Thread regarding Sears layoffs

Do you think the transformation with ShopYourWay and smaller stores will save Sears ?

When I read the strategy about Sears transformation, it seems focused on

  • ShopYourWay a cashback site with loyalty points instead of cash, earned when buying with partners or on on sears marketplace

  • Smaller stores selling appliances and mattresses or stores focused on best category/best stores.

So far it doesn't seem to be working and I wonder if ShopYourWay is really working but takes longer than expected or if it just a smoke screen.Do you think customers or members are happy to shop on SYW ?

Do you think we can expect Sears to stop the losses this year after some stores closures ?

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"The company does not break out its digital sales, but its steadily declining overall numbers suggest that customers are not flocking to the service."

I don't recall what article it came from, but another recent thread here stated that only 11% of Sears/Kmart sales come through the websites. That's not bad for a B&M retailer, except when it's one that's trying to do away with all their B&M locations.

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Smoke and mirrors.

While everyone concentrates on the dying large retail business, behind the curtain the effort goes on to rid the carcass of DEBT. Once that happens, the company is free to do what it wants.

You didn't think Eddie was at Steves confirmation hearings just to meet new friends, did you?

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Very few people care about Originally designed as a social network for shopping, the UI is confusing "busy" which overwhelms visitors and drives them off. The community section is spammy because of trolling personal shoppers begging for clients. This was another dumb idea from Eddie (remember myGofer, Shopbolt, Alfie, Sears Health/FitStudio -- all failed concepts either shut down or limping along effectively dead).

Eddie may be a visionary at coming up with ideas, but other retailers actually make them work. He is terrible at execution. Alfie, Sears' idea of a voice-activated personal shopping assistant, was a great example. You pushed a button to ask for prices on something you were shopping for. An offshore person or personal shopper listened to a RECORDING and then responded with questions to narrow the customer down. But those questions came after responses to other questions. In most cases, a customer could Google a better price in minutes while Alfie reps often took a day or two to actually get an order started. Our innovative concepts are promoted when they launch and then quickly fade into oblivion when they don't (and never will) stick. Our average customer is 40+. Millennials who love these kinds of impersonal shopping techniques would not be caught dead in our stores.

Most of the users on Eddie's loved SYWR are pushed there by deal-hunting websites that teach visitors how to exploit FREECASH and other promotions or "personal shoppers" that are mostly social media wannabe "stars" that represent our brand but don't work for us (instead earning minuscule commissions whenever someone who registers with them makes a purchase.) The most popular deal bloggers instruct customers how to get items for free from us.

Ordinary shoppers think of SYWR as the promotional arm of Sears and Kmart. Those that use SYWR with their registered credit/debit cards to buy goods and services (often from our direct competitors) earn additional points they can use at Sears and Kmart. But technical problems frequently require members to chase the points they were entitled to. Most just give up. The program is way too complicated and the only ones that profit from it are the dealhunters who think it is a personal failure on their part to walk into one of our stores and actually spend their own money, instead of using our FREECASH and other promotional stunts to walk out of the store with a shopping cart of items we actually paid for.

SYWR is not at all like Amazon Prime. SYWR Max is supposed to be, but hasn't been for about a year since Sears and Kmart implemented $25-30 as the minimum out of pocket spend required to get free shipping. Before that, SYWR Max members got free shipping on virtually every purchase. Also, virtually nobody actually pays for Max membership because free trials are extended indefinitely.

Our own financial reports tell the story - only about 11% of our revenue comes from online/digital platform sales. That number has remained virtually unchanged over the last five years, despite all the promotions and promises.

The reasons why SYW fails is very simple: it ties customers primarily to Sears and Kmart, which increasingly offers customers less and less selection of the products they want, makes customers go crazy trying to find items in stock and available to ship, and are usually available elsewhere for less money, are packaged properly and ship fast.

Can Sears survive selling mattresses and appliances in small format stores? Probably not. Mattress retailers are everywhere, don't carry the increasingly bad reputation Sears is getting, and customers are now used to shopping at Lowes and Home Depot for appliances, and again don't have to worry about the longevity those retailers or the horror stories people read almost every day about Sears' warranty services and poor repair reviews.

If you walk into a Kmart or Sears, the one word you would never associate with either chain is: NEW. You cannot have a comeback story from stores that are using cash registers older than most of their associates and fixtures that were installed when many of our 50-year old customers were in high school.

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Here’s an answer from the Motley Fool. Essentially, Sears doesn’t draw customers- big or small.

“Having fewer stores would make sense if Sears had shown that customers are flocking to its Shop Your Way (SYW) digital platform. The company does not break out its digital sales, but its steadily declining overall numbers suggest that customers are not flocking to the service.

In Q3, same-stores sales dropped 17% at Sears, 13% at Kmart, and 15.3% across the company. Overall sales fell from $5 billion in Q3 2016 to $3.7 billion in the same period in 2017, a 26% drop. The company claims that over half of that came from stores closing, but that doesn't mean things are looking up.

Sears is a ship full of holes that's taking on water and the captain's plan is bailing out with thimbles.

You need customers

Getting smaller may work for brands that still have a devoted customer base that will drive to a new location or shop online, but it's hard to see Sears fitting that bill. The company no longer owns its Craftsman tool lines and the company lost its long-standing relationship with the company that manufactures Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, and Jenn-Air appliances.

As the company has shrunk and sold off assets to survive, it has lost much of its identity. There's no reason to join SYW because Sears no longer offers any sort of unique shopping proposition. That's not going to improve as it slowly continues its march to zero stores.

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- "Amazon has virtually no stores (don’t say Whole Foods because really, they have nothing to do with amazon yet) sears doesn’t need much of a physical presence."

Don't know where you get the idea that ownership means having nothing to do with it. One of the first things Amazon did with Whole Foods is lower their prices. That sounds like having a lot to do with it! If you can't separate fact from fiction, then don't expect anyone to believe anything you have to say.

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- Thanks for the stock tip Eddie!! Now I can retire!!

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Eddie be the man, gonna make us all rich. Like getting in on Walmart or amazon on the ground floor!!!

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Do you think a smaller hole would have saved the Titanic??

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Hahahahaha, oh god how delusional are you...

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made a typo, however he or she is correct.

Amazon has virtually no stores (don’t say Whole Foods because really, they have nothing to do with amazon yet) sears doesn’t need much of a physical presence.

Most of you are too dumb to see it, but Eddie is a genius. Buy the stock today, get rewarded in a few months. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made. SHLD is the most undervalued stock in the world right now.

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"This is our year." This is what some of you idiots said last year, guess what? IT WASN'T.

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"Of corse it will."

Your misspelling alone makes you full of sh--. All the other sentences (more so the last one) make you hilariously full of sh--.

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Of corse it will.

The small stores are all profitable so far.

The auto center converted to diehard very profitable, Roseville MI is so busy it’s appointment only.

SYW is our version of amazon prime.

This is our year.

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No way, it is far too late to re-organize it to save it.

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A lot of business analysts think what he’s doing is great but should have done it long ago to make a difference.

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Sears simply doesn't have the time or the capital to roll out enough small footprint stores to make a difference. Game over. Sorry.

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Smaller stores would need to roll out faster and they are not by any means. The auto centers should all be closed and turned into appliance and mattress stores.

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No, no and no!

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Yes, yes and yes

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