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More layoffs at FMC?

I've been hearing from a coworker that more layoffs could be possibly coming to FMC sometime at the end of this month. However, he is not the most reliable source, so I'm hoping that maybe somebody here can confirm or deny whether this will be the... read more
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Tick tick tick..

I made several calls to report a facilities issue a week ago. Still waiting for a response. Hope the rook doesn't fall in by the time I get one. Yet we continue to lay off hardworking people and keep the worthless, do nothings.
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And the b.s. continues

While most of the company is worried about layoffs and saving the company money. Facilities is bragging about going to Top Golf on the company dime! Must be that their department is the only one making money. Only problem is Facilities does not... read more
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Stupid to post jobs that don't exist

Why is FMC posting jobs externally when they are still laying people off? Just a waste of time for so many job seekers when most know that they are not hiring externally and the few jobs open will be filled by internal candidates. HR & recruiting... read more
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June 15 layoffs at FMC Technologies

Heads will roll. June 15. It is unofficially confirmed. Is this true? Or is somebody just throwing out a date for the "fun" of it? If it is true, anybody has any more info on it? How many, which locations will be hit the most? Anything in addition to... read more
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More layoffs incoming at FMC?

I've been hearing rumors that learning group was just the beginning and that we are looking at more layoffs in the coming weeks. Any chance somebody on here has heard more about this and can share some more info with us? Or is it just fear talking... read more
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The Bloody May

Today the company laid off 46 people within the learning group. People with a lot of experience, a lot of achievements and long tenure were laid off without any heads-up. It is really sad to see where we are going after being one of the most... read more
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Train Wreck Averted!

All the old senior employees have been laid off or forced to retire! No longer need to worry about old people retiring and trying to fill their position with someone younger
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30% cut in workforce

30% cut in workforce on 3-22-18. TechnipFMC has to date laid off over 7000 people worldwide. Continuing to move more engineering departments to India. This was posted in an older thread, thought I should bump it to the front page for info. Anybody... read more
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Dont get discouraged.

Keep your eyes on the goal. This company has no need for any of us. Each day you are collecting pay. There is no future to make more or move up unless you are willing to sell your soul and are a cold meaningless person. Paychecks people! Keep your... read more
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More Layoffs...

Some very Senior Engineering people let go today. Cutting to the bone now.
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Quality managers jumping ship.

Just another sign that Erie will no longer be the permanent. home of the manufacturing facility. First they eliminated their seasoned workforce, then their Reman and repair dept. and now elimination of their core competencies of high tolerance small... read more
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Bubba’s mad

Wow the culture discussion continues...still losing business. Then Subsea (former Projects) HR is useless. Chicken running around with her head cut off. Doing things that still lose business. When will we wake up!!! The duck and crew need to go.
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More to come.

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Does anyone know?

I am going to test you guys knowledge of your company that has your best interest in mind. I will revisit this post to see if anyone answered correct. What 3 projects drove the need to move and create Gen Park? Did we get awarded these projects? Gen... read more
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Gears facility to move?

Is it true that come Jan 2019 Gears facility will be closed and relocated to Gremp Campus? Gear will be history!!!!!
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Get out while you can

Gears is on the way out, R&D’s budget was slashed. Read the writing on the wall. Services will be heading to another country soon. Don’t be nieve. Ask yourself if you are walked out tomorrow what can you land and how quick. If you answered I will... read more
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Another ReOrg of Divisions this Week!!!

Now that another Division(s) ReOrg has been announced for large parts of TechnipFMC Off-Shore / On-Shore is the company yet "STRONGER AGAIN", again? When do the "Optimizations" start?
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Open positions

saw at least 5 internet advertised open positions, that none of the laid off employees of those advertised position were called back to
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Hi bay 2nd shift

Some 2nd shift employees layed off at gears this evening including a lead.
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Today's restructure is tomorrow's garbage

Hooray-management has come up with yet Another restructure of the company. (The 6 previous ones were just a dry run). Demotions for the hard workers and promotions for the s--- asses, and "you're fired" for whomever draws the short straw. No rhyme... read more
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TechnipFMC - Be prepared

Three IT personnel (legacy Technip) let go on Monday 12/4/17. Three weeks ago two legacy FMC managers both with many years with the company were walked out on the same day and one legacy Technip lead engineer. At this point NO ONE is exempt! Take... read more
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This week's layoffs?

Been here 7 years, just started looking around. I hear that there will be some layoffs today and some next week, mostly nonessential levels of management. This place started to change when Potter left and went to sh-- when Gremp walked out the door... read more
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Company direction

How do you think the past 3 CEO's John Gremp, Peter Kinnear and Joseph Netherland feels about the direction of this once great company and the crap these ex GE and Schlumberger managers are doing? Thoughts? Silly me had once thought I want to make 40... read more
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Making me smile

/ Down Down Down!!! GE winning contracts :). latest Zabazaba with ENI.
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FMC Layoffs 2018

I spent last 10 years with our company and it'd be a real shame if they were to decide to lay people off from our offices in Houston.
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