Thread regarding Seagate Technology Inc. layoffs

Like Watching Rome Fall

One only has to read a sad review like this one to crystallize your purpose:


After reading this, there are three options:

1) Do nothing different. Watch all your skilled friends get laid off, and then you. Probably the worst option.

2) Proactively leave. A better option.

3) Join with hundreds of your site co-workers and stage a "I'm-mad-as-hell-and-I'm-not-gonna-take-this-sh---anymore" sit-in. Didn't you see Network? This is by FAR the most interesting option. But choose this only if you want your job to improve, see management squirm, and are willing to do a little work to make things better. Highlight the points made by the articulate writer on Rome falling.

Well, your future is up to you. Why don't you choose to have one?

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im betting you still worship at the feet of the statue of your former glorious leader SL.

You wish you got somewhere and achieved something big at seagate,but you havent.You are one of those sad lonely individuals whos life revolves around seagate.Seagate is your life and social life.Take a look at yourself in the mirror and stare at the weak,spineless excuse of a man looking back at you.Seagate is a business that doesnt care about you one bit yet here you are defending it like it was a person.

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corporate shill. Everyone who works at seagate loathes this place. No one is falling for the b---s--- you are spewing on here.

Cutting edge technology. Lmao.

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"Cutting edge technology". In as much, you have just declared, you are both dumb and blind. Seagate hasn't worked on cutting edge for ten years, at least. I'm glad you are happy, take that joy, bottle it up and save it for when you are faced with reality. You can't, you say? You must have confused your happiness with your naitivity which will serve you well at your next job, running carnival rides. That "cutting edge" you are working on are skills applied during Y2K, you are most likely unemployable.

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HappyImGone...So what I'm hearing you say is that your experience at Seagate was less than satisfactory, and now you screaming that everyone else will experience the same disappointment.

Too bad, too sad.

Not everyone at Seagate is disenfranchised or thinking of quitting. We are neither blind or dumb. We actually enjoy working on cutting edge technology, contributing to the bottom line, and sharing in the success of a company.

Your doomsday rhetoric is real 'exciting'and all, but it is basically the whinings of a child who didn't get to keep his toy and is now throwing a tantrum to make everyone else around him as uncomfortable as possible until he gets his way.

I'm sure you've been to a nice resturant and have been subjected to a nearby table with spoiled,noisy, unruly children. You didn't like it, did you. Well neither do we.

So why don't you take yourself out into the lobby for a time-out, and when you're ready to play with the big boys again we'll see if we can find a spot for you at the table. Okay?

There, there...

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These, "do your job, get RSU's and bonuses". You are either 1.) Blind or 2.) Dumb. You are the problem. I recieved RSU's while employed, last 5 reviews before they changed ratings, all 5's. Guess what that got me? A CIO that shook hands on a golf course in the bay area just like the other C levels do, then commenced to destroying what he is in charge of just like he did at SanDisk. For f**ks sake, his # 2 jumped ship as well. Seagate will be another SanDisk in a year looking for someone to buy a failing tech manufacturer. They will make their millions, walk away and you'll be looking to enter a competitive work force with less skills than your competition, all because you have continued with an org that is rewarding your silence and incompetence while it burns down around you. They will still need naive soldiers for the long death march to keep them propped up and appear worth while prior to the sellout.

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Poor blokes. Kinda wish you hadn't sold your shares when Seagate was down a bit, eh?

No problem, it is still going up. It's never to late. Unless your name is Kaal. He missed the gravy train and now wants everyone else to wallow in the unemplomemt swamp with him.

I prefer the fresh feeling I get when my manager showers me with more and more RSU's and rosey evals.

And all I had to do was my job. Go figure.

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3ddo - That was a lame attempt at slime. That really bad failure rate was skewed by only 170 unit count. I don't think you are stupid, just a jerk who most likely works at WD.

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Whoa! You think that's bad... look at this Seagate debacle:


No wonder the morale is miserable.

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Check out


The dude that said Seagate drive succkk is right.

