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Sti payments

When doors STI payout if you were laid off
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This site should be investigated for the number of trolls. Geesh
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My “general”manager does NOTHING but sit in her office and fill out b---s--- coachings and one on ones. She really makes sh-- up. Our SMs despise her.we laugh at her. But our dumb--s DM thinks she’ll get him promoted. I hope the CWA contacts me. This... read more
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Go to the wireless page.

Get off my lawn. ... grumpy grumpy grumpy.
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Contractors required to take 19 days off without pay.

We were notified this week that contractors will be required to take 19 days off without pay including 2 weeks at Christmas. First day will be Monday. We already do without benefits, holidays etc. To spring this on us without notice shows potential... read more
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Slam fest 2018

Anyone else here sick of being talked down to by managers and having to lie and slam sh-- just to get close to hitting these outrageous quotas??? Makes me want to go to the media about the sales tactics we are being told and or forced to use . People... read more
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Wireless / FIOS employee discounts

RIF'd 12/29/2017 but still getting employee discounts. I thought accounts would automatically become customer accounts but hasn't happened yet. Anyone know when the change will occur from previous RIF's?
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Employee Accounts

If you are an employee and you cannot pay your cell phone bill for a period of time, can they take your bill out of your paycheck?
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“Floating Managers”

What exactly is there purpose besides being just “looking” for things to tell the District Manager to try and stay relevant?? They are a waste of a position and waste of money and provide no value at ALL besides uploading pictures to our DMs... read more
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Wireline...where’s the work?

Wireline in our area has almost no work. Copper splicers and fiber splicers are sometimes 2 to a vehicle and some are in vans! How can you splice cable from a van! They have some people driving around looking for “open plant” that’s been that way for... read more
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Winners Circle cancelled?

Word is out that Winners Circle celebrations for March are being cancelled... anyone know why? They haven’t even announced the winners yet so something must be up.
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Franklin TN Call Center

Any word on Franklin call center closing. They are keeping us in the dark with no updates.
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Negotiate severance

Any luck in negotiating for an improved severance package, like additional pay or health benefits?
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How many of you actually check your paychecks? Just wondering how many people do and if so, do you find it inaccurate and/or harder to tell if its inaccurate since the submit your time format was changed?
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No work

Any other garages suffering with no work. Our bosses are sending people in both copper and fiber out on open plant job numbers, just find it-fix it type jobs. This is in NJ. Been like this for about a year and getting worse. They NEED to... read more
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FMLA Question:

How do I take FMLA for mental illness/stress? Is that an option? Does anyone have experience doing it? Thanks.
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Verizon can't afford it's debt

That's why all the cuts in pay, overtime and jobs. The more the interest rates rise the worse it will get. I look for them to sell a part of the buisness this year. Good luck everyone
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VZW was like purgatory...

So, does anyone else feel like you're getting screwed royally? Quotas are set so 70% of us can't even get to 75%, company does this so they don't have to pay us, we have no promo's to bring in traffic, so we have no traffic. We're told we'll be... read more
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PIP’d after FMLA... Verizon is a joke!

I was placed on a performance review for the next 3 months after coming back from FMLA because my wife needed surgery. Obviously Verizon does what they want, and saves who they want, when they see fit. I’ve never been on PIP before and how could they... read more
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EISP 2018

I know of three departments that were offered the special EISP during 2017. I have heard rumors in Dec. 2017 from my first and second level about a March 2018 EISP, but the talk seems to have quieted down and I haven't heard anything lately. Anyone... read more
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Pay stub ?

I was severanced out mid January. How do I look at my paystubs? Thanks and yes life is great outside of vzw
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Hello. Can someone explain the STI & the stock situation that Lowell announced, please? To be honest, I’m still a little confused about it. Also, are we (wireless) getting a bonus of some kind on the last Friday of Feb 2018? Thanks in advance... read more
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Why so many managers? For now anyways..

Why are there so many managers? Want to save money then get rid of all the extra fat around the layers and get rid of some managers. I work in a slow store and we have 3 assistant managers and 1 general manager. First of all assistant managers are... read more
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Store Employee Experiences

I worked for VZW for many years and have been away for several. They purposely staff their stores with low numbers, constantly rework com systems in company’s favor to ensure you work harder and make less money. They don't offer many promos because... read more
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