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What’s the fusss, it’s only modest cuts?

I don’t understand all the outcry when it specifically says “modest cuts to boost the productivity”! These are exciting times and we as brothers have to stick together. Also the timing is not near festival season like every year so it should be okay... read more
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I'd like to know this as well

Asked by . I am curious, is COP still an overstaffed company? I worked there several years ago in IT, after the split and it definitely felt that way at the time. Too many employees for the amount of work being done. I eventually left... read more
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Let’s Be Honest for a Moment

We all know that almost all HQ employees are honestly utilized at most about 20% of the time. And most of this time is spent on useless requests from useless managers desperately protecting their own empires, while incompetent Leadership Forum... read more
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How to right size the organization

Obliterate technology. Obliterate exploration. Significantly reduce RP/RC teams. Each implementation RE/geo pair should manage 4 rigs worth of inventory. Each DE/geosteerer pair should have at least 3 rigs. Each CE should manage 4 rigs worth of frac... read more
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I think we need Pepper the Productivity Explorationist

It seems the ones we have aren’t that productive or good, going to the gym and drinking coffee at the cafe all day. Maybe iPepper will have more than great PowerPoint skills and won’t blame software for their lack of actually knowing what they are... read more
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So tired of this

Anybody else yearning for the good old days when job security was an actual thing here? When I didn't have to worry every single day whether I'll still have a job tomorrow? This job has turned into a never-ending source of stress that's starting to... read more
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Google search Conocophillips

If you google search Conocophillips, the second suggestion is layoffs! No other oil companies have achieved it, the best I could search. Great job ! On a different note, the EOI special case post is mysteriously gone.
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Bartlesville is finally on the block to close.

We have closed many remote over staffed remote offices over the years. It has always been amazing that Bartlesville has been able to dodge previous centralization efforts. Apparent that Bartlesville is unable to avoid this one. Good luck to all... read more
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Consolidate to Houston?!?

Are the rumors of moving most folks from L48 field offices to Houston true? Who would want to move from Billings or Denver, or even Midland, to Houston?
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What will L48 look like?

DM said that he is "reducing the number of groups and entities." What will this actually look like? How many supervisors will be under each manager? How many individual contributors will be under each supervisor? Post the rumors you've heard about... read more
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Permian Leadership Change Yet Again

The Permian Basin is the hottest basin in the world right now... but not at COP. One reason for this is the revolving door at the top of the BU. The last few years it has gone from BP to TK to NO and now HH. The managers care more about using it as a... read more
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Another EOI

Just a friendly reminder our CFO uses EOI against employees, so if you’re in his organization, be careful.
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Is this the final round?

Just curious if this is the last round of layoffs or there are more planned for next year or so ? Someone got to stand up and ask this in each and every town halls.
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Bartlesville IT

Bartlesville IT has been protected through all of the downturn. They continue to hire 50 to 100 new college hires every year. The company has sold Canada and San Juan assets that were big customers of Bartlesville IT and yet they continue to hire... read more
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Pulling all Corporate and L48 Elements together.

What's coming down the pike? For a pure Independent E&P our size to be more efficient we have decided to centralize to improve our speed we can react to business environment changes and persue new reserves. With that said we know that not all will be... read more
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Some recent developments...

It's not exactly pennies from heaven, but McDonald’s is planning to make it rain coins to celebrate the Big Mac’s 50th anniversary starting this Thursday.
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L48 layoffs

Will there be layoffs in L48 or is it only limited to technology this time?
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The games have begun!!

Oh what a Thursday it will be, what group will be hit next. It looks like they took out some big names today. If you haven’t heard layoffs have started.
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Cash cow COP

We are seeing so much cash flow that there are none to other operators that can compete with this mighty company. With new Alaska discovery and better than the best EF assets we are winning. Buy your Champien now before it’s all sold out.
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Layoffs at the end August or early September?

What does the rumor mill have to say? Late summer is what I have heard, or will it be the usual early October killing season? Small enough to not have to do the WARN BS but enough to clean house? Maybe the end of the year as a Xmas present? You know... read more
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When are we moving to Energy Centers?

I have had my house for sale since March and so far no interest. Housing market is dead in Bville. We would to sell and then rent till we find out what is going to happen. Fortunately my wife's career is in demand wherever we go. We just hate... read more
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Slappin haters again b....

Ohh maa gaaa, I say whaaa? You see that auesome financial report. I told ya many a days bak. Piece!
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Non compete clause

Does conocophillips have a “non-compete clause” to prevent ex-employees to work for other competitors. Please share your experience?
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Non-Fraternization Policy

Not sure what happened to the original post, but I agree that COP should implement a non-fraternization policy. Intel got it right when they fired their CEO a few weeks ago for having an affair with an employee. Intel has a longstanding... read more
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What's the severance like in UK?

Any chance somebody from the 450 slated to be laid off in the UK already learned about severance package? I'm just wondering how it compares to what we get in the US. I've heard that European workers get significantly better packages, so this would... read more
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July 26

What you won’t hear at the July 26 2nd Qtr Earnings Release Meeting (1) The ELT is populated with self-serving narcissistic jerks. They are schemers rather than planners. So they have their own reasons for the creation of this new second tier ELT... read more
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Haters be hatin

Just can’t wait for 2Q results for slaps in face for all the haters out there. I think COP may as well become best oil companies eva. We are finding oil everywhere and all, it’s going to be awesome to work here soon.
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COP, we cant find anything new so we just buy more of the existing fields we have, and fool everyone in Alaska that we hire locals, while we get exemptions all the time to hire international people and idiot hi-pots who think they know everything but... read more
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Raise a concern and you become the concern. Real classy.
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Layoffs Related to L48 BU Merge

There will be cuts due to the merging of RBU and MCBU. And don't think that you are immune if you aren't in these BUs, there will be a trickle down effect as hi-pots are moved to other teams. Previously announced moves out of these groups are... read more
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Use of Skype status as criteria for performance

I am kind of new to COP and wondering if my Skype status is used to assess my performance here? I heard that it is used in Houston office unofficially. I try to stay online as much possible but I wonder how this is met by people working in field.
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All’s well

Enjoying your day of bliss?
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