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Supporting students?

Found out today that the university will no longer offer student workshops on basic skills (writing, math, etc.). These were free workshops to help students brush up on these skills, and they were a great benefit, considering that the university... read more
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Whats Camdens deal?

The word already got out about the fake degrees nobody wants to buy fake degrees anymore so why is he such an activist? Even soldiers from the army and sme low income people now make fun of fake degrees from University of Phoenix
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Monday is a company holiday MLK. Do we get it off or not?
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Where are the weekly enrollment numbers and charts??? Is it that bad?? This is our busiest month of the year.
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No specifics known. Heard faculty and some groups at Riverpoint.
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"I'm not here to make any friends."

"I'm not here to make any friends." Three revolving teams of managers (above my ER manager) have parroted this to me in private one-on-one's over the last few years. What does THAT mean? And is there any place in any setting where this comment is... read more
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Worth a read

Our most recent former president envisioned UOP as becoming the most trusted provider of higher education for adults. A wonderful vision but no chance of realization. Trust requires honesty, integrity, courage, accountability, and promise... read more
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Reductions from the top down

As we know reductions are coming in heavy in Jan 18. No surprise today that the President announced that the CIOs last name in Jan 12th. Great ready everyone these reductions are going to be big and deep.. Sad
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Getting credit for the Reg

Making Regs has always been part of the job requirement for enrollment. Now, if your REG (enrolled student) fails the first class you no longer get credit for the REG. If "too many" of your students fail the first class it is now your responsibility... read more
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Systems down again, what a joke of a school. How can anyone be productive with no visibility to student information? Bad management implementing bad systems, #werise
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If the product is there, I do not see it

Bottomless enrollment declines, high loan default rates, high drop out rates, low completion rates, very bad publicity, absolutely huge class sizes, and there have been many posts on system processes that cannot possibly automate enrollment... read more
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More and more layoffs

Cohen said in meeting this week "we are 18% below quota." Its their own stupid fault for forcing sh--ty systems that dont work down our throat. Now they want to layoff for it. Sorry folks
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Can we talk about the SRM debacle...

Good grief. SRM for enrollment....HORRIBLE. My productivity is completely shot. It is NOT user friendly for enrollment AT ALL. Makes you think though. Were all the IS3 creators laid off, fired, quit? Again, another, great, upper management decision.
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The main issue with UOPs viability is its reputation

Generally the when the average person hears of University of Phoenix they think Fake Degree. There arent that many people willing to pay or take on debt for a fake degree. The remaining people that are willing to do so would never make it at a real... read more
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The whole plan is to reduce the headcount that handle students. ASU has 49 staff for more students, we are wayyyyy unbalanced. SRM and UCP setup the environment to balance the load so then we can do reductions at will. It’s about reductions, period... read more
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Let go

I was just let go. My numbers are down and I don’t like enrolling students just looking for pell check. I’ll miss my team members but not my moron of a manager. Farewell.
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More layoffs

On a call this week P. Cohen said and I quote, " there will be cutbacks we are not making all of our goals". The budgets/quotas are not being met so there will be more layoffs. If you are at a teach out location there is no reason to keep you much... read more
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Here's why this is happening

Massive, blind loans given to anyone with a pulse. And big shocker, they aren't being repaid. Yeah, that would be because much of the money was spent on partying, drugs, and Xbox's... read more
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Bleak future

Vocado will be fully implemented within the next few months. What does this mean? More student escalation, more write offs and fewer employees in the long run. Does it function properly, of course not. Do they care, of course not. They have turned... read more
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VP Gives Notice

The VP over the QC and Single courses has given notice to leave before the end of December. She was the last big supporter of the QC. I guess you ERS will get to contact new enquiries. Or better yet, go to an automated system where students sign up... read more
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More University of Phoenix layoffs this week?

It was mentioned that layoffs that started last week will continue into this week. Anybody knows if this is true and if so, which departments will be hit? This whole thing has me so worried that I barely slept last night. I wonder if we will ever... read more
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Call news organization in your city

If your laid off contact your local news org and put UOPX on blast. UOPX is trying to avoid as much negative press by not making downloadbesttorrentblog.rus public. Investors and students have a right to know. Call Joseph Flaherty at Phoenix New Times. Google your... read more
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Layoffs today?

Were there more layoffs today or were these folks notified a few weeks ago?
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One day of training for SRM. Nice job VPs

APPARENTLY Salesforce is going live for a large portion of us in Enrollment on Monday, December 4th. It was supposed to be the 11th. Enrollment was told HOURS AGO as I post this. Another fail by the VPs. Nice job VP. Thanks for throwing Enrollment to... read more
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The ACBSP visit (business accreditation) did not go well. I wonder if that is why there were so many layoffs in the School of Business.
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What's left at UoPX?

Does anyone have any current numbers on enrollment, number of campuses? Sounds like the situation gets more desperate by the day. And it won't be surprising if more whistleblowers come out before they leave. The Phoenix brand looks like toast...
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One of my favorite memories...

Was when our most uptight executive enrollment advisor told me, that if I don’t get a Masters Degree at UOP, it would be the biggest regret of my life. I knew it would be a waste of time, I took one class and dropped. It was a joke. I watched two... read more
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University of Phoenix could rise again

I taught in On-Ground at University of Phoenix for many years. The first third of those years were utterly delightful...great students who really wanted to learn and put hard work and enthusiasm into completing their assignments. I was proud when... read more
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And UOP fails again

Genesys(a MAJOR system for you non-UOP folk) rolls out today for a lot of us, and just like always, it immediately fails. I've Never seen anything run smoothly here. Bravo UOP. Bravo. You never cease to amaze me. It still shocks me our doors are... read more
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Two more months using these faulty operating systems and UoPX will be toast. Just a small pile of crumbs blown about in the educational industry. A memory discussed when former employees gather. A monument to short sighted greed. A textbook book... read more
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Is a matrix-like system still being used?

Does University of Phoenix use a matrix-like system for retaining and firing enrollment reps? If not, how are enrollment reps evaluated?
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Clown Car

Genisys, what a wonderful system. Hehehe
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Is UoPX still on Army posts?

Is the University of Phoenix still at Fort Gordon, Fort Leavenworth, and Fort Sam Houston? /
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Disembursement or dibursement or reward letter

The majority of our students are ignorant black people that cannot even say the word "disbursement". We also have a lot of white trash students as well that say equally as ignorant things. I had a student tell me that she had just received her reward... read more
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Va is dying

nobody knows which way is up. Demanding an SLA of 1-2 days when normal is 7-10. We have a leader who barely emails us, still doing her old job of classroom operations and blackboard. They just force production and VS file counts. BLITZ hours are a... read more
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