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Nothing is happening!

I know some of the higher ups personally and we are not losing our jobs. Walmart is going to CAO but we will still be servicing the stores as we do now. all these fake posts on here about us leaving dsd in a few months is ridiculous. Most of these posts are probably ex keebler people.

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Oh my. Your so called "higher ups" must be giving each other a high five, they got you fooled! Did they also tell you Keebler was looking into getting back into DSD? I know a merchandiser that was told that. How rediculous to think someone could be so stupid! If they really think people are that dumb to believe that, than they made some sad choices in who they hired! Read the earnings report from 2017! -2.4% in North America, good thing they created Vea! Wow we're on fire now! We are so done with DSD! It's coming!

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Kroger is going CAO, we are NOT here to stay! Would seem rather odd they would continue to test CAO, almost as if they have a need to get it right! A new 60million distribution plant. And many of our skus converted to pack 6, at Kroger request. BTW many of keeblers skus went pack six prior to their departure. My two independents have scheduled a reset for me, first major reset, typically just cutting in and out items. You are so wrong but time will tell, in the meantime you probably want want to quit listening to your higher ups at Nabisco, the ones that scheduled the rallies to try to convince us all our jobs are safe, they have a purpose and it's not the same as ours, to get factual info. They want to get through the transition with some employees!

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Krogers has confirmed they are not going CAO with us. We are here to stay!

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It's happening!

Just a matter of when they decide to pull the plug on DSD.

Nobody knows the exact date!!

Only senior leaders know and Deefield protects themselves.

Anyone posting dates of exiting on here is just fake news!

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I don't think ex Keebler employees would care enough to post half truths,just remember both companies would follow suit on most delivery changes.We thought everything was great until Feb 7 2017,slim down your spending,start saving,and get your resume together,better safe than sorry.

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Your so called,"higher ups" are lying through their teeth! DSD is over!! It's not just us, picking off one company at a time and It's Nabisco's turn! Watch the excuse, "we were comitted to DSD, not our decision". Yet mondelez has been preparing to exit DSD for years! Your really a fool to believe that one of our biggest customers is going CAO and we are going to stay. Haha!! Power of DSD is in sales, not merchandising! Do yourself a favor and quit being so gullible and believing the bs they are spoon feeding you!!

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Well as an ex Keebler rep it couldn’t me to tell u dsd is gone. The guys and girls on the street know better. My only advice to nabisco employees is nabisco will try to string u along as much as possible they don’t want mass exodus. Part timers will bail soon as well as drivers based on tenure. The last 2 months at Kellogg’s the wheels came off reps were selling stores and merchandising. I suggest u hit send on your resume soon

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Nothing is happening?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

You been living under a rock!!!!

Read all of the red flags people have been posting.

Not all fake news!!

More truth than fake news on here!

Believe your buddies!!

Smart one's know otherwise.

We'll all say told you so when it happens!

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Allocation on premiums in winter

Allocation on fam Oreos

Allocation on fam snk crackers

Allocation on Fam size Ritz

Allocation on Reg Oreos

Allocation on Fam size Chips Ahoy...ETC


Cluster Fu** since

Cyber so called attack

You bet your sweet a** we are leaving dsd

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Blind nos orders

Losing shelf space!

Tags reflect warehouse skus!

Warehouse numbers on our tablets.

That long number across from our upcs are confirmed warehouse skus

Keep putting your head in the sand!

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You really think that you'll get a straight answer from senior management?!?!?!?

That's a good one!

Believe what you want!

DSD will be ending soon.

Look at all the red flags!

Closing branches!

Changing pack size!

Going CAO!

Already testing it in areas!

This has been in the works for about 3 years now.

Wake up!!!

Don't let senior management dumb you down

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Lol well I guess that definitively settles it then 😏

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