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OTC/ Cashiers

If you are in OTC you will become Div1. If you are a cashier for rx, you will be cut! Companywide changes.
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What has happened to walmart????

I am a walmart customer. I came to this site to see if any employees can tell me what has happened to the check out operators? Lately I have noticed that ever time I go in walmart, there are only 2 registers open, and both ends of the u-scan. This is... read more
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New AP ASM responsibilities?

Word is there was a conference call today that announced AP ASMs are taking over claims, DSD, and the compliance champion position. Any real info?
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/ Oh this is good!
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What's next . . . . . .

. . . . . .will likely be store managers and / or assistants dipped into the sausage grinder. This first move is but the beginning of a major over haul for Walmart, and why not? They've been top-heavy with useless managers s---ing them dry for far... read more
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Anybody scared by the whole TRU liquidation thing?

Just wondering if anybody got a bit nervous when they heard about TRU liquidation? It's not that I think the same thing could happen to Walmart right now, but neither did TRU employees, I'm sure. It's one of the most well known retail chains in the... read more
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April blues?

If you’ve followed the trends for the last months, this is the most likely scenario.
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Assistant Manager evals

Wonder if the rumors are coming true about getting rid of bottom 20% during the eval process. Anybody know?
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Assistant Mgr & Hourly Supervisor Changes

Update - In meetings the last 2 weeks it was discussed the new hourly supervisor alignment. Elimination will come through the performance evaluation process. Bottom 20% will be eliminated due to performance. Assistant Managers will go through the... read more
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No information

So we’re not getting our ASM evals yet, don’t have pay information for hourly supervisor c/d level when ask and have not heard about our vacations being approved or denied. What is going on with this company?
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Q2 Restructure?

Any more info on the supposed Q2/September market restructure? Any new rumors regarding MAPM, MHWD, etc?
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Walmart Wage slaves

You guys do realize that we are all just wage slaves, right? That’s how I see it. I am being rented by the Walmart family. And if I anger my masters, I lose my livelihood and potentially all my worldly possessions. How do people not understand that... read more
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Any more info about PC/TC elimination and time frame?
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Co Manager Update

CoManagers, Thank you for a job well done, thru the Holidays and the Year! These changes are coming about after you have worked extremely hard long, hours and taken time away from your family through the Holidays! Also, after you have probably given... read more
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The Bonus

For those displaced co -managers- your bonus is not seen on the walmartone, but it was replaced by TBD! They are going to mail you a letter with the amount! How stupid is that? Why is Walmart wasting money on stamps when they could just put the... read more
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Health and Wellness Updates

So...the rumor was that we were supposed to hear something today about Optical that will take place in April. Anyone heard anything yet? Anyone know when we will find out the new market alignments on the H&W side? So many questions and never a... read more
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Worst is yet to come

For those who are thinking it can't get worse than it is now, it can. When all cashier jobs are eliminated in the following several years, we'll have Amazon to thank for that... read more
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Anyone have any real news about Optical?

I've heard 15 different rumors about the "exciting" news coming for Optical in April. Does anyone, anywhere, have anything substantial about what's coming? It's driving a ton of us batty not knowing the truth.
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WMT Stock Drops 10% - More Layoffs Imminent

The way to save WMT will be to save the brick & mortar first. Hey, if you can't trust the stores, why should the consumer trust the online business? They should start with the top executive leaders and HR because they got the company to this spot in... read more
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More layoffs coming before bonuses

I have been with Walmart over 20 years and I served in the military for years before that. I can tell you with the way things are going the handwriting is on the wall, I would say prepaid for impact and be ready for what is coming Unfortunately I... read more
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Walmart Robot Scanners and the future of DMs?

The robot scanners will be in all stores by year end. They will do all section work and scan entire store every 24 hours. Stockers will work reports and topstock also. ALL DM gone by 2019.
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Severance package

The package is very disappointing for those of us who have put our heart and soul in this company.....reviewed against other companies packages and as big as Walmart is, we should have been better taken care of...
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Walmart Closing Stores Notifications Post Here

Walmart is closing stores but are doing it sparingly so as not to hit as a major news story. They do not want another bomb like the one that hit Sam's club earlier. Distribution Centers are being hit as well, with several operations being eliminated... read more
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Changes to CSMs?

I’ve been reading a lot about DMs and the ASMs getting cut but what about CSMs? Has anyone heard anything regarding them?
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