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Only problems are those stupid bastard posters like sheaza, slippery, dumdalus, hurin, Jagoff and his concubine Kumoniin
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What I know

This came from a friend of mine who used to work for Turbine and still knows a few of the executives in the company: He was told by one of those executives that one third of the Turbine employees had been laid off and the programming staff has been... read more
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Yes, it's Turbine. Can't even keep their promises. Who said the Lord of the Rings Online servers moved to New Jersey? Sorry everyone, but you're being deceived again by yet another dishonest company.
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lotro layoffs

good luck to all laid off from turbine. lotro crew, hang in there.
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October layoffs

Layoffs have struck again. I don't know exactly how many people are affected, but the reductions seem to be pretty sizable and reach across many levels of the organization.
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The post below is BS

No, Massively is reporting NOTHING like that at all. Please remember that anyone can post anonymously to this site before you start spreading the BS in all of the below comments. Support your favorite Turbine MMO, show loyalty for the team you have... read more
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The future of DDO is bright

Don't fret guys! The game is in great shape and we look forward to a very adventerous year in 2014! My heart goes out to all Turbine employees effected this week! Have a great year of Questing from the DDO Team!... read more
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Ths site is shit!

Don't allow people to post anonymously. at least make it so you ned to put your email in or somemthing similar. You guys should know better then to allow this with a major MMO company! Because no moderation ofcomments or registration is needed this... read more
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an examination of the admitted to layoff list showed what appeared to be the entire QA staff. Add to this the ORIGINAL declaration by sapience of 100 layoffs and the writing is on the wall. LOTRO has moved into maintain / shutdown mode, and will... read more
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The post below is not accurate. I am not able to report to you how many layoffs occurred. With regards to my status I am still employed by Turbine. It is conditional employment though. I have two weeks to find true love or my job is eliminated. They... read more
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100 full time employees were laid off. I was one of them. They wouldn't even let me take my ban hammer with me when I left.
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Turbine was a great place to work

I worked for Turbine for 3 years and it was awesome. Don't let the haters out there slander your thoughts on the company. I left a few months ago, but it had nothing to do with the company or the people. I would go back in a heartbeat. The simple... read more
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i was a temp. i was let go last week. i liked it turbine. will move one. peace out.
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The cuts were big but not that big

Few people from the testing group, some designers and content folks, one producer - I do not think more than 15 people were let go
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Hannah Foell ()

Hannah Foell () was let go too. She is awesome and will be missed by the community /
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From the Vault:

DDO developers laid off were Melange, ChainsawGolem, and TheRockingDead. All three were content designers, and are friends of mine. TheRockingDead had been working on DDO for a long time. He made Rainbow in the Dark. With them gone, there's four... read more
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I heard they are pulling all the games down in a matter of weeks!

Just like Flappybirds. There is going to be a slew of media attention any day now to these addictive MMO games that will expose the true nature of them to the world! Jobs will be lost. Games will be shut down. Characters will be deleted. Nerds will... read more
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Show me the money

I wouldn't be surprised if most of the jobs eliminated were from the LOTRO team. I do not think this area grew much, from the revenue perspective I'd bet they were losing money. The DDO area is pretty much the same thing, a money-losing venture.
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Infinite Crisis

Are you going to continue development of Infinite Crisis? Man, I'd hate if Infinite Crisis was to be killed.
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on numbers

the numbers presented here are hugely exaggerated - the cuts were more modest than any poster noted here - if you have been around you should have known that this was coming, so chill a bit and move on
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The post just below (attributed to MajMal in the QA department and with subject line "WB did it") was not made by the actual MajorMalphunktion. Someone is trolling. Expect more trolls as members of the DDO Vault continue to find the link to this... read more
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WB did it!

They pulled the plug on the hamster wheel! Do000000OOOOOm!11!!! Ship is sinking fast! Get your life jackets!
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Huge discussion thread

There is a huge discussion thread on this topic on ddovault.com
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Deep and wide

Up to 100 folks will get pink slips. Somehow, I was able to avoid it so far - will not be sticking for long, I can tell you that much. This is horrible and some of the best folks were let go. In 2012 we had almost 500 people and I think we will have... read more
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amlug canned

That's bummer - just saw his Twitter status - good luck guys
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So, which is it?

1/2, 1/4 or 3/4 of the developers? It seems that we have the same post over and over, the only thing that changes is the number. I'll notify the admin... Stupid, people are losing jobs and have families to feed, do not kid about this kind of stuff. I... read more
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A Natural Consequence When Turbine Treats Gamers Horribly

Horrible company. The game's somewhat succeeded in spite of Turbine. Horrible in-game support and totally unresponsive to customer needs. Have any in-game problem and you will get no help or support regardless of whether you have spent dollars or... read more
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More Downsizing and maintenance on the way.

They canned 1/2 of the Turbine devs and staff! Rumor has it DDO and LOTRO will all be put into Maintenance mode before the next quarter with no more updates to come after the next batch of new content that is already developed and being bug tested... read more
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Technical productions and design

They canned 1/4 of the Turbine devs and staff! Rumor has it DDO and LOTRO will all be put into Maintenance mode before the next quarter with no more updates to come after the next batch of new content that is already developed and being bug tested... read more
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As part of our completely regular business process, we’re routinely looking at the strategic and tactical use of euphemisms in our company.
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So much for Warner Brothers lifting this company to new heights

Since the acquisition of Turbine WB has been using all the games to alienate players with a obnoxious F2P system that has done more harm then good. They really hurt this great company in the long run. The devs at Turbine are actually really nice and... read more
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Don't work there.

I have worked at Turbine and had acquaintances who worked at Turbine over the last 10 years. in that time, I have seen eight massive rounds of layoffs. They overhire, use people, and ditch them when they're done with them. The company has no loyalty... read more
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