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Buy this diamond in the rough

This stock is like gem at this price. They have tons of assets and could be an acquisition target of tier one OFS if they can't survive. They have been in ofs fields for 35+ years. I wouldn't be concerned. Price will double by this year end end... read more
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Approximately 73% of sell-side analysts tracking Weatherford International (WFT) have recommended a “buy” or equivalent, and ~20% have recommended a “hold.” Approximately 7% of sell-side analysts have rated WFT a “sell.” Analysts’ consensus target... read more
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Dumpster Fire

I hate admit it, but I’m actually enjoying watching this Weatherford dumpster fire. Poor management from the top and treating good people like they were the problem. Reap what you sow.
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Weatherford is ruthless

Our friend had done 18 years .....gone with no thanks or anything. Our the system and phone was cut in 5 minutes after getting the letter. Weatherford is ruthless
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2017 Bonuses

Told my 2017 Bonus will be on my check tomorrow. Looking forward to it after all the cutting we have done, seems only fair they pay the ones that are still around having to do three times the work and in some cases five times if you have a sh--... read more
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$2.27 Funyon status

Remember the glory days when the stock per share was equal to a premium Sub sandwich? Now it's just the bag of chips! My crew is going to have to work extra hard to float this boat, but we'll get it done.
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Make it local

I will say it again. (but corporate will not listen, again), they need to fire the whole supply chain group from top to bottom. Make everything local decision making. And pay the vendors where the local management can make the best deals. Let local... read more
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HB-1 I t’s your day today.

ALL companies now have learned that the HB-1 worker is cheaper and easier to manage over the post 50 employee. This is the unwritten rule of today’s business. At some point they will cross that age bridge.
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Selling Family Jewels

They will continue to sell off the Family Jewels. Those are the parts that actually make money. The remaining Regions and Product Lines will suffer under the increasing overhead from the Supply Chain and Upper Management that is not being reduced... read more
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You will not regret it...

I left Weatherford in January after being with them for 12 years. If you had asked me even 1 year ago would I leave Weatherford I would have told you no. I was a company man through and through. They were always good to me. The couple years I saw so... read more
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Say So Long, Fat Lady is ready for Easter

Weatherford to announce the sale of the majority of their Artificial Lift (aka. Production) group at weeks end. Thus aiding to define what the vision for the future of the company will look like - something tells me there is a lot of dumb iron
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Netherlands Closed

I am sure the staff were laid off last week on 12 months goverment salary. Point is that base is closed or closing Millions of dollars of equipment and workshop items dumped in Africa.
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More layoffs

This time in Alberta, few places in the north, and a couple in the south. Be on the lookout
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Housing Market:

Will the The Woodlands, TX and Houston TX real estate market recover from the the Oil Industry downturn and continued layoffs that are occurring?
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There is success after Weatherford

Just wanted to give you an encouraging word, since I was in your shoes about a year ago. When I was laid off by Weatherford, I was mildly put panicking. By then I have been with the company for nearly two decades and I honestly believed I'd retire... read more
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Q1 Layoffs Expected

Another rift this month. Q1 results are terrable and Million Dollar Mark is beating the drum for answers. He is calling it the Easter Egg Hunt. There is a catch, there are no eggs only heads. Next friday is rift day.......
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$10 Million +

Not bad for starting in april of 2017. /
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Cut Australia

It’s worthless. Some locations have one person keeping the lights on and shipping jobs to the US because the cost is too high. Chop them now!
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New Radar card

After not going anywhere with this company and not receiving any monetary increase for several years, has left my soul crushed, heart broken, moral evaporated, and general happiness gone. I am a shell of my former self and see no end to this... read more
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All time Lowest?
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More layoffs coming! Abu Dhabi and Dubai to be hit hardest. Good luck
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Middle East

WFT cut off all allowances and vehicles too I know no one who is not searching for a job there. Help please??
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All Ye Abandon Hope

First there was Bernard J. Duroc-Danner, then there was Krishna Shivram, then there is Mark A. McCollum. With each iteration, the share price has moved lower. Do you really think there is any hope left for this company?
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Logging R Us

This company has been run like the other toy company
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10.5MM pay in 2017. Guess that is what you get for filling out your Radar cards
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WFT Stock

Stock closing in plus territory every day. WFT stock has been gaining momentum and increasing in value daily. See boys this is how Manufacturing has turned this ship around.
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Delusional and degrading

Not trying to be ugly, but if you still work for Weatherford thinking this train wreck will turn around you are truly delusional. Don’t let this abomination of a company continuously degrade your self esteem and sense of well being. Weatherford was... read more
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Mo money

So the VP went around and told everyone that they were going to give raises. Well we’re waiting!!!!!!! Tired of hearing cut here sell here. Steve come on man
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WAVE goodbye

The WAVE initiative is fast becoming a Huda distraction. We seem to be so inwardly focus we’re not seeing the client. All of the wave stuff is what mgrs should have been enforcing. Snr VPs from old regime should be released immediately
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A closer look is warranted

Supply chain has been knackered for years, nobody in invoicing knows a damn thing about the correct costs. In my experience some Management buyers were buying equipment for up to 3 times the market value and it cruised through invoicing since nobody... read more
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What is happening to the northeast. TP leaves the same time RH leaves to start a new branch for a drilling services company. Now the other manager puts in his 2 weeks. Rumor is building a new shop in one of our vendors buildings. If we loose this... read more
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