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BP = Broken Promises

Worked at BP for 16 years. 1 year before turning 50 I was laid off. HR must keep track of who is about to be eligible to start accumulating retirement benefits. I am pi$$ed at myself for sticking around and passing on other offers because I was naive... read more
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Important read

A BP manager that worked over 20 years had his relocation cancelled and told only option was to secure a job in Naperville. This was not possible due to the major reorganization and BP confiscated his medical retiree medical benefit with less than 1... read more
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/ ANYONE KNOW HOW MANY OF THE 500+ planned cuts to upstream are in Houston?
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Lower 48

What is the Denver office like? Is the Lower 48 division profitable, or is it propped up by other divisions?
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Class action

we should file a class action suit against BP for firing people near retirement. only then talent will not come to work for them. This! My dad was laid off from BP with no notice and after he had been with the company for more than two decades. Just... read more
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Use them and dispose them

Companies like BP should be given the cold shoulder by recent grads...do not trust their words. All they do is print false information to get you to work for them and at the blink of an eye drummed up excuses to get ride of you. Very often - they do... read more
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BP Layoffs 2018

If you look at things carefully, use your brain, you may notice that many folks are leaving and there are rumors about layoffs in London.
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BP PLC's severance package is a joke

Just experienced the same treatment soon reaching retirement age and fired by incompetent manager that would turned on the computer, disappeared for hours, and London management believed " we have a great leader". Goes to show - out of sight, out of... read more
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Alaska: major cost cutting

Any information on planned 'major' cost cuts coming to Alaska?
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CEO's maximum pay was cut

"BP Plc has agreed to cut about 5 million pounds ($6.24 million) from Chief Executive Bob Dudley's maximum pay for the next three years in a bid to avoid a shareholder revolt..." Well Duh! Why wouldn't he deserve a pay cut too after company posted a... read more
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47% BP will go bankruptcy

According to / There is 47% chance BP will go bankruptcy.
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Restructure or buy-out?

$400m cash gap and 3 miserable quarters ahead. Rumors persist about a restructure and significant changes. Behaviors are at their worst with too many senior leaders and too few worker bees. Time for a major change and maybe it will come in a... read more
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Layoffs in BP Alaska

Any update on the actual number of people that have recently been let go in Alaska, or the expected percentage? Or do we have to wait up until December 15 to get the final word?
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BP Layoffs 2017

I started with the company (like it) this year and I already hear that we may have redundancies and job cuts in London.
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About hundred laid off at BP Refinery In Whiting, Indiana
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BP Alaska operation to close?

Any truth to company packing up and moving out of Alaska due to continued struggling financial performance?
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There really is life after BP

So happy to not be a part of BP any longer!! They actually did my family a favor. BP won't last much longer........ they kept the high paid managers ( that know nothing about the industry), spending millions on TV commercials (trying to show people... read more
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Oh No - Not to relive this tragedy again.

The movie "Deepwater Horizon" will be shown in theater on September 26, 2016. Here is the link to the movie teaser: / I know this movie has nothing to do with downloadbesttorrentblog.ru. However, there is plenty of laid-off... read more
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BP selling Houston buildings? What's next?

I read today that BP is moving out of their Gulf of Mexico business building in Houston, AND they are selling the Helios Plaza building in Houston. Are they getting ready for some major changes? What's next?!?!?!?
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We are better than this.

This is too funny, pick up the pieces and move on. What we should do is start some form of company ourselves maybe not in oil and gas but hey Franchises, apartment complexes, stock trading, we have the expertise why not use what we have anyone... read more
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Layoffs in Azerbaijan ...

Some already occurred in Drilling and Projects ... Seems that Drilling is going to be affected globally. Anybody knows if more are coming ? What about current expats in Az; do their assignments will be extended ?
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Big layoff at Whiting Refinery Coming?

Hold on to your hats....Be kind because "different" people are all around and are smarter than you think :)
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Big Layoffs and Big Bonuses for BP employees

How can it be justified that BP is laying off employees and at the same time it is giving big bonus money and raises to employees across the board. Given that the environment at BP is known for its individualism and politician connections, not in... read more
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