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According to the FatDooshAtTheTop, Rome is not falling, and Seagate will endure. Thrive, in fact. Since the future of spinny drives is nonexistent, and since in 2008 Seagate dumped their $50M investment in non-volatile chip-based super storage, I don't see how Fat's rosy prediction of a high stock price and "cutting edge" image can be true.

Demonstratable fact: few laptops or desktops contain spinny drives now. Commercial servers have solid state drives too, increasingly. And Seagate's solid state offerings sukk, to use a variation on a word. Look at customer satisfaction ratings. I wouldn't buy one.

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Be kind . Kaal is just trying to show in some small way that he is relevent.

Unfortunately, this is the new way.

If you want to work for a company whose stock just did the best for the day on the S&P, and whose stock could easily be over $100 per share by this time next year, then you better have something to bring to the table.

Sadly, the individuals with less to contribute are going to feel the hammer and be shown the exit sooner rather than later.

Kaal is already hanging on by a thread, but what he needs is a lifeline.

There's a job out there for everybody, Kaal, but no one can promise it will be at a cutting-edge company like Seagate. Somebody has to make the doughnuts and pick-up the trash after all.

It's never too late to consider an occupational change. Perhaps you would be happier doing something with your hands.... bathing old people that smell bad maybe.

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"So are you saying that Seagate upper management is targeting conservatives? Can I get your full name and position in the company?"

If might work, if you disclose your company's detail before requesting for one. This is internet, this is not your playing ground for authority.

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"But if morale is at an all-time high, disregard everything I've written. I obviously have been misreading the situation."

Answer this honestly, and you have your answer: get the hell out now.

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My name be Forrest. Forrest Gaaaump. Stupid is as Seagate does.

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So are you saying that Seagate upper management is targeting conservatives? Can I get your full name and position in the company?

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1ncw, we're not even sure you can read.

Rome isn't falling, you duffus, it's changing, evolving, improving.

If you aren't part of the change, then you will be left behind with all your little budies, a.k.a. the 48% (the deplorables) that voted for the genius that is known as Forest Trump.

So wipe your nose, stop snivelling, and try to stay on topic.

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Boys, boys... you're straying from the topic, which is: how do you like watching Rome fall? And waddya gonna do about it?

I love the Trump voter who criticizes the work ethic of others. He advises just working harder, not making waves, keeping your head down. I'm sure that will save your head.

This sounds exactly like something greedy management would write.

I'll just write it: You mean nothing to upper management. Seagate dun circling the drain. Get s---ed down the hole, or get out before that happens. Your choice.

But if morale is at an all-time high, disregard everything I've written. I obviously have been misreading the situation.

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So what you're saying Seagate is almost a 3.

If you want to work for a 5 go apply at Goggle. I'm sure you have something to offer them.

Then again, you probably don't.

Which means on a good day you might almost be a 3.

See a correlation here?

Of course you do. Don't pretend you don't.

Funny how stuff always works out, eh? LOL.

Now get back to work.

How are those TPS reports coming?

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I love the conspiracy theory, but pretty sure Seagate is not going to be spamming with 4s and 5s. Do they have some dedicated resources to

do this and even if they did, what's the point!? 😂

Company is currently at 2.9/5 rating. Doubtful it'll get any better anytime soon.

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Wu0o sounds like a douche bag. He would like everyone around him to either quit or conduct a "sit-in" (and likely get fired) so he can continue to work (probably as little as possible) safe in the knowledge that he dodged the bullet for another 3-6 months.

I suggest you do your job in the best possible way, be a team player, and relax in the knowledge that the sh_t at the bottom of the swamp will continue to get cleaned-out while you reap the benefits of a safe job and an opportunity to reap gains as Seagate heads for the stars.

Good luck Wu0o man (just kidding).

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Sadly. The review is correct.

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The hell with fellow employees, a sit in, HA! Sounds like you want to start a union. People are too self involved for that.

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Stock price is up

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Seagate will spam Glassdoor with a bunch of fake 4 and 5 star reviews to push that one down.

If you really want to get back at this company you should leave an honest review on that website. Supposedly we're having difficulty hiring for the few positions we are hiring for, the word seems to be getting out

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The Rome faller is right. Workers have a helle of a lot more power than they think.

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