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CA News

Any news on auto claims in CA. In 2017 I heard it was closing but nothing since?
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99 billion and growing

99 billion and growing in reserves yet not a single cohesive brain trust can be found in "leadership". Why can't these incompetent personnel generate a cohesive multi year plan that allows.....get ready here it comes...for success. You can tell not a... read more
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Details on the next few years?

I have been seeing a lot of comments about the transitions and reductions not being completed. My apologies if I missed a thread but does anyone know about what the next few years hold? We know ET plans to decrease 10% or so year to year for the next... read more
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Severance disparities

So those of us at the claim specialist/team manager level must not be part of the club. No “voluntary” severance, only involuntary. Then we sign the releases and agreements and wait and wait. Section managers and up are paid promptly after their... read more
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Company worth

Makes me laugh we were told today what the company is worth but yet we don't offer jobs to those that are on the chopping block keep good hard working ppl that have been with the company 20+ years take money away from those that have earned their... read more
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There is life AFTER State Farm

Started my new job with a major carrier after taking two weeks off to recoup from the shock of being "Affected"....lets just say that within the first 15 minutes of my new "on-boarding", I knew that I made the right decision to opt-out without any... read more
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ET revoked ADA WI

So, everything here is true but I have to keep my name out due to the situation still ongoing. As of the Wave 1 IT Trans in ET, they rewrote all job descriptions to say co-location onsite with your teams is an "essential job function" that cannot be... read more
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Management’s brilliant ideas

Been with the company over 40 years and witnessed all of nanagement’s brilliant ideas. Hey, let’s give all the employees different states to handle where they’re unfamiliar with the plaintiff attorneys and medical facilities. Oh and let’s give them... read more
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Out today

This place is a bad joke now. I gave my notice today and start new job in 3 weeks. Thank goodness the job market is hot; I don’t have to work in a sweat shop with mindless leadership anyone! Braveheart.....FREEDOM!!!’
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Is this true?

The pension is over funded to the tune of $4 billion. It’s not going anywhere or being frozen. It’s literally costing SF nothing for the foreseeable future. This sounds a bit too good to be true, especially right now when the situation here is as bad... read more
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Sad to say points were lifted today but there were no cheers. Employees have nothing left. This comes after we have lost so many great employees to other companies. Its to little to late. And it leaves us wondering just how bad the replacement policy... read more
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Good bye to those who got canned

I went to email a colleague today. I received the dreaded Outlook notice indicating she is no longer with the company. Just like that, without as much as a notice, a great employee gone. She was a leader, smart, tons of designations, degrees, and... read more
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Virtual days eliminated

Just heard State Farm is eliminating Virtual Days. Hopefully this is an isolated case. A really great perk that costs the company nothing.
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Does the State Farm pension plan have a COLA?
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Broken Promise

Tipsord’s recent executive briefing included his assessment of State Farm’s “”different promise” to employees versus the “broken promise” many employees actually feel. State Farm offers no promise at all which is precisely what it’s employees now... read more
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Post QTD question

Those of you still with a job after your Departmental QTD, please tell us about what your new job is like and what you think of it.
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Metrics Insanity

The trend across these threads regarding EOM and the metrics-obsessed world of "future state" seem consistent; the company has put numbers on a huddle board above actual/real customer service. For example, we have been asked in my department to... read more
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Pension Lump Sum Buyout

Has anyone under 55 and recently severed (within 2 years) been offered a lump sum buyout on their pension? I know of offers to employees severed 10+ years ago but I have not heard of any recently. I think changes in laws as well as changes in... read more
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Central Illinois dropping State Farm policies.

I don't work at State Farm but the way they went about this is leaving a bad taste in their policy holders. I know a lot of people who are dropping their insurance and going to a different insurer. I also wonder what the turn over in employees will... read more
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I’ve had some toxic jobs. Lesson learned:

Saw this on the web, and it is very true and very applicable to our current situation at the Farm. “When things go bad, good people leave, eventually followed by people who thought they could change things but got buried because too many good people... read more
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July 31st QTD

Here we go again....we lost alot of proximity workers today and for those who are left behind will over whelmed with absorbing additional claim files and traveling greater distances to continue Mr Tipsford downward spiral of this company. It has been... read more
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When will Geico pass up State Farm?

When will Geico pass us up in terms of total auto policies ? When I started 7 years ago people always bragged that we are way bigger than the 2nd and 3rd place companies ....COMBINED. Fast forward to today and Geico is already within about 5% market... read more
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This company has no integrity

If you’re seasoned and knowledgeable, you’re let go. An excellent work product means nothing. If you’re young and mobile, but know absoluely nothing, you’re promoted. If you’re a total dullard but willing to be a sweatshop boss, you might have a real... read more
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Bye State Farm

The best thing that ever happen to me was getting laided off at State Farm. Enjoyed the time off stress free from such a toxic environment. Now I'm at Country companies making close to my pay and loving it. The environment is so different, the main... read more
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Protip if you are going to leave SF.

Hey guys, always say you are going to work for a competitor the last day you want to work. Your leadership will walk you out and give you 2 weeks of pay for not working. This is a nice way State Farm starts your new chapter in life.
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So, we are just a few days away from QTD 07/31/18. 20+ years here. I'm going to miss all the wonderful people I've met and worked with. I never saw this coming. I wanted to retire here. Going to miss my friends and extended family :(
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Craziest occurrences in claims?

Hello all. Wanted to reach out for some stories. What is some of the craziest stuff you've seen happen in claims since this EOM garbage was started? Not talking about actual claims but rather things that have happened to fellow employees, managers... read more
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Problems with Cigna?

I recently returned from being on short-term disability. I work in claims. Cigna was extremely difficult to work with. My return to work date changed a few times and it was very difficult to get my claim extended. Has anyone else experienced this?
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30% of adjusters laud off this week

State Farm just laid off 30% of their home loss adjusters this month. Remaining reps stated that the expected 10 claims per week had ballooned to 25 per week per adjuster. One stated that he was informing clients he would conduct the initial... read more
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Individual Empowerment

How are you holding up? What are your biggest concerns and or questions right now? We all experience change differently... sometimes it helps to share and know you are not alone. Hang in there and good luck.
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Ready to Empower The Next Generation of Tech Workers

I almost swore off this site for good because of the overwhelming negativity but I wanted to share something positive for a change. Here at State Farm, we do more than help life go right by our customers - we strive for positive social change. The... read more
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