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Houston Thread Deleted

Find it super odd that the specific thread about the Houston Market and the world taking conditions there with “D” and “R” has been removed. .....
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More stores closings

BB&B is closing one of the Albuquerque stores, and it looks like this is just a preview of things to come. I'll be surprised if we don't start getting weekly notifications on closing stores this year, together with more layoffs in the remaining ones... read more
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New Dress Code

February 1st 2018 we're required to always wear black shirts, and on weekends black pants matching said shirts. I'd really like to know the genius in management that came up with this idea. With the impending layoffs and dismissals coming, I suppose... read more
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More layoffs at BB&B incoming?

Days are growing very grim and gray with such a few days until massive lay offs again are coming for most of the remaining mgrs. Found this in another thread. I was wondering if this was just somebody venting and predicting what's about to come or is... read more
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Preparation for layoffs is in the works

In the mid Atlantic DMs have just been directed to promote several hourly associates to emergency keyholder positions in preparation for the pending layoffs. We don’t know yet how they are going about downloadbesttorrentblog.rus but we believe they will drop the... read more
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You are next

I’m really sick of hearing Store Mgrs and District Mgrs tooting their own horn about how hard they work and worked to get to their positions. Hey you got their riding the backs of the department mgrs you just let go. You are a bunch of bragging... read more
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Time is ticking for senior managers

Bed Bath and Beyond can’t seem to get their stock out of the toilet!! I can’t feel sorry for them, poor management members won’t be getting any richer. Do I sound bitter, yes I am, the company was built on department mgr backs, we missed family... read more
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Circling the Wagons

Funny watching Regionals and District office dwellers find new titles for those completely unqualified for new positions designed to keep them safe for next round. A ten hour day paying them $$$$ to sit in office doing almost nothing. Here's a... read more
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BBB ROUND 2 update

The latest I’m hearing is 286 stores closing and 1100 people being laid off as a result. Anyone else hearing this?
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We all need to file a complaint with EEOC

Everyone that was laid off needs to get down to the local EEOC office and file a complaint or call and get the call rolling. EEOC needs to look at attendance, reviews, salary and of course age, boy they are going to be digging gold. BBB can’t refuse... read more
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BB&B will pay in the end

Regardless of the official company statement, everyone knows that layoffs were done in relation to your age, salary and your personal relationship with the SM and DM. So BBB just get over yourself, you did not value hard work, great team work and... read more
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Retailer Meltdown Official

Some of you still haven't figured out this is much, much bigger than BBB. 2017 is going to easily surpass 2008 and 2009 as the year of the most retail bankruptcies and store closures. And for those buying into the "It's Amazon's fault" narrative... read more
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West Coast

Any updates on West Coast? Been with BBB 14 years now and getting scared to see what’s next. The district people right now some but NOT all but probably most are so rude they come into the stores like they own the place and basically talk down to you... read more
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Prepping For Round 2

I am DM in the Central territory with some inside information... Round two of layoffs will be happening shortly after inventory and will affect overpaid SM and Ops. Company is looking to close at least 250 underperforming locations with lease... read more
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Bed Bath and Beyond is terrified of a union coming in, well guess what they are coming. The remaining employees won’t get pushed around anymore, too bad it wasn’t before because all long term managers would still be there and people would have been... read more
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4th receiving mgr. - no mgr or supervisor on hard or soft mgr or supervisor for freight put away.....WTH was corporate thinking....oh wait they weren't. Moral s---s!!!!!
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Long term full timers at my store feel layoffs for us will happen soon.....we all have 3 to 4 weeks vacation time ....sick days....higher pay.....they will get rid of us and hire part timers. All corporate wants is to get it to where they don't have... read more
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Still hiring for department managers

I'd like to know why they are advertising for department supervisors and managers on when they let go several 100 department managers. They claimed to be doing away with department manager positions and yet advertise for them in NJ(?)... read more
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4th quarter

Getting rid of the receiving manager at 4th quarter and then hiring 2 part timers to take his place was the decision of a corporate idiot!
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So they let go of several dept mgrs. and then advertise for dept supervisors and mgrs. on! SERIOUSLY???
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So a few days ago I was contacted by an attorney asking if there was grounds for a Class Action Suit, and I sent him an email with the Severance Package info. He called back last evening and wanted more info from me He said given the criteria listed... read more
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Bed Bath and Beyond Layoffs 2018

Whenever you think there will be no layoffs/job-cuts/RIFs they change the approach. Now all people are talking about job cuts in Union.
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Bad Bath & Beyond forgot its core values

The downfall for Bed Bath has not been Amazon but forgetting their core values. In chasing Omni Channel they forgot the 85% of total sales in the stores. Replaced managers that cared and drove business with cheaper hours and replaced what is in the... read more
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Still no new job

So half way with the severance and no job as of yet! Interviews yes but the money that has been offered is $12,000. to $20,000. difference, Gonna stick it out. There has to be something for me! Hope others are employed again. I'm sorry to hear that... read more
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They weren't going to rehire anyone

They weren't going to rehire anyone they laid off in 6 months, and the only reason they gave 6 months, was to see if anyone was going to file a EEOC charge against them, that is the allotted time to file. Because of the foolishness that they pulled... read more
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Your new CTO was the CIO at my old company. See how he did. //
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More layoffs and closures incoming

Confirmed: spoke with a regional manager, this person said the district staff knew, and that they needed to let go anyone who wasn't going to be promoted right away, and anyone making too much money, and to promote others to asm before layoffs... read more
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Bad quarterly results = more layoffs

So, anybody thinking what I am thinking? Huge sales drop that is followed by a huge drop in share prices is not good news for the company, but it's even worse news for us. We've seen the thinking of Bed Bath and Beyond leadership in the past months:... read more
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Not surprised at ALL

So besides messing up the early paycheck debacle now it's taken them 3 weeks to figure out how much COBRA subsidy they are willing to co pay. Right Management is also a poor attempt at saving face ... nice try but very poor execution.
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Bed Bath & Beyond Layoffs

Worked for the company for many years and they are struggling partly because the company bought back billions of shares, at the expensive of many being layed off, just to enrich themselves. They can't make up the shortfall on wall street, even by... read more
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Things will get better

I worked for BBBY for more than 8 years and got out more than a year ago. New management team was hired to implement new initiatives more than 5 years ago. 5 years after, they have done nothing but screw the company by hiring more than 50 highly paid... read more
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More layoffs incoming

My manager told us at our morning meeting that this round is likely not the last round of layoffs. This was said with district and regional staff in attendance. If you survived the initial layoffs, and you're management, be prepared for what could be... read more
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Unethical Firing at BBB

[See more here: / ] - Neil Harrison has dedicated his career to exposing corruption and unethical business practices, and standing up for those who have been mistreated. From his fight against the unethical firings at... read more
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BB&B to close up to 100 stores

It seems that this round of layoffs was just the beginning for Bed Bath and Beyond... The company is renegotiating its soon to expire leases, and depending on deals it can or can't make, planning to close up to 100 stores... read more
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are more cuts ahead

All the battleworn left behind are wondering who or what level is next. Very hard to get back to whatever normal is now esp as there has been no communication from anyone Dist or Reg. Zero. We are all traumatized at what just happened and now come... read more
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