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June layoffs at Western Digital

Based on reliable source, there will be layoffs in June. Is there any more info on this? When in June, how many, which departments?
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Got an offer in bay area WD

hi folks, i got an offer from here, wanted to know how stable it is here in wd? are there frequent layoffs ..i am looking for something stable.. this board seems quiet so hoping things are smooth
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Here is an interesting article on the 2 new drive concepts for the coming year /
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Has WDC given up on MAMR don't seem to hear much about it these days. I know Seagate is getting HAMR it to work...
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More Layoffs Coming!

"I am hearing 5 to 8%, company wide, to be conducted from March thru May. Mainly IT, hdd development, and the thinning of the ranks in all the recent acquisitions. Management will not be affected because they've done nothing wrong."
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Work environment is a war zone

Overall message I’ve received at Western Digital is that we are inexpensive labor that can be easily disposed of. It doesn’t matter how much talent we have, I’ve been told on numerous occasions that am lucky to have a job. As if I and others on my... read more
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How does WD motivate employees to work hard?

How does WD motivate employees to work hard with such brutal work environment and low pay? There is always fear of layoffs for employees and not many perks. How are people at WD motivated to work???
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Nepotism at its finest

I’ve been with Western Digital for quite a number of years and the road to any type of promotion is constantly undermined through nepotism and backstabbing. There is no concept of teamwork since employee’s have “every man for himself” attitude... read more
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November 7 layoffs at Western Digital

I have been hearing rumors among my coworkers and I have seen somebody post on this board as well that the next round of layoffs could happen on November 7. I am not sure where that specific date came from, so I was wondering if anybody knew more... read more
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Ongoing low-key layoffs at Western Digital

Won't talk for Irvine in particular, but from recently-ex'd colleagues theres an on going low level of layoffs on SSDs. Larger numbers marked for removal next 3-9 months because of consolidation after MOFCOM is lifted and SSDs forcing the HDD roadmap... read more
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Begging to be sued

Working at Western Digital can be a nightmare on so many levels. Not really sure if there's even a discrimination box left unchecked. I've personally witnessed situations that were clear age discrimination, bullying, and s-xual harassment. I guess as... read more
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NOVEMBER 2017 Layoffs???

Does anyone know about the upcoming layoffs in November? How many? Which locations?
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Legal Rights When Laid Off

Here is an article that discusses an employee's rights when they are laid off: / A quick summary: WD can lay you off for any business reason. They can also lay you off for... read more
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Caution to Prospective Hires

There are many good things to be said about WD. But a word of caution: if you are thinking of leaving a good job to come to WD, beware that once you come to WD, you can be laid off at any time. The fact that WD lured you away from a good position may... read more
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More Layoffs in 2017?

Are there more layoffs in 2017? Is company on target with Sandisk cost savings and synergies?
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Any updates ?

On whats to come in the next 3 months ?
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Meltdown Seagate

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Has WDC given up on HAMR don't seem to hear much about it theses days. I know Seagate are still trying to get it to work..
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Integration status

How has the WD/HGST/Sandisk integration been going? I've heard not well. It sounds like both were rushed and not well-thought out (ERP issues, etc.). Any thoughts?
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Advice to Managers: Be Soft, Not Harsh

When WD laid me off, the manager seemed harsh and cold. Here's a better approach "Unfortunately, when many department managers are faced with the gruesome task of telling people their jobs are being eliminated, they react in the worst possible way... read more
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Long Term Plan?

Three different systems, which requires a lot of manual bridging, has made conditions really tough for a lot of people and created so much extra work Lots of good folks leaving because of the chaos. Doesn't seem like there is good long term plan. The... read more
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HQ Move Lament

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