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Getting rid of all IT - Service Delivery


Transition to Managed IT Services


  1. Q: What is happening within IT?

A: AECOM has decided to make changes in how selected IT service delivery functions are delivered in order to ensure flexibility to accommodate our future business needs and enhance existing service levels. We have engaged CompuCom, a leading IT outsourcing specialist, to manage the Service Delivery function (Help Desk and Local Site Support) for AECOM.

  1. Q: Why are we doing this?

A: After careful analysis, we determined that the best way for IT to continue to provide service to our employees in the Americas and have the flexibility to scale our capabilities to meet AECOM’s future business requirements, outsourcing the Help Desk and Site Support functions to CompuCom, a world leader in this area, was the most effective and efficient approach

By contracting with CompuCom, we will be able to respond to requests and incidents faster, provide emergency help more quickly and to more locations, and meet specific service levels to satisfy end-user requirements. We will be able to deliver support to end users in-office, in-home or on-location services.

  1. Q: Is this a reflection of the quality of the services that the Service Delivery team has provided?

A: Absolutely not.

  1. Q: Are AECOM’s IT Service Desk and Site Support functions the only ones that are affected by this transition?

A: Yes.

  1. Q: Why did we choose CompuCom? Who are they?

A: After evaluating a variety of options, we determined that CompuCom, a leading IT desktop managed service provider, is best positioned and resourced to continue providing and improving the level of high quality service to AECOM employees.

CompuCom has extensive experience with large corporations, including professional service firms. The company’s clients include Fluor, Chevron, Cisco, Gallo, Salesforce and Intel. CompuCom has a comprehensive on-site footprint in the U.S. and Canada in addition to remote delivery centers. More information about the company can be found on its web site: />

Here’s a brief snapshot overview of CompuCom:

  1. Q: Will AECOM transition all services and responsibilities to CompuCom? What services will be transitioned to CompuCom and which will AECOM continue to be responsible for?

A: AECOM will continue to have 100% accountability for all IT Service Delivery. Here’s a general breakdown of what will be transitioned to CompuCom and what will remain with AECOM:

AECOM responsibility: CompuCom responsibility:

• Regional operations leaders and district leads to maintain service levels

• Relationships with suppliers e.g. Dell, etc.

• Manage vendor based on SLA’s

• Oversight and management of projects within AECOM

• Desktop engineering

• Executive support • Dispatch

• Workload balancing

• Prioritization and queue management

• Reporting, dashboards

• Coverage of all offices with next business day coverage

• Level 1 / Level 2 Help Desk Support

• Desktop refresh / installations for all Americas staff

• Account administration

  1. Q: Who is going to manage the contract and resources with CompuCom for AECOM?

A: AECOM IT has developed a governance program that will be led by Eric Dexter, director, IT Service Delivery, to manage CompuCom. AECOM IT will remain accountable and responsible for all IT Service Delivery / Support Services in the Americas.


  1. Q: What impact will this have on our internal IT service delivery staff?

A: Some of our staff in the Service Delivery group will continue to be employed by AECOM while the others will have the opportunity to apply for open positions with the CompuCom team.

  1. Q: Will the impacted Service Delivery staff be contacted by CompuCom?

A: Yes. See the timeline below.

  1. Q: Will there be a transition period? If so, how long will the transition take?

A: Yes. We have developed a detailed transition plan to ensure that we continue to maintain the level of high quality service to our employees in the Americas. The transition is expected to take 90 days. Service Delivery staff will be given notice and will be encouraged to remain with AECOM during the transition period and apply for open positions with the CompuCom team.

  1. Q: What are the benefits of working for CompuCom?

A: Should Service Delivery employees who apply for positions at CompuCom be hired by the company, they will be working for a company whose specialty focus is IT services.

  1. Q: What are we doing to encourage impacted IT employees to stay with AECOM through the transition period?

A: This is a difficult time for people who are directly impacted by the change. IT leadership in the Americas, in collaboration with Human Resources, is providing as much support as possible. We respect and understand the impact this decision has on our Service Delivery employees. A smooth transition is critical to their future and the success of this initiative. AECOM will strive to treat the employees fairly and to keep them actively engaged in the transition activities. Information about Right Management, a resource to aid affected staff in their transition, has been provided. Right Management will reach out with more information, including the time of an introductory meeting for affected staff.

  1. Q: What if an AECOM employee decides to leave before the transition is complete?

A: AECOM understands and respects that impacted employees will have to make decisions and do what is best for themselves and their families.

  1. Q: Who should I contact if I have any questions?

A: If you have any questions concerning the transition to CompuCom, contact your regional IT manager. If you have employment-related inquiries regarding issues such as PTO, benefits, etc., contact your HR manager.

