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Macy's Tech, massive layoff today

I worked over 20 years for MST and lost my job today. Many others as well. Hard to say where all of this is going. Wish the best to those that remain.

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I was also laid off from MST...god bless and good riddance.

10+ years on this Titanic, tons of hard work, zero recognition, lots of agita from associates (rightfully) pissed because the laughably old registers we stick band-aids on break every other day and they have to suffer trying to ring sales. Go look at the front of the registers, they're labeled RealPOS...they're a real P.O.S. alright!

I didn't hear anything about contract workers replacing technicians, but regarding hiring contract workers...I used to be a contract worker. You know why you hire people full time instead of hiring contractors? Because contractors don't care about the quality of the job they do.

No benefits, no insurance, no job security and crappy pay = I don't give a flip if your register breaks five seconds after I walk away, I've already closed the ticket and moved onto the next problem of the day. Bada bing, bada boom, see you next May!

Oh, and if you take the advice in this thread and try to hook up with a contract vendor who signs on with Macy's, if it ever happens...get ready to swallow your pride, LOL. You think you were underpaid and underappreciated before? You don't even know the meaning of the words. 1099 work will break your spirit and soul. Do yourself a favor, either leave IT and start in a new field if you don't have a real skillset...or look elsewhere. That's a path you don't want to go down if you can help it.

Luckily for me, I run a couple of side businesses and I've been saving money, preparing for this eventuality, so unemployment = funemployment.

Several of my now-former coworkers nearly cried when they heard I got chopped...don't cry for me, cry for those still riding the ship. It only gets worse from here on out.

At some point, this geriatric dump of a clothing company is going to cut enough of their debt load and they'll finally be scooped up by some brutally efficient private equity firm purely for the brand and a few headquarters sites. Everything else will be thrown in the trash...including what's left of the staff, who will wish they had gotten canned earlier when the severance packages were a little less meager.

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My advice is to take the package and find a job at a growth company. If you read the articles and interviews with Jeff and Karen H. (CFO), Macy's will continue to downsize for the next five years until the store count looks closer to 400 stores. As topline sales continues to erode, leadership will be forced to continue to eliminate overhead and expense.

This years massive cuts and restructuring are not the end, they are just the start of the similar changes as Macy's evolves into what will hopefully be a leaner and more productive company. The problem is that there is little on the horizon today that looks to be an effective strategy for future growth. While we continue to label groups of stores as top 50 growth, strategic doors, top 150, core, and other designations, it is clear that these are the efforts of leader who do not have the vision for a comprehensive strategy to stave off the impact of increasing competition, a changing retail environment, growing expenses and declining sales.

Working at a company that is continually focused on expense management and one that has lost the vision for comp sales growth makes for a very depressing place to work. Given the time we spend at work and the long term opportunities most people expect to see, you will be better off investing your time in finding a job with a more successful organization with a better long range outlook.

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Anyone know who the 3rd party vendor is or how to find out?

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Why not write what the departments are... you're anonymous here anyway, Mr. Ops Manager. There is already a thread here regarding the OP/AP position reporting to DD of OP/AP and making $45 - $70. .

On a separate topic, well connected MST techs may now try to find out what outside vendor will have the contract. My suggestion is to send that company your resume, they will be hiring new techs to service Macy's locations, and MST techs will be the most qualified applicants for that outside vendor. Pass it on to your MST techs friends if they don't know already.

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I too work for Macy's, but I work as a Senior Executive in the store. I manage the, well let's just say one of our "support" departments. I was just told Macy's is merging my department with another one of our store's "support" departments. It was then explained to me that all of the Managers company wide in my department have to re-apply for their jobs, where as the Managers of the other department didn't! In fact they already knew what store they were taking. If you were Manager of my department at that store, you would be SOL and would not get an equal chance to apply at that store. You would either apply at another Macy's where there would already be the Manager from that store applying for his job back, or take the severance. Really shows they believe in their people, or promote an equal opportunity for their Executives!" Look, I get the merging of the departments. These departments work very close together and both have highly important, highly intertwined roles. They also both already have enormous and stressful workloads, and with the "cut and paste" of both job descriptions into one, lack of a raise if re-hired (there's that too!) into the new position and the unequal opportunity given..................well the writing is on the wall for me and where this company is headed. Not to mention, this was all thrown at us just days before we started taking Inventory across the company. WTF Macy's!!??

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With the way these old registers are messing up daily, it will be interesting to see how often we get serviced after these cuts by anyone, MST or 3rd party.fewer registers, fewer associates, longer MAGIC....there goes the scores.....

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The highly qualified, experienced MST Techs will not have any problem finding another job. Someone patterned this to years past when the company hired outside vendors to lay cables for computers, registers and security cameras. It's so much cheaper for the company to contract out repair and maintenance than to spendi $45K to $65K and even higher yearly in salaries. Now, with this analogy, what's next for those who fix plumbing, air conditioning, carpentry ... Maintenance team?

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Look at it this way, you were given a life boat to get off of a sinking ship. It's only going to get worse.

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I’m so sorry....what exactly happened, did MST say they are being replaced or supplemented with 3rd party vendors? None of us know what this future holds and it’s very unsettling.

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