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Walmart still cutting hours

I opened up my time Iam able to work,because I wouldn't have health insurance and I was full time and they knocked me down to part time even though they wanted me second shift . It's due to the stupid customer first work schedule and I have been with... read more
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Co Manager Update

CoManagers, Thank you for a job well done, thru the Holidays and the Year! These changes are coming about after you have worked extremely hard long, hours and taken time away from your family through the Holidays! Also, after you have probably given... read more
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H1B Visa Abuse - Infosys, Wipro and Cognizant

Walmart ISD is in bed with companies like Infosys, Cognizant and Wipro for the sole purpose of bringing in lower cost labor to undercut American workers. You don't have to read very far into these stories to see what's going on. Note the details of... read more
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SM news?

Anyone heard if they are firing Sms with coachings? I just think they will have to make room for some successful Co managers in all of this.
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Asset Protection Managers

In a section below, it is stated that APMS are being eliminated. Another section states they will report to Store Managers. A third states that APMS are to be given the option to take severance pay of sixty days. Can someone clarify this, please?
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More Layoffs coming at Walmart and Sams Club

downloadbesttorrentblog.rus are coming in multiple phases. The next phase will include more office positions being laid off, personnel managers, receiving associates, etc... if you sit at a desk, high chance your job gets eliminated, front end salaried managers at... read more
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Poll for Wallmart Associates in Bentonville.

If you're a Walmart Associate in Bentonville or NWA, are you worried you personally could get laid off in the planned reductions by Jan 31st? What Building do you work in? What functional area do you work in? How many associates in your department?... read more
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Severance package

Does anyone know what kind of severance package is being given?
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Wrong people will be laid off

To those saying 1,000 cuts at Walmart HQ is a good thing, that it will get rid of some of the useless management that brings zero to the company and gets huge salaries in return for nothing, please don't be that naive. Every corporate cut until now... read more
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There you go!

Walmart's CEO Doug McMillon foresees fewer sales associates at his stores, but they'll be better paid and better trained.
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Wal-Mart Stores is again scaling back its corporate workforce as the retailer reportedly will eliminate its jewelry.
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HQ Layoffs

Walmart to cut 1000 corporate jobs by be end of January! Run for the hills.
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Walmart prunes our headcount. Why would it be any different in 2018? Thoughts please.
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Unlike some retailers, store closures will be a marker of strength for Walmart, according to former CEO Carter Cast. "I think there are store closures ahead of Walmart that are going to be good for the company and good for shareholders,"... read more
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Point system

What does everyone think of the point system? I had the flu and I lose a point, went home a 1 hr early to pickup my Grandson lost a 1/2 point... If your sick your sick.. Plus someone at the store was told they won't get the bonus if they don't finish... read more
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8,000 store associates being cut?

8,000 store associates at management and hourly levels will be cut including wireless some support managers and department managers Everybody is reporting on the 1,000 corporate layoffs, but haven't seen this info anywhere else. Does anybody know... read more
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smaller stores under $80 million in annual sales won’t have any co-managers; mid-sized locations between $80 million and $90 million will have one; stores from $90 million to $125 million will have two; and the highest-volume locations will have... read more
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New growth

Two years after scrapping plans to open retail outlets across the world's second-biggest consumer market, Wal-Mart is recommitting to India as a wholesaler. In August, Wal-Mart will open its first new Best Price Modern Wholesale store in India since... read more
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Moving right a long!!!

Walmart is reportedly cutting 3,500 co-manager positions and adding 1,700 lower-paid assistant store managers. The restructuring comes the day after Walmart announced it will raise its starting hourly wages to $11. Walmart also announced Thursday... read more
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Explain to me again how we're not in a Recession??

Oh yeah, Amazon this, online sales that. Yeah, Amazon, which represents around 4% of total retail sales is causing this. The same Amazon that's been around for years, and has been strong for at least 3-4 years. Not like Amazon went from zero to 4% in... read more
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Personnel position in stores

With all the changes coming out has anyone heard anything about the personnel and training coordinator positions in the stores?
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Sams Club to Annouce Cuts & Re structure Plan

January 25th there will be a closed door meeting with managers at every club location to announce structure changes to management and hourly associates. Big changes are coming some good some bad as the retail giant struggles to make spending cuts to... read more
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New hires

About 100 new hires came into SWDC for on-boarding this morning.
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Most Unattractive

...and the award for most unattractive employer in America goes to the European controlled sh-- hole Walmart!
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