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Where’s my New Years eisp?
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Great news!!!

Received news today that our store (corporate location in GLE05) will be closed February 3rd. Happy New year!!
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Severance Pay

For those of us thrown to the curve November 14th. Does anyone know when the severance is paid? No date was shown in the package given to me
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Internal investigation in Texas over harassment coverups

HR, Directors, trainers and former FMs being investigated regarding coverups of harassment that took place over past years in Texas. Finally the company is investigating why these complaints were ignored. Former FMs who helped cover up investigations... read more
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Welp, 2017 is finally over!

I hope everyone who visits here has a wonderful and prosperous new year! Retail side has been rough to say the least and I'm relieved 2017 is over. 2018, bring on the severances! Good luck everyone!
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Who came up with ARD?

Who thought up this number. Management wants $150 per device whenever people come in. Such a joke. "bundle it together with a hum"
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Winners Circle locations 2018 ?

I heard this past year Winners Circle was celebrated in Walt Disney World for a certain region. Any truth to this? Does anyone have confirmation where the rest of the regions will be at?
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TMP price hike

That’s right! TMP is getting jacked up to $13 a month starting in 18. That’s an absolute disgrace and a shameful act. And the much vaunted “Multi” TMP is shooting up to $39. It’s quite clear this company is only interested in blessing things dry... read more
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Solution Specialist Reqs Canceled

has anyone happened to notice that ALL Solution Specialist positions have been canceled all over the US.. if you log on to search for jobs.. you will not find a-- job open!! #SUSPECT Something is going down.. SOON. Also... has anyone noticed no more... read more
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This year can’t end fast enough!!!!!!

I’m beyond ready to chunk the deuce to this excuse of a company. Everything they do at every turn screws us. Most don’t get it or can’t see it. However, as a rep making 6 figures or at least I used to, it’s painfully obvious. I used to love this job... read more
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So when is this March eisp supposed to be coming?
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We're just all overhead at the whim of the execs

Verizon doesn't believe in training, so it's no big deal to rif the staff (no money invested). However, the reason for the rif in the first place is that you didn't train them. I'm in product development and asked PMs for their projects cost... read more
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Has anyone heard about being considered an "early retiree" when age and years of service equal 72?
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Texas Promotes GM to DM who was not qualified

Texas promotes GM to DM who was not qualified today. GM brought into market by VP, store ranked near bottom of nation but she gets job over much more qualified candidates. We’re all sure that she took a low salary and that probably helped. Wonder how... read more
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Change in Retirement Benefits?

We were just doing a little Christmas Shopping for a cell phone. My hubby was put out to pasture in 2015, but by some mathematical miracle he was eligible for retirement benefits. At the time he was able to purchase nice Motorola phones for a... read more
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There's no substituting experience and expertise

If you look at LinkdIn, VZ is advertising for all sorts of management positions while at the same time sending experienced employees out the door. They’re courting young workers who will work for less. They do it because they can. This is what's... read more
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After 13.5 with verizon and they showed me the DOOR

Got laid off on the 11th of november and although I got a nice check to leave, I felt like i had gotten to apposition where i could retired from, after years of dealing with the retail store's . here i go 35 and starting all over again. so much for... read more
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I’m on a final for not hitting my quality metrics. I have six months to go hitting 100% of quota and my quality metrics (Net Adds, TMP, Unlimited, ARD, and Hum) to get off of final. With quotas being as high as they are and metrics being a luck vs... read more
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No More OT

But we will hire contractors to do that work at 2-3 times the cost. As long as the OT column on my spreadsheet is within range, who cares about the vendor cost column exploding. Makes TOTAL sense.
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About to join VZW as MTS1. Am I screwed?

Looking at the posts in this forum, I can see that there is absolutely ZERO job stability in this company. Is it only the seasoned employees who get fed by RIFs or do entry level college freshies get fed too?
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So what’s the plans with NGPON2 upgrades
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TMP Declination Form

Starting today we are makin customers sign a hard copy of a “TMP Declination Form” if they choose not to get our $11 insurance. They have to sign it date it and put their phone numbers. “by signing below, I voluntarily decline to accept Verizon’s... read more
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$1K Bonuses

Very doubtful that Lowell will follow this example. /
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Never felt better

I left VES a few months ago, now work in a small tech scaleup where management actually helps you in being successful, where there is passion, and a strategy that looks further than next month, and people appreciate and value what you do. In job... read more
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North Charleston Call Center

Getting a little worried, they have removed all signs of my center being a VZW call center and you can now find our building for sale. Has anyone one else heard about this? The last time I heard something like this they closed the center in Maryland... read more
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Where to go?

Where do people find employment after being laid off from Verizon? Just look at the AT&T or Comcast boards, the situation is exactly the same as here. Can people who've been laid off (if you still visit this forum) please let us know where these... read more
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EISP 2018

Any recent rumors of an eisp coming in 2018? By recent I mean anything within the past couple of weeks. I’ve heard rumors months ago about one in March 2018, October 2018 and July 2019.
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Over 1,800 people have put in their 2 weeks notice

My very good friend from HR has confirmed what I was thinking... she said over 1,800 have put in their 2 weeks notice and thats not counting all the people who are just going to quit without notice. I hope Verizon keeps those new hire trainers ready... read more
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