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Honeywell Restroom Policy/Processes

One big problem I found after separation from Honeywell is that nobody cared (so much, anymore) about my

restroom habits.

Our manager informed us in a group meeting that an AZ (Tucson) facility had advanced concern

about employee restroom visits that they required a new Honeywell process,

in which employees were to inform their managers when they were leaving their desk to use the restroom, and to leave a yellow note on their desk stating one had left to relieve themselves in the restroom (instead of the more efficient method of using the trash can OR recycling container), and they should annotate date, time, and current cumulative EEI

(but only state/record it as EEI, not corporate formally mandated overtime).

There was no process for independent verification of this yellow log note requirement recorded in HR documents (HR = Human Restroom facilities).

The yellow notes were to be supplied by the employee, because there was no budget for 3M note products for these kind of yellow logs.

It was not clear when or if to use 3M sticky notes, color brown, for more lengthy #2 restroom breaks, whether for notification (or for cleanup) during said visit. Again, no budget for this kind of log-log logging paper.

I always wondered, with all the extensive Honeywell online training on every little safety / health issue, why there wasn't much training on basic sanitation. I personally noted at the NW AZ facility I worked in, how many times someone in the stall next to me leaving fragrant product in the stall got up and bolted without flushing, and worse, without washing hands, perhaps eager to maintain a high EEI. When we had our annual employee appreciation sad-cafeteria-burger lunch, they had a communal bowl of chips for all to plunge their hands into. No thank you, don't need that manual virus vector.

After separation from Honeywell, I felt compelled to continue the log-logging process, because of the strong indoctrination to follow Honeywell processes in every way each day.

I currently do leave these 3M sticky note logs on the front doors of all of my neighbors to inform them that I am indisposed in the restroom, with time of entry, expected time of exit, mass/volume of shipped (s__tted/ p_ssed) product, and later to record degree of relief.

None of my neighbors has said anything about it. I don't bother to put it in emails or FACEBOOK, just to keep my EEI up (Excretion Efficiency Index)

Remember to flush twice, it's a long ways to headquarters !!

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Stupid and juvenile, but not nearly as much as the actual Honeywell requirement to get permission and record when one goes to the potty

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Factual circumstances at DSES / SSO

Sounds stupid and juvenile, but really is true,

an actual workplace requirement to notify one's supervisor on restroom usage

If it sounds ridiculous and demeaning, it is because it truly was so

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Not so far off the mark. During my first pregnancy, my manager tracked my pee breaks AND made me make up the time. I was a principal engineer with a LONG commute from Chandler to Deer Valley. HR TOOK HIS SIDE. He died a lonely painful death a couple years ago. Deservedly so, as he humiliated many men and women.

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Are you 12?

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We have a "Log Log" in our restrooms.

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I'm sorry, I had a great laugh with this one. Well put together, thanks OP

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Man, the coffee tastes bitter this morning. And salty.

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Toilet humor. Don't quit your day job. Oh wait...

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I know, right? I kept waiting for it to get funnier, but no luck. Sad to see the chap work so hard. Yawn

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Stupid and juvenile Dgr73

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