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Take an offer for rebadging or train Pajeet

Got the news yesterday, which really just connected the dots for everyone that they have been strategically LYING to us for months. Three options given: Take an offer for rebadging or agree to stay and train Pajeet or get no severance.
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Unum Leadership is Taking the Company Down

Executive leadership is not interested in a sustainable or growth strategy. They have a senior VP in charge of supply management who denigrates his staff and forces vendors to use an payment program that costs them an extra 2-3%. The vendors pass the... read more
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Outsourcing has started

They have started outsourcing the infrastructure teams in IT. The announcement is tomorrow. Not bringing in help like they said. Get ready more is coming.
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HCL and UNUM transition

How are things developing. A love fest?
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The Unum Lie

Attention Unum leadership: We know all about the ridiculous lies you are telling your employee population regarding "attrition-based" outsourcing. The Watchdogs have your scent again. Bark! Bark!
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Layoff Message Backfired on Management

The people with whom I work have expressed greater anxiety since the announcement on Tuesday than earlier. The lack of firm commitment by the senior management to fully cancel this outsourcing plan has everyone assuming that this is just another... read more
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The campaign worked! At least for now...

The Unum CIO held a meeting yesterday to announce that they were backing off of the significant outsourcing plan. We will now use external partners "strategically." There were a number of questions trying to determine if this was simply a... read more
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CIO Change?

Unum Board of Directors, have you considered replacing the CIO? The internal feedback is consistently poor. Morale is at an all-time low. The IT employees have little or no confidence that the CIO can right the ship as she is the person who steered... read more
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How much longer will I be a Unum employee?

I don't know how much longer I can take the threat of outsourcing. It is affecting my health and my marriage. My wife is begging me to just quit. This threat has been hanging over our heads for about a year now, and it has taken its toll on all of... read more
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How much profit can Unum Expect from Outsourcing?

Can Unum not learn from past outsourcing attempts? We tried this with IBM and ACS in the early-mid 2000's. Both initiatives crashed and burned. Why does the current executive leadership think the 3rd attempt will have any type of long-term success?... read more
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Double Security

Change your passwords to something very complex. Someone tried to hack my Twitter account. I don't know if it is random or if my company is behind it. At this point, I would not rule anything out. Make sure that you do not include any details that... read more
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Layoff Announcements May be Delayed

I don't know how much longer I will be a Unum employee as our CIO referenced employee communication by the end of 1Q would happen. This week in an all employee town hall meeting, our VP of IT Operations indicated that It may be weeks away. It seems... read more
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How in the hell do you live with yourselves?

Lesson number one: The first of many ways to accurately describe Unum's board and paid for leadership, (and very possibly, local media outlets). Alphabetized for your convenience. Keep preaching to us about our ethics in the light of your lack of... read more
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Keep your eye on the news

So far all rumors that Unum has rejected in the media as hearsay or speculation have come about. First Finance, then Corp Real Estate (these have already happened), IT is next and then Benefits. Keep your eye on the news and you'll see these rumors... read more
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UNUM Disgrace

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Who is advising Unum on the outsourcing plans?

They were using the Everest Group, but rumor has it that they did not get the job done and were replaced. If you know anything, PM jgavel8 on Twitter. Also, if anyone from a field office or the Glendale office is here, give a shout (anonymously, of... read more
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Happy to join!

A friend of mine told me about this site, and it is wonderful to have a place wherre we can all be "candid." That is what our management tells us they want, but whenever someone does speak what is on their mind it is not received well by management... read more
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Will this affect Glendale?

I can't afford to lose my job. I have only been with with company a relatively short time, but my children depend on me to provide. Unum, please don't send our jobs to India! Think about your employees instead of your bank accounts.
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First egg laid

Thanks for the info from everyone. Keep it coming. Our good friend Sara Blackwell from protectusworkers.org is helping us as well.
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Attn: Unum Board of Directors

Through a great many years, my career path has taken many twists and turns and I have seen this outsourcing debacle happen time and time again. I have never worked for Unum but I have worked in many similar companies who have made this same choice... read more
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Fellow Unum Employees

I am so glad to see more fellow employees and people speaking out on Unum's deliberate deception of their employees, investors, local communities and country. Betrayal of their fellow Americans not withstanding, I certainly do not want anyone outside... read more
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Unum Finance Outsourcing

This week Unum eliminated 36 finance jobs to an Indian-based company called EXL. Employees have 3-6 months to find a new job or collect severance on their end dates. Unum employees are to take part in trainings deemed "knowledge transfers" to the... read more
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Portland - Ton of Layoffs

More jobs to be outsourced, oh, how original. 300 to 400 heads on the chopping block, good work Unum job-cutters.... /
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UNUM Job Cuts 2015

Do we have more information about 2015 layoffs at UNUM?
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Vacation Policy

Hello, I am considering to apply for a job at Unum (good skills match) and I was wandering if someone can tell me what your vacation policy is. It's my understanding that there are no layoffs currently, please confirm this too as my current company... read more
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100+ cut - MetLife Bloomfield
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I worked Unum from 1998 thru 2005

I worked Unum from 1998 thru 2005. I was on of VERY few who actually resigned. I cannot understand how they attract the quality employees they do.
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