Region IT HR

North Alan Loeser Laura McGregor

South Andy Colliver Rob Friedel

West Ben Nummerdor Joey Lake

Canada Kam Mohammed Tanya Currie

Julie St-Amant (Quebec)

Construction Services Div Alan Loeser Sonja Glatzhofer


Date Activity Responsibility

Later today (Feb. 3) FAQs will be distributed


Feb. 4 Follow up meetings with AECOM region IT leads, HR North: Al Loeser, IT

Laura McGregor, HR

South: Andy Colliver, IT

Rob Friedel, HR

West: Ben Nummerdor, IT

Joey Lake, HR

Canada: Kam Mohammed, IT

Tanya Currie, HR

Julie St-Amant, HR (Quebec)

CSD Al Loeser, IT

Sonja Glatzhofer, HR

Feb. 4 Email outlining next steps on exploring employment opportunities with CompuCom CompuCom

Feb. 5 - 6 All-hands Town Hall conference call to delineate application process, answer questions CompuCom

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Edit above: 6 IT service desk staff in legacy URS left the company, after their team leader was paid off. So, this was 7 in total who left (including the team leader), leaving 2 analysts - one with around 5 years service and one IT Service desk apprentice, with less than two year's service recently made permanent.

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AECOM is a sexist organisation within the IT teams in the UK. Very little women exist in junior positions and the same for women in senior positions. The ratio of women to men is highly indicative of sex discrimination within IT in AECOM. Why are AECOM getting away with this very obvious behaviour. Male management in IT are also completely inappropriate towards women. In one case, one woman was constructively fired for merely reporting her male manager's completely inappropriate behaviour which occurred within the IT team in the UK (2015). The IT manager remains in his senior position of 'responsibility', entirely protected by HR.

Addressing the point of the article above, then some details of what ensued after the acquisition of URS? -

The URS IT Service Desk in Basingstoke lost 7 of its 9 staff. 6 analysts left of their own accord between Oct 2014 and April 2015 after the IT Service desk Team leader was paid off. This left only two to run the desk. The URS IT Service Delivery Manager left of his own accord before-hand (around the time of the acquisition in October). He seemed to see sense of what was to come ... The IT Director from URS left too after 30-odd years service with URS. A new IT Service Delivery Manager was put in his place but the IT Service Desk in Basingstoke has been Hell on Earth since the new Service Delivery Manager took over and somewhat appointed his Regional Desktop Support Managers from legacy Aecom. (His choices left a lot to be desired). The new IT Service Delivery Manager came from the Projects IT Mobilisation team in URS that he used to manage.

The existing IT Service Desk for legacy Aecom in St. Albans finally departed at the beginning of August 2015.

Regional IT Support across the UK and Ireland were allocated different Regional Desktop IT managers in some but not all cases.

For legacy URS offices who were allocated AECOM Desktop Support (Regional) managers, these managers have made a complete hash of managing the Desktop Support in the legacy URS offices. The attitude from legacy AECOM regional desktop support management is one of sheer incompetence, disinterest, and absolutely no care about levels of IT service or in particular, how to support Regional Desktop IT Analysts who are doing the job. These so-called 'managers' do not know how to manage. They only know how to bully and intimidate and this mainly relates to the few women in IT. These so-called managers only seem to 'appear' to be supportive of the company but they have no honoir, passion, genuine dedication, commitment or decency underneath the veiled pretences.

Since the acquisition (the take-over of URS by AECOM), certain staff positions were put at risk. These particular roles seemed like a major constructed case of underhand deceit to move certain long term staff into positions more senior than their original positions. If anything, it was a re-shuffle around, as opposed to a reasoned business strategy. Junior staff who were in jobs deemed not to be 'at risk' who had the skills and experience to move into senior roles were given no opportunity to apply for the more senior positions. Their promotiinal opportunities were swiped from them. It was pretty much a 'fix' from the start of the 'at risk' process.

Many would also say that it is highly questionable how AECOM even managed to acquire URS in the first place? It also looks like the recent profits for 2015 have not been what AECOM had projected. They have been much lower than expected according to the Directors, but I can completely see why this is the case.

URS, if you get the chance to break up that horrendous acquisition, do what is best for URS. Get shot of AECOM if this is possible (and get shot of any aggressive directors, both from Aecom and URS, well known for their bullying of junior staff). AECOM (and the seemingly lower calibre that they have shown themselves to be compared to URS staff) are only dragging you down in terms of staff morale, your reputation plus many other factors. The Aecom HR team are also a big part of the problem. They turn a complete blind eye to sex discrimination and then try and hush the victim by constructiveky firing her, whilst protecting the instigator. That doesn't leave much to the imagination for any future success of this company. Why are they getting away with this, all of it??

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