downsizing reps, making territories bigger and that so called malware virus back in June 2017.

Think about it!

We were still able to send orders.

Nabisco had to shut part of the system down for the warehouse conversion.

Announcement will be coming at the end of February

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All of you need to get your facts straight and do some real research. We are way larger than Keebler and can’t just “exit”. Stop spending your time creating and fueling rumors and get back to work. Go find another job if you are that worried about it.

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Tell that to the 11000 people that showed up to the closing Sams today that found out they don't have a job from a sign on the door.

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Employers must give workers 60 days notice before closing a plant or issuing mass layoffs, according to the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act

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Yep, last time they held regional meetings they said it was to tell us our jobs were safe. They then promptly laid off a 1/3 of the sales force. For those that were not let go, jobs were safe! It's all in the wording! Watch how it gets phrases when they tell us we're leaving DSD, "not our choice" I bet!! Yet they sure have planned for it!

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"Sales Rally"

More like blow smoke up your butt about how there committed to DSD!!!

Bunch of liars!!!

Start looking folks!!

We're done in April

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Makes sense! Lots of "sales rallies" taking place suddenly.

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I heard Feb announcement

April exit

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Anyone know when we are losing our jobs?


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Haha! DSD is not here to stay! Whether you worry or not is up to you!! Kroger no longer wants DSD, they pay a premium for our services. They want to squeeze every bit of profitably out they can. Wal Mart is the same. We can no longer compete with Keebler costs because when they exited DSD they were able to cut cost on their product, eliminating DSD saves money.

It won't be a layoff, we are not going to be offered a position down the road as would be implied by a layoff. Sales positions, sales management, and merchandising positions will be eliminated.

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No layoffs.

Nothing to worry about.

DSD is here to stay!

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Stores have told me March or April

Stringing us along.

Pretty good sources.

Hopefully they'll tell you something at your meeting.

I'm a merchandiser and they don't have any meeting scheduled for us

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What's the time frame of us being let go?

Anyone know?

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Of course they are gonna have sales meeting, are you still selling? Watch how many incentives they throw at us before we get fired! Keebler reps who hit quarter numbers kept company cars. Your DM may also lose their job, who they gonna manage? They will have incentives as well and probably want to maximize earnings too! As far as Mondelez making too much! Dig a little deeper about earnings specific to North America, all they have done is cut costs!! Sales are at negative numbers! Negative growth!!

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They make too much money to leave DSD? We won't know until they make an official statement about it. Just think about how much more money they would make if they got rid of all of us drivers. No salary, benefits, trucks, fuel, ect., ect.

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Man i hear this alot "were not leaving dsd" all i gotta say, I will not be shocked if it happen. i"ll keep my guards up. Beacuse with kelloggs that hit me by surprised.

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Nothing to worry about.

Nabisco isn't leaving DSD.

They make too much money to leave.

All these rumors aren't true.

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