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Poll for Wallmart Associates in Bentonville.

If you're a Walmart Associate in Bentonville or NWA, are you worried you personally could get laid off in the planned reductions by Jan 31st? What Building do you work in? What functional area do you work in? How many associates in your department?... read more
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Personnel position in stores

With all the changes coming out has anyone heard anything about the personnel and training coordinator positions in the stores?
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smaller stores under $80 million in annual sales won’t have any co-managers; mid-sized locations between $80 million and $90 million will have one; stores from $90 million to $125 million will have two; and the highest-volume locations will have... read more
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Point system

What does everyone think of the point system? I had the flu and I lose a point, went home a 1 hr early to pickup my Grandson lost a 1/2 point... If your sick your sick.. Plus someone at the store was told they won't get the bonus if they don't finish... read more
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Moving right a long!!!

Walmart is reportedly cutting 3,500 co-manager positions and adding 1,700 lower-paid assistant store managers. The restructuring comes the day after Walmart announced it will raise its starting hourly wages to $11. Walmart also announced Thursday... read more
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Wrong people will be laid off

To those saying 1,000 cuts at Walmart HQ is a good thing, that it will get rid of some of the useless management that brings zero to the company and gets huge salaries in return for nothing, please don't be that naive. Every corporate cut until now... read more
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Explain to me again how we're not in a Recession??

Oh yeah, Amazon this, online sales that. Yeah, Amazon, which represents around 4% of total retail sales is causing this. The same Amazon that's been around for years, and has been strong for at least 3-4 years. Not like Amazon went from zero to 4% in... read more
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There you go!

Walmart's CEO Doug McMillon foresees fewer sales associates at his stores, but they'll be better paid and better trained.
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HQ Layoffs

Walmart to cut 1000 corporate jobs by be end of January! Run for the hills.
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Most Unattractive

...and the award for most unattractive employer in America goes to the European controlled sh-- hole Walmart!
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Costco Guerrilla Marketing on Sam's Page

Source: I saw this on my phone right now - Costco is running "We are Hiring" ads here on - that's very smart as they know that a lot of Sam's and Walmart folks are here now. Here is a screenshot of my screen:... read more
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1) Cap1/Cap2 merger and unloading trucks at 4am-1pm with GM trucks being palletized. 2) Eliminating the Jewelry department. 3) DSD cutting back to 1 person receiving both sides as most direct will come on GM trucks. 4) 1 co-manager per shift (1 on... read more
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Arkansas Meeting

What was the meeting all the market managers went to about? All the market managers are meeting with store managers today.
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The HO has been and will be cutting HO headcount to reduce SG cutting more HO jobs, cutting associate hours, increasing automation, reducing store headcount, or all of the above?
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They don’t want technical support in Bentonville, we know those jobs are going to India.
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Walmart prunes our headcount. Why would it be any different in 2018? Thoughts please.
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List of Sam's Club locations closing 2018

Saw this on their page here on layoffs dot com - anyhow, this is massive Also, direct link Also, media coverage:
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/ Not looking good! Again the media knows before the people.
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A better RIF plan

Instead of eliminating positions and laying off those in those positions, offer buyouts to people to leave voluntarily and then allow those in RIF targeted roles to apply for the now vacant roles. It won’t entirely eliminate layoffs but there would... read more
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Unlike some retailers, store closures will be a marker of strength for Walmart, according to former CEO Carter Cast. "I think there are store closures ahead of Walmart that are going to be good for the company and good for shareholders,"... read more
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Up again today. Up 49% this year. Thank you to all the wonderful associates that have helped make this happen. We have broke $100/Share. If it wasn’t for all of you this wouldn’t be possible.
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New hires

About 100 new hires came into SWDC for on-boarding this morning.
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H1B Visa Abuse - Infosys, Wipro and Cognizant

Walmart ISD is in bed with companies like Infosys, Cognizant and Wipro for the sole purpose of bringing in lower cost labor to undercut American workers. You don't have to read very far into these stories to see what's going on. Note the details of... read more
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The CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, announced earlier this month that they will be closing the doors at half their stores as of February 2018. The discount retail chain has been going down hill due to much competition and not being able to purchase... read more
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Holiday online sales 2018

Funny, Amazon dominated 89 % online sales this season WMT ecommerce “distant second” 4.4% /
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Exec buyouts at Walmart

Anyone hear of their exec getting a buyout? My VP just accepted a huge buyout a few weeks ago.
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