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You know it makes me laugh all of these executives who are squeezing all the money out of the employees, taking everything away and they still want us to have pride in the work that we do and how we do it well I for one still have pride in the work that I do but not in who I do it for, the days of me going out of my way have long since gone, I still give them the work every day but definitely not the same amount of work why should I go out of my way to do more than I get paid for . That's one thing this management team needs to learn your treat these workers with respect and you get a lot more work and a better attitude

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Please enlighten us and tell us where in this company calls are 30 days out because it sounds like your talking out of your a$$

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Altice has cut our workforce by 50%, we used to same day or next day service, now we are 30 days out . There is literally no workers left in some areas. I had a P-card for supplies & travel expenses, now I’m told buy what you need with your own money and we will try to get you your money back . This company won’t last more than a couple years, Dont waste your money investing in altice, run away fast, run like the wind

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To the bogus corporate fck face that wrote the post prior to this, to ur blo--ob claim on consolidation, losing another depot to that list. We know the song and dance, people are tired of getting stepped on and all there smoke and mirrors. I guess signing over a bunch of s---ers to ats by misleading info witch I still don't understand why people chose it with only 2 career progressions bb b---s---. Prior to French fag taking over. this company was a American dream owned by a company that supported small and local businesses and treated employees like family and fair wages and I agree some people were over paid. but it's not like the high ups that purchase 50 million dollar home In the city

I also agree some changes needed to be made but that aggressive sh-- doesn't fly here in America. This company had great reputation prior to his credit purchase and your customers are disconnecting at a astonishing rate. Good luck better sell now b4 it's to late. And to all u ats fence jumpers wake up. It's only going to get worse these people want u to do ur time on ur time. Frenchie the jack a-- will sell his soul for more investors he gives no f---s about americanos. FACT

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To 2rsb: Obviously you are corporate, but explain where did your savings go? If you compare the tax write off for salaries, benefits, overhead, etc you are probably at a break even point, and a few hundred people lost their jobs. Just think, think, how much will be saved when they come for your job?

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Most of the things you claim are gone were CONSOLIDATED not eliminated.

How many call centers do you need?

How many people do you need in the ROC to set up referrals when you have to TOC looking at the same program all day?

Do your research on RCC there's more than just Brooklyn and Oakland. And again how many people do you need to be putting routes together when the majority or routing isn't started until late afternoon?

Coordinators cut down. You can't put your own time in?

If you really want to say fleet maintenance ask how many shops had a garage that trucks were worked on in because a majority of the trucks have always went to outside shops to be maintained.

Security? Really who were they protecting? Parking lots by card access most parts of building card access but you felt safer with someone sitting in the office watching cameras all day doing their occasional walk around the building

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To stopbiotching your right we had it good, and had a lot more than other companies had. Dolans probably would be making the same cuts. But is that right? Do execs deserve more and higher profits for the company at the expense of people who do the hard and dangerous work? Maybe they should have bought a different company where profit margins are higher than screwing people from doing a good job and providing for their families. And yes this is a trend, of cutting expenses all over corporate America, but if it continues there will be no one left to buy their products

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TO: Jabba. Thank you can’t put any better than that.

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"The days of overpaying for Techs and our benefits are long behind us. I’ve been here 15 years and, looking at my options as far as other companies, I’m extremely grateful to have a job."

Good for you that you're grateful for having a job. The real issue is feeling secure in your job. Whether you're working for McDonalds or wherever, employees need to feel secure in their position.

Altice bought Optimum & Suddenlink in order to make a big splash in the US. The problem is that they brought their ruthless European business model with them. Look no further than SFR for proof of why they will ultimately fail.

You wanna talk about what's been taken away?? just ask all the former employees what's been taken from them.

  • Shelton CT call center gone

  • multiple Suddenlink call centers gone

  • CT ROC gone

  • NJ ROC gone

  • Logistics gone (except Brooklyn)

  • Security gone

  • Fleet gone

  • Facilities gone

  • News12 CT gone

  • Commercial Insertion Dept gone

  • RCC gone (except Brooklyn & Oakland)

  • various coordinators gone

  • various warehouse consolidations

  • thousands of (in)Voluntary Separation Packages

  • thousands of (in)Voluntary Retirement Packages

only thing left for Altice to do now is creatively find a way to get ATS and the remaining call center employees off the payroll.

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TO StopBiotching. you’re probably an a-- kisser of a tech. I understand cutbacks but this company takes it to a new level.

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I love all the talk about what was taken away from us. What exactly do you feel was taken away due to them. Using us? Fact is that every Corporation has cut way back on the benefits they are willing to pay for; and if the Dolans didn’t sell, they would’ve had to make these same kind of cuts. The days of overpaying for Techs and our benefits are long behind us. I’ve been here 15 years and, looking at my options as far as other companies, I’m extremely grateful to have a job. And for those techs that have been doing “just enough” due to their perceived slights by Altice, go to work at McDonald’s. See what it’s like to be mistreated for little to no money.

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they said they were treating us to good when they took our sick/personal days. We have been treating them to good.

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I do just good enough, Just like that douche Drahi said in his interview about our tech force, "We don't need the best, but just good enough".

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Just do enough to get you by. No more above and beyond for this management team. They don't care so why should you.

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Wont hold my breathe. Might turn blue an pass out

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Those quarterly bonuses are so motivating

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let's see what the reviews bring for the top performers and go from there.

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Dolans not roland

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Keep one thing in mind. The days of the Roland and being recognised for going above and beyond are long gone. How it is now, if you wear a suit you are viewed as holy and irreplaceable. If your shirt has reflective safety stripes you are viewed as disposable with almost no value. Just like toilet paper. Perhaps less so than toilet paper

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