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Another Friday, wait every day is Friday now that I’m retired at 59. Thank God for poor planning on the working from home screw up by management and leadership.

It’s awesome folks, if your close, do it!

Enjoy life while you have your health and sanity.

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-1ebs. Your health insurance continues through your severance period if you have one.

I received a voluntary RIF in Jan 2017 with 38 years service, I'm single &, received six months severance beginning Feb 2017.

After your severance expires you may continue your existing insurance with Honeywell through COBRA continuation coverage for 18 months but you pay the full cost for this coverage. I did this and the COBRA coverage is costing me $520/month for 2018. It was a little over $200/month when I was still working.

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CheckYourZipper. I get that this is a sad attempt at humor...I can appreciate that. This wasnt funny in the stand-alone post and its not funny here. Too long and rambling....

You may be legally retarded or the drugs are wearing off.....

Might be funnier if you said something like "to be more efficient and in the spirit of our outsourcing to India we are adopting Indian bathroom standards and policies. In a cost savings effort we will be removing the bathrooms in all facilities so feel free to drop a log or pee in the aisles or right out on the street like our Indian co-workers".

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One big problem I found after separation from Honeywell is that nobody cared (so much, anymore) about my

restroom habits.

Our manager informed us in a group meeting that an AZ (Tucson) facility had advanced concern

about employee restroom visits that they required a new Honeywell process,

in which employees were to inform their managers when they were leaving their desk to use the restroom, and to leave a yellow note on their desk stating one had left to relieve themselves in the restroom (instead of the more efficient method of using the trash can OR recycling container), and they should annotate date, time, and current cumulative EEI

(but only state/record it as EEI, not corporate formally mandated overtime).

There was no process for independent verification of this yellow log note requirement recorded in HR documents (HR = Human Restroom facilities).

The yellow notes were to be supplied by the employee, because there was no budget for 3M note products for these kind of yellow logs.

It was not clear when or if to use 3M sticky notes, color brown, for more lengthy #2 restroom breaks, whether for notification (or for cleanup) during said visit. Again, no budget for this kind of log-log logging paper.

I always wondered, with all the extensive Honeywell online training on every little safety / health issue, why there wasn't much training on basic sanitation. I personally noted at the NW AZ facility I worked in, how many times someone in the stall next to me leaving fragrant product in the stall got up and bolted without flushing, and worse, without washing hands, perhaps eager to maintain a high EEI. When we had our annual employee appreciation sad-cafeteria-burger lunch, they had a communal bowl of chips for all to plunge their hands into. No thank you, don't need that manual virus vector.

After separation from Honeywell, I felt compelled to continue the log-logging process, because of the strong indoctrination to follow Honeywell processes in every way each day.

I currently do leave these 3M sticky note logs on the front doors of all of my neighbors to inform them that I am indisposed in the restroom, with time of entry, expected time of exit, mass/volume of shipped (s__tted/ p_ssed) product, and later to record degree of relief.

None of my neighbors has said anything about it. I don't bother to put it in emails or FACEBOOK, just to keep my EEI up (Excretion Efficiency Index)

Remember to flush twice, it's a long ways to headquarters !!

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If you have AFTER tax income to live on and can keep your taxable income low, than health care coverage through the ACA is very affordable...way more so than the Honeywell plan. So far this has worked for me after retiring at 56yo but I don't have a family.

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I’m make over 70k/yr and ACA was quoted for wife and I at 2400/mo. NO THANKS

Obama care is as good as the author of the health plan.

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Obamacare tax credit pays most of the premiums if you can keep your joint adjusted income below ~ $65K. Now the plan has $6550 deductible per person and a $13100 out of pocket max so you do need to take that into account. Who knows what next year and beyond holds....

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Sure. I took a short term policy through United Health cost wife and I 430.00 mo for three months. Now......

We are in excellant health with one prescription. We have just switched to Liberty Health Share. Not 100% sure about the health share thing but it’s costing us 299.00/mo. With 1000.00 deductible.

I can cancel at any time. Again we’re both in excellant health do we choose low cost now and will change as needed,

Good luck and all the best.

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Only question is. What about health insurance? Single income family here, 59 also, and will prob not make it to the end of January as we were informed our whole US team is also being outsourced. Saved well for retirement- but didn’t plan on healthcare costs. Can you share what you are doing for that? Appreciate it

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