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Here is to the" MAGIC OF MACY'S"

Jeff, Who came up with this strategy. You need to trim the fat from the top not the bottom. People on top you are so out of touch with what really happens in stores. How can you make staff cuts For year's customers have been screaming for help on the sales floor and to keep the fitting room and floor clean.I went shopping at several stores and it was a war zone,dirty and no staff. I found myself picking up my size of pants from a pile on the floor had to fight thru 8 racks of go backs to get to the fitting room. My husband had to stay up because the sitting area had high piles all over. We're are your VPSM???? Why are they not on the floor redirecting the team.they are sitting in there office running the show like the rest of you. With no clue of what is really going on. How can you put Apm and Ops as one job both are demanding and different that offer specific result that help run the store.

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How is this company still in business? That's "The Magic of Macy's", if you ask me.

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I bet that the 3 supervisor/managers might of been millennial and the one that pick up the dog p--p was a baby boomer. I also, had a vomit situation in my store housekeeping was gone for the day. I blocked of the area with t- stands and held my breath and clean up the area.Customers said that were complaining about the mess for 30 minutes.when I question the associate why it took her so long to call a manager her response was that she had called her manager and one other and both of them told her they were at lunch it was 7pm, no one was at lunch . Guess we're I found both of them ???? Both millennial Sitting and laughing in the executive office. One of them laugh and said it's not her job and Macy's should invest more in housekeeping. The other denied she got a call, I grab her phone from the desk and check it the associate phone extension was on her phone. I was so upset with both of them. The next day I informed my VPSM He laugh and said, both of them had text him with what had happen . I shared my side of the story he thought it was hilarious that I had busted both of them. I was so upset and almost burst in to tears . He did not see the big picture.

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I am a vendor rep who visits my nearest Macy's on a regular basis. A few months ago, I observed a customer with a standard size poodle shopping in center core, with a tile floor. The dog p--ped on the floor, and thankfully the owner tried to clean it up. However, several stains remained. I contacted a supervisor/manager and showed them the stains. I was told they would take care of it. I monitored this situation for 3 days, each day calling a supervisor/manager and showing them the situation. Three different "executives" could not figure out how to get this taken care of. Finally, the 4th one did. I guess they thought it was not their job.........oh.....did I mention that I am a retired Macy's employee (I choose to not disclose my former position) who, a couple of years ago, along with the ASTS, had to go into a RTW fitting room where a customer had vomited, and we had to clean it up, since there was no housekeeping staff in the building for the rest of the day. This is another example of the work ethic, or lack of, of the leadership teams that are running Macy's today.

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I've often been told that the senior executives have forgotten the reality of running a store. However, I don't believe it. Rather, they've chosen to ignore it. More than once, our district manager has made statements that wouldn't be acceptable from a toddler as they were so naive. "Why are there so many racks of clothing by the register? Why hasn't the crew done put away?" There is no crew! He was even shocked and surprised that I knew the year our store was opened. "Why do you know that?": he inquired. I wanted to reply..." Because some of us take an interest in our profession and not just our paycheck." However, I chose to remain stunned and silent, knowing that his perceived magical edifice was gradually crumbling. It's tragic to be led by such people.

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They have their heads up their asses. They are so focused on technology they forget customer service. I haven't shopped in a Macy's for years. Nothing like being ignored so that a floor associate can finish playing or chatting on their cell phones. Or the best one yet. The Shoe Finder Device that helps associates locate shoes. But first you must wait a minimum of 15 minutes to find the Associate. They need to get a new app. Track an associate with a shoe finder gadget gps app

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