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Is it true?

Have more layoffs been announced at town hall for HQ specifically?
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When unloading trucks why can’t the bay doors be open?

It certainly not because it’s air conditioned! But seems like opening a bay door wd allow some air in the area! It’s like a sauna every time we have a truck, unloading that conveyer thing, sorting by division getting in the truck to push more down... read more
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Next step

Sears has already picked the low hanging fruit by closing stores. What has to happen next is to begin shutting down distribution centers, like RRC, DDC, MDO, TDC, RSC, etc... I think Sears probably has over 100 warehouses for a store count maybe... read more
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Job postings

Considering that we are cutting back in every conceivable (and a few not so conceivable) ways, how come that there are so many job postings available for Sears right now? I don't mean just a few, simple Google search pops up dozens if not hundreds of... read more
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Our money is all gone

I remember on these boards when we were shocked at the stock falling below $9 now it’s heading quickly to below $1. Remember last year when fast Eddie was providing his loans every few months? Where are theses sums now? The cash reserves are all... read more
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Pause in store closings?

Is it just me or has it been a while since we've heard about another store closing? I think it has been at least a few weeks. How sad is it that I'm so used to hearing a new store would be closing minimum once a week, that having a few weeks without... read more
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DGM visit next thursday

I think we all know thursdays are bad days to have a dgm visit, but my SGM got a text from our dgm about him coming to visit next Thursday. What are the chances this is a regular visit vs a “s---s to be you” your store is closing?
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New Sears motto

"Make fewer do more with less!" At least that's what it seems to be the current motto, considering all the things they expect us to do WITHOUT any overtime, of course. Five people are doing the work of twenty at this point at my store. Nobody can... read more
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COBRA benefits

Can anyone that has been laid off advise on how long its takes our sh--ty former employer to advise on options and cost for COBRA? They are full of paperwork for things you don't need and tight-lipped and pull a disappearing act on information you... read more
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Heads up to those laid off recently....

You may be receiving a letter to verify spousal or domestic partner benefit. Check email or postal mail over the next few weeks. You have to fax a 1040 (first page) or bank statement that shows both names for the same address. Black out SSN and other... read more
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Has anyone received Christmas trees yet?
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Out of stock question

On the report there are only div 6,9,71 and if you complete at least 50% of the number of OOS in each div you get credit.. the goal being 100% Couple of years ago doc 8 & 96, 29 40 & 49 was on this report then dropped Now I’ve learned that the... read more
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Shop Your Way will survive, it's growing and profitable!
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Come on people!!! We must ALL do our part to ensure ESL is able to air condition the "Fountainhead".....His ONE HUNDRED THIRTY MILLION DOLLAR YACHT. You don't need fans, coffee makers, or air conditioned stores when our dear CEO is forced to... read more
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Is this really possible? I thought HQ was bad...

We had a pedestal fan in the corner of our appliance department. The CAC had a pair of clip on fans. The hub office had a couple fans and the backroom had a box fan. Then came the energy audit and all the fans were taken away and thrown in the... read more
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Are all the stores warm in the summer?

I walked into a GOB store from the mall yesterday and it immediately felt much warmer and much more humid. The place was like a sweat box. Is this a one off? Is it like this in normal stores or just GOB?
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action plans and OKRs

Month end and we have to do action plans for every line we were down in, every metric and low Member feedback response rate. What's the sense anymore? Sales declines are not due to lack of efficiency in stores but due to a much higher level. No one... read more
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Question about DM visit on inventory

I am curious if this could be the end of our store. I was hearing around that the DM was coming to the store on Sunday (which makes no sense since its on a weekend) and today the GM said that the DM was suppose to come tomorrow on inventory. I am... read more
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Bye Bye Sears

I can't wait to see all the scum bag, lying managers and DMs lose their jobs. And it's happening SOON!!!!
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August 8th SM Conference Call

SM's got an email, there will be a conference call on 8-8. Supposedly all salaried ASM's will be made timecard at Sears stores.
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I just found out...

That Sears isn't going anywhere. We are just in a restructuring process. My store manager said so.
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Another Smaller Sears is coming (sorry BK Cheerleaders)

Why create a new smaller Sears if BK is happening in 2018? Clearview Shopping Center owners buy Sears property, plan renovations, new buildings The owners of the Clearview Shopping Center have bought the adjoining 14-acre property that includes the... read more
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