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Raytheon Layoffs 2018

I need to know right now if we'll have layoffs this quarter here in Waltham.
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September layoffs at Raytheon

B/E airspace lay people off today 9/12/17 Anybody have any more info on this layoffs round? Mainly, are we looking at more layoffs this week, or was this it? I have been trying to find more info all around, but there is nothing, no news, no rumors on... read more
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Division and Executive Office

Raytheon and Job security is a function of which division and program you are assigned to. I worked there earlier in my career, starting when I was in graduate school, got double digit raises for near ten years. I was assigned to a department for... read more
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Raytheon Layoffs 2017

Is this a joke someone is trying to pull? How come now we are talking about layoffs in Waltham.
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Laid off

I worked with JLENS for three years and was then laid off. I knew it was a three year program, so not surprised I was let go. I really enjoyed my time there and I learned a lot about how Raytheon helps our military. I enjoyed working with my... read more
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Worked 35 years security at Raytheon Rhode Island and had very positive experience. Worked my way up to manager. Cannot complain, Raytheon treated me good and gave me a good pension and 401.
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RMS expanding rapidly

It's sad to hear of people being lied off, I have been laid off several times in my career and it was never good. I started with Raytheon missile systems in Arizona about 8 months ago and I've had nothing but a positive experience. They are currently... read more
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My two cents

To ones approaching 50, watch your back, unless you wanna be replaced soon. And for the ones considering working here, keep in mind - though if may not seem like that at first because of some correctional changes and changes in personal, Raytheon... read more
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Does anyone else find this odd?

First they layoff good performers, experienced senior employees, ones above 50. Then Raytheon gets in trouble on various projects due to a lack in experience, so they need someone to clean up the mess. And than, what do they do - they engage the same... read more
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Position Terminated- Advice

My position was terminated as my Manager was unable to find more non-cleared work for me. The expectation was get security clearance within 6 months or else. Was anyone else in the same boat as me at some point in their career? Does anyone know of... read more
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Raytheon reorg Goleta

How likely is that we'll continue to have layoffs and reorgs all year?
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Airmen Recruit

The understanding, we have problems. In other people's interest for their own personal gain, I've been used. Without compensation. How low will people go is undeniable. I have a general understanding. Example I studied the damage the sun does on... read more
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Raytheon Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Raytheon layoffs in Waltham in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Raytheon Sudbury facility closed

Lots of IT people were laid off quietly end of last year. Services are down. Nobody taking over and nobody seems to care. Makes no sense and sooner or later will impact productivity. Sudbury facility is been closed too. CIO and LT clueless and... read more
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RTSC Layoffs

They laid off 4 program management folks in Indy on Thursday, November 6th. More to come.
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Raytheon Layoffs

I am opening this thread to focus solely on layoffs - post if you are aware of any layoffs. Please indicate what Raytheon group you are referring to, what levels and positions are affected, dates and locations of the folks that are being let go. RIFs... read more
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RIFed in 2011

I was over 55 years old and had a pension from a company that Raytheon bought. Reducing pension liability is very important for all the big government contractors. Just recently Boeing announced the upcoming freeze of their pension plan, and Lockheed... read more
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systematically laying people off

Raytheon has been systematically laying people off for the past 5 years starting with the IT outsourcing and now sequestration. Bottom line is that this trend is likely to continue all in an effort to keep the stock price propped up (now over $100).
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Any news?

On July 2014 cuts, I heard over 100 folks were let go. Anyone?
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Rockwell vs. Raytheon - who's better employer?

Currently working for Rockwell, got an offer from you guys. Same work, +15% jump in total comp. Not completely happy at Rockwell, but I am not under pressure to leave. What do you guys think? How do the companies compare? Any response is very much... read more
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the mill is talking........layoffs next Tuesday (31st) for the following five weeks. Good luck and bless. More got hit this past Tuesday.
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layoffs in MA continue for at least 1 more week.

Layoffs in MA will continue for at least another week for this RIF. The majority of engineers that I had seen affected are women and minorities. No rhyme or reason for some of those selected. some were very good performers. some had many years of... read more
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Raytheon announces layoffs in R.I., Mass.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Defense contractor Raytheon Co. says it will lay off employees in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Company spokesman Mike Doble declined to say how many people would be affected in Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems unit... read more
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