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Just stop - All of you

The amount of idiocy on this site astounds me. The Mondelez loyalists who can’t accept a glimmer of possibly that DSD might go away. The ex-Kellogg employee’s who want nothing more than Nabisco reps to join their misery while trolling this forum. And then we have the world is coming to an end employees who think every time there’s a typo in a management email they think they’re employment is coming to an end.

Listen - none of you know what is going to happen. The facts are this:

1.) Walmart is the driving force of reduction of DSD for all suppliers including Frito Lay, Pepsi, Coke and even Milk suppliers which has been confirmed coming on their trucks in 2019.

2.) Shareholders/Investors want OP (Operating Profit) and this can be acheived in two ways. The first being reduction in costs (eliminate DSD) or top line growth.

3.) If we are not able to grow top line in North America - DSD will go away. With our largest competitor leaving this sector; if we are unable to capitalize on their lack of in store presence it will be hard to justify to our investors as to why we stay in a DSD model.

This is what I believe; Dirk communicated during his call that he needed more time to do a cost analysis on DSD. Which I believe is true, however, with the lack of top line growth and a stagnant OP (Operating Profit) he will have no choice than to pull the plug on DSD. Walmart will not allow for the gains necessary in top line or OP as they want most suppliers out of the model. When this customer owns 35% of the overall business it’s hard to create those scenarios elsewhere.

My advice to everyone is to do your own research and form your own opinion. Do not go to a forum to get your insight. I’ve never seen so many ill informed people try to argue an outcome of something. There is nothing you can say and there is nothing you can do to change the outcome of the future. Do your own research, form your own opinion and do what is best for you.

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Keep your head buried as long as you want! The rest of us prefer to prepare for the future rather than ignore it! DSD is ending! Not paranoid, there are other jobs out there!! When one door closes another one opens! I just want to think about other opportunities, always easier to find a job when you have a job!

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Don’t be blind as to what going on around you your days are numbered with dsd and are better off hitting send on your resume thing are doing down hill from hear on out. Be proactive about yourself and your future hit send on your resume know don’t wait for nabisco to lay the hammer down on u because it’s coming soon

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DSD isn't going anywhere! Everyone is paranoid over nothing. Go to work and do your best. That's all you can do. Nabisco makes to much money to exit DSD. We're not Kelloggs. Cheeze its is about all they had. We have more powerful brands. Quit freaking everyone out. We'll be here for at least 2 more years

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Well said! People are probably fixated on Walmart because that's who is telling us about CAO. I agree Kroger is the x factor. It's coming. Be prepared to have the rug pulled out from under us soon. We're next in line for DSD exit.

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WM is not the driving force in this decision, it is Kroger which operates under other names in other parts of the country. WM is only 35% of the business if you are talking world wide, the problems exist in NA. Mondelez is not DSD in other parts of the world, only in NA. Kroger is the account that will intimately pull the rug out from under us! They know they are leaving, funny people so affixed to talking about WM. Initial testing of CAO in our region began at Kroger over a year ago and they just rolled it out to more stores. Yes Frito is doing CAO and still delivering and merchandising but how many of our reps deliver the product? Cannot compare us to Frito, whole different retail model! When Kroger pulls the plug, we are done! "We go where Kroger goes"!

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It amazes me u got idiots at nabisco that continue to drink the company kool aid and there to stupid to see what going on around them. My advice to you is hit send on your resume don’t be the guy playing the music on the titantic while the ship continues to sink

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Alot of jobs out there folks. Most of us will probably end up making more money. Sure change s---s but stop worrying until something happens. Relax :)

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Amen to that last post! Thank you! This site is for people to share information. People are upset because although management made a lousy attempt to make everyone feel their job is safe, employees know better! Been there and done that and have had outright lies thrown as us for years.

Now people have the opportunity to share what they see and react,

I've had three merchandisers move on from mondelez and already landed good jobs elsewhere. They didn't want to get hung up in a mass exodus and since they were PT and never even received a holiday card after years of service, the writing was on the wall for them. I'm glad they are in a better place, they have families.

If the shared information on this site helped them to make an informed decision, than tjank everyone for sharing what you know and allowing them that. Although they may have missed oit on 10 cent raise is they stayed and we don't leave, the risk was worth it.

In my opinion management at mondelez knows exactly the direction they are heading. They simply don't want to position themselves to finish. With no employess left in the field. When a manager told a young PT merchandiser that the rumors were all lies and Keebler regretted leaving DSD, that infuriates me. We know that is a lie but management had no problem saying it so merchandiser felt ok. That's sick!

I'm for one glad we have the opportunity to share insight.

Lots of people, all with different motives in the site. If you don't want to read it, stop visiting the site! For others, if you have good info or just need to vent, keep it coming!!

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We know what's going down!

Thanks for your psychoanalysis!

DSD is a dinosaur in this day and age.

CAO is already being tested across the country.

Tags reflect warehouse sku's.

Don't feed me this psychological bull!

We've been downsizing for 4 years now.

Closing branches!

Closing plants!

Moving to Mexico!

Most of H.R. is overseas!

Eliminated 1/3 of the sales reps!

Store's want control now!

People on this blog are just looking out for each other!

I hope you have a degree in psychology cause you're going to need a new line of work!👏👏

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