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News on layoffs?

Has there been any news on next round of layoffs at NetApp? I've seen mentions of July and August as potential layoffs months, but there is very little additional info. Should we take the no news as good news and accept that we are safe for a while?... read more
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Support is always hit hard

Having worked at Netapp and other companies, support is always hit hard when cuts come along. The big reason is that it's very hard to justify the cost. Support was great when I was there and they paid very well for good engineers. But since support... read more
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Incoming layoffs at NetApp

Yes, this is confirmed for Support and Services. Low performing TSE will be let go to make room for HCI and Cloud TSE. Some middle management in redundant roles will be impacted. Also some overlay teams are having their functions absorbed. Field... read more
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How many in the last layoffs round?

Do we know by now how many employees were affected in the last layoffs round at NetApp? Somebody mentioned around 150, but that seems like a too low number, at least according to what I've heard through the grapevine. I could be wrong though. Do we... read more
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Who makes the decision?

Why did we lose one of our best people to layoffs while several useless schmucks are still here? Who makes these decisions and based on which criteria? It would be really nice to know, because no matter how much I try, I can't make any sense of this... read more
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Worst Places to Work

Does a company that is constantly chopping away at their workforce qualify for this award? If so, netapp would probably win. Senior management pay raises ahead!
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Layoffs In Sunnyvale.

Data Management, Process Improvement F & O, Procurement Operations. Teams hit by layoff today. May. 10, 2018
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Layoffs at NetApp have started

Sooner than some of us expected, but layoffs at NetApp have definitely started. From what we know so far, New England and Canada are being hit. Anybody here have more info on other sites and more on the numbers we are looking at? Good luck all, we... read more
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May 14 layoffs at NetApp

Confirmed layoff coming week of May 14. I’m already transitioning the workloads of two resources that I know will be cut. Primarily because their compensation is higher than necessary due to piss poor leadership decisions historically. This was... read more
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May layoffs

If it going down in May its likely to happen on Weds 5/16 or Weds 5/23. Any more info on this? What makes those dates stand out among others? From what I have heard, most layoffs take place on Tuesday, not Wednesday, so it would make more sense for... read more
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CSD is in shambles

The new management team overseeing Support is a bunch of Bafoons. Good luck as they sink the ship.
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Severance question

If somebody who was caught in one of the last layoff rounds still visits this board, do you mind sharing how long it took to receive your severance? One of the guys I used to work with claims on Facebook he still hasn't received his, and his last day... read more
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Confirmed today that another small round is coming in April, end of fiscal year. Good luck my colleagues.
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Bellevue / RTP Layoffs

About a week ago we laid off 7 people in Bellevue office and 1 in RTP . This makes no sense but then it just reminds me for all gun-ho and clapping internal in all-hands this is just a paycheck, they do not actually care for me, and earn it bank it... read more
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Do we know if that was it?

Anybody else nervous by the relatively small size of the latest layoff round? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it wasn't as bad as a lot of us have feared, but frankly, I'm worried that this might have been just the beginning and that more will come next... read more
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Targeted Layoffs - February 2018

The cuts seemed to be very targeted though. I know someone who's director was cut and it sounds like a few engineers. Haven't heard total numbers though.
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small severance charge?

I wonder what "small" severance charge means? Much smaller layoff (than in recent past) maybe?
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Layoffs in 2018 - Jan or Feb

I am fairly certain that layoffs are coming in the new year - either Jan or Feb. Announcement before the Q3 results announcement to get a lift-off.
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Layoffs at Dell Bangalore Storage?

Rumors are that key management talent at Dell storage at Bangalore will be nuked soon. These are ex Netapp superheroes. Maybe Netapp can hire them back.. If that happens Dell team will be humbled.
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November layoffs

Is it true they will do layoffs in November? Again? I heard this from three different people (engineers - no managers or up)... What do you think?
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Stopping useless gossip and leaving this sh--!

Guys, this is a DYING company, please open the window and take a look at the vivid outside world! An entry level engineer is paid WAY much more than a senior here. Grandfather technology, infamous management team, non-programing tech lead, if you... read more
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Cisco acquisition is unlikely

Agree that this rumor surfaces pretty much every year. Given NetApp's current market cap of 11.5 B it would be by far the largest acquisition in the history of Cisco. / Very unlikely... read more
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Leader in solid-state arrays

For all of you who are predicting doom and gloom: Gartner has recognized NetApp as a Leader in solid-state arrays for the second year in a row. Read the Gartner Magic Quadrant report and learn about: Gartner's evaluation of each vendor and their... read more
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Camouflaged layoffs

I am sure there are layoffs going but they are small so it doesn't meet the bar where there has to be a email from the top. Also I am sure who ever posted downloadbesttorrentblog.rus for the 5th and now the 13th will post a new one for the 20th. So take these with a... read more
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July 13 Layoffs

It's happening again. Say goodbye. These are occuring the day before yearend commission compensation announcements. I say bring it.
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When is ICP payout for 2017?

My manager and I discussed merit increase but there is complete silence on ICP. Has it been paid out? When will it be paid ?
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Company is doing great!

While its not AMD or Nvidia (or maybe even Oracle), the company is on a positive track. Haters might as well start digging their own grave since they can't move on with reality. The latest rounds of cuts did great things for the company and while... read more
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Layoffs 2017

What do you guys think - when will be the next big round of layoffs? I know, it's all rumors now, just polling what folks think.
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King of the castle of sand

Coming here to discuss layoff rumors makes sense. Coming here to bloviate on a company being a leader in storage in a world of cloud or full vendor solutions is pointless. Storage is a commodity technology now. It will not solve a companies business... read more
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Pure Storage...

Pure Storage works to dumb down storage and make it like Apple. It's basic and lacks a lot of features. Part of performance is due to it not having those features but as it grows over time it will then become bogged down with the rest of them... read more
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