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Cutting work 8/31 (G🎆T🎉O🏆)

There is a plan to cut work on Friday 8/31 in preparation for the long weekend. How many GTO folks will be sick? How many more will work from home? How many will take 2+ hour lunch? How many will take a cruise? ;) How many will meet at the camp... read more
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Operational Excellence = Job Security?

One of my business partners is assigned to the Operational Excellence project that is in Phase 2 right now. Apparently it is a multi phase project over several years. This partner is under the impression that as long as they are connected to this... read more
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Rumor circulating about people getting letters about their pension and how bac wants to be done with managing it since it’s been frozen for quite some time. Anyone know anything?
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8/15 any actions?

8/15 was supposed to be the date for this month were there any actions?
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Hosted Virtual Desktop

I have now heard this term at least half dozen times in the last week. Two people I know are getting this. One is MyWork the other is not. There was a previous post about it, but did not answer several things Does anyone know if this will be... read more
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Long time since I have been on this site...

And nothing has changed. I left/quit BAC about 8-months ago and prior to that, I was on this site a lot. Coming back today, it is all still the Fear and Loathing at BAC. This culture will never change in your lifetime. I moved to another bank and it... read more
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Lazy front office people

Some front office teams don’t work hard. They come late and leave early. They waste lots of time on coffee chats. They do not derserve their pay.
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Are all call centers destined to be outsourced to India? The way they've been dropping like flies here, it certainly seems so to me.
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I’ve also heard many My Work folks were given a date today to return to office - supposedly all of GT&O due in by 10/1.
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Has anybody here been promoted within Bank of America without knowing their manager privately or without being related to somebody higher up? If you have, can you share your secret please? I'm tired of being passed over in favor of people who barely... read more
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Closing and major layoffs in Pasadena

Corporate office in Pasadena is closing and nearly 600 people will be laid off in the process. I wonder how many more similar announcements we will continue to get this year... read more
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If you want job security, change industry

People, look around you. You are all complaining about BoA, but every single bank is in similar or same situation. The entire sector is in crisis. If you are looking for job security, you'll have to look for a job in some other sector. You need to... read more
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Product bundling

What kind of bundle products can we offer in order to make more $?
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Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD)

Starting to hear rumblings about this coming to sites outside of Charlotte. Can anyone elaborate on what this is and how it impacts WFH, VPN time, etc.? I had never heard of this until recently. TIA
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Rest of year

Can anyone give me the dates (rumors of dates) of potential layoffs for the remaining of the year?
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GT&O & Digital keep your eye's open!

Don't know the specific date (Wednesdays usually) But i'm hearing another big round of layoff's across GT&O & digital banking group are coming by the end of this month.
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So boring here.

Ever since that new site came out seems so boring
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Anyone here rumors about mywork starting to return?
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Bank of America employee laid off after 25 years

A friend of mine recently got laid off by Bank of America. He worked for them for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS..... YEEEEAAAARSSSS!!!!! The reason I emphasize that is because they simply just CALLED my friend to give her the news. No meeting... no sorry... no... read more
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H1B at Bank of America

You can help stop H1b abuse. It's rampant. Read below: Those who are effected please send your job details to H-1B Visa violations: Combating Fraud and Abuse in the H-1B Visa Program Reporting Suspected H-1B Fraud or Abuse We have established... read more
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Position Reclassifications

Have had three different people tell me about their job "reclassification" in which they are told their positions are being reclassified to "align to the market" and as a result their salary and band level are being reduced. This is a new one to me -... read more
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More closings

Not sure if this was posted before, but Bank of America Wichita Falls location is closing. The financial center will be shuttered on October 30. Not sure how many are affected by this, but I wish them all the best... read more
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July 18 or July 25?

Wondering if the July RIF date will be the 18th or 25th. Usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Anyone know?
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The performance assessment is completely subjective

The performance assessment is what is biased and is completely manipulated to achieve a "valid" layoff for "any" employee that a manager does not like or want any longer. The Performance Assessment is totally subjective and any objective metrics or... read more
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Ex-Employee RIF'd at 56 Lacks Age Bias Claim

Old article worth reading... Sept. 9 — A 56-year-old Bank of America Corp. employee terminated in a reduction in force has no Age Discrimination in Employment Act claim because he can't show the employer's asserted performance-based reasons for... read more
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The Sun Will Rise Again

Please share your happy stories about layoffs. Show others how everything happens for a reason and that a layoff is not the end of the world. It is sometimes just a bump on the road to happiness. My sympathies to all those impacted by layoffs. Just... read more
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