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Plano October Layoffs

News says another 246 employees to be laid off in Plano by October 1st... wow what a surprise(not). Any word of which branches will be closing?
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Capital One layoffs August-October 2018

Plano folks can't seem to catch a break. Nearly 300 people are slated for layoffs in Plano as a continuation of Capital One's exiting mortgage and home equity business. I'm not sure if the people who are being laid off have been notified yet... read more
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Plano Layoffs

I heard there will be more layoffs at the Plano campus around the end of the year / beginning and they are going to rent out some of the buildings. Anyone have any additional details?
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Has anyone heard any layoffs coming to Las Vegas?
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Just last week, the home loan division of New York-based Genpact said it is laying off 124 mortgage service employees in its Richardson office. Late last year, Capital One pulled the plug on almost 950 jobs at its Plano operation as the company... read more
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Second wave of layoffs

Has anybody heard about a second wave of people being layed off. Keep hearing it will happen before year ends.
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What happened?

What happened on the all retail call this morning? What announcements were made?
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More. Trimming.

More layoffs are occurring and projected, more Branch closings to,continue. Future acquisition of/by\
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More Capital One layoffs in St. Cloud

Capital One is laying off once again in St. Cloud. This seems to be one of the smaller rounds, maybe up to thirty people altogether, although I'm sure those losing their livelihood will not be comforted by that fact. At least they can apply to other... read more
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Downtown Chicago office? Partner cards?

Is it true they're selling off the partner cards business, or closing a huge part of the downtown Chicago office? This is just something I've heard from a guy who heard it from a guy in McLean.
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Capital one worst company to work BS

Capital one is the worst place to work .Managments are very vindictive. They threatened employee to take away their severance and also small bonus. When u write email to the CEO and the Hr no one helps you for unfair treatment from your District... read more
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Coi management bullying

This is not right and I’ve reported to HR on the bullying tactics from management. Has anyone else been threatened from there manager that they will take away there severance if they don’t follow all there BS rules?
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Incoming layoffs

Letting go people in cities. Heard they are keeping top 30 advisors and their books as a package and selling. We have heard Whitney Bank as well as AIG Advisory. Sad deal for all involved. That program went from top notch (especially in South... read more
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CApital One Investing

Rumor. Is COI gone Friday?? Is someone trying to recruit advisors to Woodbury Financial?? Let's check back after a Thursday meeting
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This downward spiral started 7 years ago

Let’s be honest, this downward spiral started 7 years ago with Fat Boy Apello and not Tom. Hard to hold Tom accountable for a line of business he didn’t have full control over. Fat Boy gave Galante, a totally clueless individual, more stroke than... read more
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Situation in the technology division of Capital One

I have a job offer with Capital One to work in their technology group at McLean campus in Virginia. But Capital One seems to be laying off people almost every week. How is the situation in the technology group?
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Capital One layoffs February 2018

So now that we all know E-Trade acquired a part of our retail brokerage business, we can all start updating our resumes. I know the company said there will be "some" layoffs, but I am willing to bet that "some" is going to be most of Wilmington... read more
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I hope Investing is sold!

What a great job by those at the top of Investing! Really turned around what was a profitable, well run, fun place to work! Now a division losing money, poorly run by those with no prior experience running a bank BD, shrunken product offerings for... read more
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Investing Acquisition

Capital One Investing will likely be acquired within the next 2 months.
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Good Job

I was employed at Capital One for a few years. Every day there I wondered why Capital One was in the mortgage business. The company overall is great; however, mortgage was the most poorly ill-conceived segment. The lack of mortgage programs available... read more
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Branch Closing?????

I have heard rumors that they will be closing a bunch of branches. Does anyone know when it will be announced? I had heard Dec/Jan however now no 1 is talking about it. Any update would be appreciated
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Originations Operating Unit (Long Island - 26 Laid off)

NY STATE WARN NOTICE - Layoffs Announced Originations Operating Unit (Long Island - 26 Laid off) Date of Notice: 11/8/2017 Event Number: 2017-0135 Rapid Response Specialist: Frederick Danks Reason Stated for Filing: Plant Unit Closing Company:... read more
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Auto Finance

Conference Call with Sanjiv tomorrow with all people managers.
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Nola office

Any word on the Nola corporate offices?
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Las Vegas, Houston and Seattle

I really hope they stop here, Plano did get hammered but it could have been much worse. Las Vegas, Houston and Seattle may be the next target, but we'll see.
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Are Financial Advisors next?

Small business gone, lending gone, are the financial advisors next to get the chop. November 16 all hands on call will hopefully shed some light. Is it possible they are going to sell the retail branches?
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Watch out for auto...

Not just mortgage and home equity laid off. Also some retail bank call center. Auto is almost certainly next. Probably similar scale.
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