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Thoughts on our competition

What do you think about the"German" grocery retailer ? How do u see there current and future situation? I know they committed this past year to sell more organic and natural items and they launched a brand focused on baby food as well.
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Everyone has to bag?

Customer service cant hire anymore people so when the lines get backed up Front End pages the whole store for other teams to come bag for an unnecessary amount of time. Everyone hates customer service now because of this stupid labor cut.
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Restructuring of combination teams

Yesterday I caught wind of an email sent out to all TL's and above, in the SW region, regarding the restructuring of the combination teams. I heard that the "Market Team ", i.e. Grocery/Whole Body/Specialty will only have a TL, two ATL's no more... read more
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One Bag for You

So my team leader told us no more double bagging. WTF??? She said there is going to be a bag shortage for the holidays and double bags don't make a difference anyway. I'm loving the new Whole Foods or WhoFo as the milli-minions say!
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Advice on Working Freight

When I started my TL told me to work the pallets with the most water and chips first. I did that. Now my trainer is telling me that I need to work all the water and chips first. I did that. Then he said that I shouldn't fill up U-boats; I should load... read more
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Restructuring seems inevitable.....

excerpt of article from supermarketnews.com How bad can it get for Whole Foods? Oct 21, 2016 Liz Webber One analyst says the natural food chain "will have to be restructured unless comps turn positive." When it comes to Whole Foods Market’s legacy... read more
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PTO if fired

Question: if you get fired, will you automatically receive PTO?
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Store Graphic Artist

So we just found out in NorCal that we are now called SGA's or Store Graohic Artists. I was wondering if any other region found this out as well since its supposed to be a global position now and if your job has changed from what it was before?
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WFM - In the news again!

WFM in Detroit is linked to Hepatitis A. One of the two people is reported to be a team member. seekingalpha.com
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Be careful....

Don't trust your STL. They say one thing and do another. Believe me..I know.
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Stumbling Bumbling Along

The apparent stumbles of the two CEOs leads to another burning question: is Whole Foods' 11 member board providing the proper checks and balances, especially given two years of dreadful performance?
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Discount on pizza?

Is there a TM discount on a slice of pizza? I haven't been getting it.
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I'm curious to know what everyone's gainsharing looks like now...i received about $8.
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ASTL TL Regional Global

We know you guys troll this site. What's your input on these post? Or do you even give 2 f----. Probably not since the recent changes don't effect you physically or financially. You still make your 6 figure salary plus bonuses. But i could be... read more
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Is my store the only one that let's customers get away with murder? I work in one of the Atlanta stores and my leadership has no backbone when it comes to supporting tms even when they know the customer is wrong. Our STL yells at tms, talks down to... read more
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Allegro Coffee is Terrible

I have nothing more to add - I just dislike Allegro Coffee and wanted to share that with someone - I am not an employee and I am sorry you had layoffs - I like my Santa Monica store and I wish each one of you all the best. Anyhow, Allegro Coffee is... read more
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Benefit category level change for TL?

The new postings are for level 1. This used to be a level 2 benefit position. Can any TLs confirm if they kept their level 2 or have they quietly just changed this without notification?
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Why would Kroger even want WFM?

Rumors of Kroger buyout of WFM are, at least in the opinion of one analyst, unfounded. As he put it, "Why would Kroger want it?" At this point, I doubt any other retailer in their right mind would want to buy WFM. Why buy a sinking ship? The rumor... read more
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It's getting worse

I can't speak for any other stores but I work in one of the atlanta stores and it's getting worse by the day. Leadership offers no support, TLs are either all over the place or have no clue what to do because everyday they are being told to make... read more
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Such a shame

To watch this company go down the crapper and feel so powerless.
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The Negotiations have begun...

Kroger and Whole Foods have completed the first round of negotiations. Did they make the stocks jump? Yes they did...next time is for how high. Legacy stores will go to Kroger and the 365 will go to the ego. Let's get those back rooms cleared out and... read more
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Team leaders changing schedule daily

We were told by our team leader to check our schedules daily because they might be changing (due to labor). I went in today and my shift today and tomorrow got changed (cut by and hour) and the schedule for next week changed after it was posted. I... read more
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