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Will Sears match Walmart's raises or bonus?

No. Sears just keeps paying minimum wage (which they also can't afford, necessitating layoffs). And the paygap between Sears and Walmart works keeps increasing. Why do people continue to work at Sears?

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- Some store managers stay, but it's usually the oldtimers that do because they want their full retirement and they are used to the BS and are somewhat desensitized to the certain demise of this company. Or, they could be affected by Stockholm syndrome. Sadly, there are quite a few Sears employees and managers that don't see the writing on the wall and cannot envision themselves somewhere else, so they stay.

On the other hand, the newbies or the ones fresh out of college usually leave in a year or two. Some leave in months. They are not used to the extreme stress, worry and negativity. All jobs have some degree of stress and worry but it was unprecedented in my Sears ASM days. I am certainly not alone feeling this way.

I can tell you where the former SMs, ASMs and leads are going, the ones that are not retirement age and/or affected by Stockholm syndrome. They are going to Target, Best Buy, TJ Maxx, you name it. I am a former ASM and jumped over to Target as an ETL (Target's equivalent to an ASM). What a change -- in a good way. The stress at Target is very manageable and I am a happier, more energetic person. Believe me when I say that the grass is greener on the other side.

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Pfft, you seriously think they'll do that?! Yeah...and they'll also update our registers and fix our leaking roof at our Kmart as well!! Please...we'll get pink slips instead.

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When I was laid off in 2017, HR made it clear that I would not be offered another position (either PT or FT) and that I would not be given any preferential consideration if I applied for any open position within SHC. Forget burning bridges with ex-employees. Sears fire-bombs those s---ers to the ground, then starts fresh with minimum wage newbies who have no expectations about anything.

Move on from SHC when you can. Life is much better on the other side.

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Only about 10 of the current Sam's Club closures are expected to be turned into distribution centers.

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I WISH we had 50 employees. I don't think we've broken 30 in a while. (Including both FT and PT)

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1nru- please. Stop with the drama. So lets just say that Walmart closes the 63 Sams clubs and 11,000 people lose there jobs. This would mean that Walmart layied off around 174 employees per store.

11025/63 stores = 175 employees per store. How does that compare to the 421 stores closed by SHC in 2017 and so far in 2018.

Let's just assume that each SHC store had 50 employees (which is probably very conservative). So 421 X 50= 21,050 employees out of work. So SHC is ahead by 2X in making people unemployed.

Also, just like the last time Walmart closed Sams Clubs, they converted them into distriburion centers for their online sales and hired the people back. They also gave the layed off employees a chance to apply at another Walmart or Sams.

Now I understand that SHC also gives employees a chance to apply at another Kmart or Sears nearby but the problem is that with all the closings the nearest Sears or Kmart is hours away. This is in contrast to a Walmart which has stores which are probably close by.

So let us stop comparing a company whose stock has tanked 90% in the last few years (SHC) and who is 4 billion dollars or more in debt, and whose vendors are leaving in droves, and whose management has been voted as the worst for the last three plus years. To a company who has been seen as a potential threat to Amazon, whose stock has risen 40% or more in the last year, who has given a raise to $11 to employees and who has awarded a bonus to those employees who have of 20+ years who have stuck with the company through good times and bad and dedicated their lives to a company.

Just tell me what SHC has done for their employees and how they have shown loyalty to those who have given their live to a company.

Just wanted to thank corporate for a least taking the time to read these boards and giving a reply.

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lol Yeah right. Like Sam's Club, I get to lose my job instead.

I feel for those Sam's Club employees, that has got to sting while many others at their sister stores, Walmart, getting raises and bonuses.

Personally, I'm still at my Sears, until we close, because I like the people we work with. And taking advantage of the extra hours we can have now since we're done for. :\ (Lord knows it's a bad time of year to find more retail work anyhow.)

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They did that and then closed stores without warning, people showing up to locked doors. Yes they got a bonus but to get the max you have to be there 20years. Also over 11,000 people will lose their jobs because of the store closures. So I wouldn't be to quick to praise Walmart.

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Way back in the glory days of Sears, there were plenty of people making multiples of minimum wage. In the 1970's, even cashiers could make 3-4 times minimum and commission salespeople could do 7-8. These were full time 40 hour jobs with benefits. And the company overall was very profitable. Today after 30+ years of cost cutting, minimum wage with dismal benefits is about as good as it gets at Sears/Kmart And the company can't figure out how to make a dime in net profit. Could it be having experienced motivated well paid employees has something to do with making the company profitable?

The never ending cost cutting at SHC continues to result in more losses of sales/profits. But the absolutely clueless management can't figure out the connection. Other retail companies are starting to wake up, and that's why we are seeing the increases in wages.

SHC is determined to cost cut themselves right out of business. I hope this sad company finally expires this year, for the sake of all the people involved.

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I work on appliance and recently they gave us a cut in base but increased the commission. Equates to a $15k year a raise for me, especially with the blowout sale.

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Hahaha. Sears and Kmart can not compete with anyone. Just pull the plug already. Its amusing to see Eddie keep it going though! He is just as big of a joke as his company! Hahaha

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I'm an auto center manager and the last raise I got was a little more than a year ago. They gave me a $5,000 per year raise and took away my commission, and yearly bonus. So they took away almost $20,000 a year and gave me $5,000. I have heard of several managers getting raises when they give a 2 week notice. I don't know how much more they got but the few I know ended up staying.

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Some people continue to work at Sears because for them it may be the only game in town or they are completely unmotivated to move on, including relocating if necessary

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No 401k match for anyone for at least 7 years. No raises either.

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I would like to know if store managers and above still get a 401k match. I heard they still get bonuses for coming in under payroll and stuff

There must be quite a draw for store managers and DMs and above to stay with this company

Why do they stay? They must know they better hold on to their premium pay for as long as possible since they will not get out in the real retail world.

Didn’t Walmart just announce they were cutting management and hiring lower pay people?

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Back in the day before slick Eddie I heard raised were abundant that’s why a lot of people stayed and it was a fun place to work

The people are still great but the CEO not so much

Eddie won’t share his tax savings with the little guy it’s going to fuel his yacht

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I mean why would they match it?... how could they? You're comparing an extremely successful company with an extremely unsuccessful company.

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Target and TJX too have raised their starting wages.

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