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The SMB Retail/B2B reorgs what a mess. Does anyone even plan this out before they make changes? Its a total cluster and they have B2B failures heading it up. Instead of firing people they simply move them into another organization to screw things up... read more
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Another 120+ impacted in Compliance Org

The VZW compliance org has decided to "transform" meaning all 120+ compliance employees are impacted. All employees must apply for their jobs and be willing to relocate to NJ or GA. The goal is to push out higher paid tenured workers and replace with... read more
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Need Help Picking A New Wireless Provider

About a few month or so ago, I saw some folks posting the wireless deals that they were able to get from other carriers. Just watched my bill jump from $230/month for 5 phones to $550/month. Apparently the company continues to stick it to its former... read more
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How is the job search going?

To all the victims of the recent and not so recent rifs; if you are in the job market or have landed a new job how is it going? I was laid off last year around this time and I have 2 jobs now - full and part time.
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Rumor has it that the company is starting to call back the 44 who were laid off in 2015 from western PA. Supposedly they are starting with 10. Hope the union isn't trying to take credit for this. I would suggest all the laid off workers coming back... read more
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1 day longer, $1K stronger. Never forget!

That extra EWA $25K grew very nicely since May and since I invested it in stock before the Trump stock rally! Thanks Bernie for ruining the democrats chances to stay in office!
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More bad news

Is Verizon Communications (VZ) Eyeing CBS Corp Takeover? by Zacks Equity Research Published on December 13, 2016 | TWX CBS YHOO T VZ CMCSA VIAB Trades from $3 According to recent reports by CNBC and the New York Post, the U.S. telecom behemoth... read more
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Things are too tough now for the leadership team.

The problem with wireless now is the lack of management skills. All was good enough when things were good. But now leadership team does not have the experience to deal with a slowing business.
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RIFs coming to Wireless in January

Hearing C-level stores closing across country. This will be done in waves starting in West. Solutions Managers reduced to 1 per location. District Managers reduced by 20%. Directors reduced nation wide. 50% reduction in non-commission positions. Look... read more
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Consequences of Offshoring Jobs

INDIANAPOLIS — President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday warned that the government would punish companies seeking to move operations overseas with “consequences,” setting the stage for an unusual level of intervention by the White House into private... read more
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Unions please come to the West Coast!

I think with all of the chatter and the recent layoffs this would be your time to come in and flip Verizon to union. People are afraid to lose their jobs and would, for once, have an open mind to the idea of unions. If the all of these posts are true... read more
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A Store non-commission safe or not?

Been in an A store for awhile and survived the cuts a month ago that involved Exp Specialists and Ops. I was moved to the newly created Retail Support. Did they really just create this new position to lay us off 3 months later? Am I safe in an A... read more
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Verizon to sell 24 data center sites to Equinix

NEW YORK – Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell 24 data center sites to Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) in a transaction valued at approximately $3.6 billion. Equinix will own... read more
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WLS store support reorg announcement Monday

I doubt it is too big because there has been a lot of buddy protection and job changes going on since mid-October. But they do still operate as the region model so who knows.
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Maybe it's time retail gives the Union a try

have you noticed how much energy management puts into preventing the Union in retail? Then we still get let go. Maybe it's time we gave the Union a try in retail. Things couldn't be worse and they might actually help us.
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The Bern of reality?

Feeling The Bern of Reality -- The Facts About Verizon and The 'Moral Economy' Apr 13, 2016 530,837 views 3,836 Likes 1,158 Comments Share on LinkedInShare on FacebookShare on Twitter I read with interest Jeff Immelt’s spirited response to Sen... read more
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Viewpoint Survey

Did anyone else see the results on the 2016 Viewpoint Survey. I believe the results are totally bogus, or people are afraid to express what they really think in fear that your opinion could be tracked and retaliation would be taken against you. It's... read more
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Love that the Call Center that my office is in is closing and hundreds of people are losing their jobs yet they have decorated it with over the top stupid decorations and seems like they are trying to kiss up to people. Oh and I saw today that... read more
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Such a great feeling that I have been a loyal worker 20+years and Verizon can't be loyal to me. Funny enough we have "loyalty campaigns" aimed at keeping customers but Verizon has no loyalty to their own people. Burn in hell.
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It Was my Final Day

It Was my Final Day – The Bard of Verizon It was my final day. I looked around the office. At all the empty desks. I could tell. The building was now an empty shell. Where is everyone ? Tom, D--k and Harry my good friends all now gone. I wondered if... read more
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Solutions Manager be ready!

I hear rumbles that they are going to be eliminating some Solutions Managers in the Pacific Market. It appears they are going to be going after operation misses and not following though with commitments to hold them accountable. Make sure to cross... read more
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The End of Verizon As We Know It

Let's all admit is coming. T-Mobile and Sprint are killing Verizon with their ads. Verizon isn't the network is once was clamored to be. Other networks are now within reach of Verizon to where the difference in network quality is... read more
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Retail Sev Payment?

For those that were released in early October 2016 as part of the Retail Layoffs... did anyone get your severance payment yet? im still waiting and vz benifits dept cant help as they say they cannot see wireless employees info. also was it direct... read more
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