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Nobody is safe from Walgreens, apparently

Another 869 jobs lost because of Walgreens. Why am I not surprised? Walgreens has bought Davita prescription drug unit, which will lead Davita to lay off 869 employees in Coppell... read more
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reorganization in IT?

Was there a reorganization in IT? Three employees from my department are moving to other departments. Two were transferred, and one claims that a job was created (it does not show on the organizational hierarchy chart), she interviewed for it, and... read more
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How many have been closed so far?

Anybody here knows where I could find a list or at least a reliable number of Rite Aid stores that have closed so far since the acquisition? New announcements keep coming, and it would be nice to know how close or far we are from the announced 600... read more
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If I knew then...

Six months ago I started to work at Walgreens...I was just laid off. Budgetary reasons...but the interesting thing is that they promoted someone and it seems like they eliminated my job just to pay someone else more. Sad.
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Walgreens cutting hours

stores are loosing hours ours went from 375 a week to 310 so no one will get more then 20 hours most were getting 35 to 40. Same here. This is pretty much more efficient than layoffs since a bunch of people will decide to quit on their own and look... read more
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Changes is coming

Alot products that's in the store that dont do do well in your store will be eliminated. There is alot of wasted spaces. What work for one location in sale might not work for another. Now they will bring in product that bring profits and let go... read more
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When will hour cuts spread to other locations?

I see that some stores have already seen their hours cut and it is obvious that Walgreens plans to do this with all of its 9 to 9 stores, but does anybody know when is this going to take effect more broadly? Is there any chance that they are testing... read more
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Store managers / RX Staff

Store managers don't have to worry just yet. However rx staff at 9am to 9pm stores should worry NOW. Major rollback of hours at these stores is on the horizon and coming very quickly. Everyone at these locations beware.
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Walgreens Family Gone.

The last Walgreens family member left the board room several years ago . The MBA's took over slashing benefits and using the money for expansion. Their mantra, own it and get paid less " .
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What is a RFT?

Can some explain what RFT is? Thanks
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Budget cuts

I work at a walgreens in Omaha and they have cut our budget for all of march and April. It is absolutely ridiculous, considering there already underpay employees extremely. I admit, there are some employees that don't work to the full potential, but... read more
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2$ raises or not

I have heard that Walgreens, like CVS is giving a raise of 2$ to their employees in April. Is this true?
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Managers are forced out

Managers are forced out after 13 to 25 years. I guess the chopped block has begun. Walgreens spend 4.4 billions dollars in cash on Rite Aid will explain the cuts going on.
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New return policy

Do anybody about new return policy?
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Collect your check

We are at a time where facts and opinions don't matter no more. Collect your check and go home is motto. "If you dont like it than find another job". As time moves on so is the company changing values. All the years working with a company that you... read more
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Walgreens Management (Frontier) may work in Europe - but

This new management style is more about developing self directed work teams and ousting managers that it is anything else. Managers are told to coddle their staff - baby them - make "warm and fuzzies" while management doesn't get the same from their... read more
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Walgreens is in chaos

This company is in utter and complete chaos! The entire Walgreens is utterly disorganized. We have management that is easily threatened by anybody with new ideas that would shake up the status quo. We also have leadership that never stands up for... read more
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new procedures, no training

we've been getting more and more changes in procedure and less and less training for it... we are expected to do our jobs every day perfectly, but we are barely told how to do something anymore... but if we make a mistake, it's an automatic... read more
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Random cuts in hours

What's with all the random cuts in hours? I'll be doing 35 hours consistently, and then suddenly I'll be down to 20 with no reason or warning. And it's not just me, everybody has been affected. This goes on for a few weeks, then they realize the... read more
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Freeloading managers at Walgreens

I'm really tired of freeloading managers at my store. We are all expected to do our jobs and theirs on top of it, while they sit around doing nothing. Except when somebody from the corporate is here, then suddenly they are the exemplary employees... read more
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Walgreens closing 600 drugstores

Rite Aid deal will apparently bring on carnage. Around 600 drugstores will be closed by Walgreens. Most of them will be Rite Aid stores, but not all. This was expected, consolidations always mean layoffs, but this truly sounds excessive... read more
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Thank amazon and local officials for latest closings

Amazon is monopolizing everything! I don't understand why there is no regulation over this! Not only is Amazon monopolizing, , they are being granted huge subsidies by local officials for bringing in warehouses and employing people in... read more
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Pregnant at Walgreens and demoted

You know Walgreens is doing really bad when they start laying off and demoting pregnant employees. Had to take the demotion for insurance purposes otherwise my gap in insurance could make my pregnancy a pre existing condition. What makes it worse is... read more
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This is not right

Every single employee at my Walgreens were forced to take pay cuts, including the Pharmacists, and put in extra hours (unpaid) to keep their jobs. We are in a shortage area and everything costs more but no one cares. They pile on the work for older... read more
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Merger changes gears

So the merger is off, but Walgreens is still buying over 2000 Rite Aid stores. Not really sure how this will work out in the end, but I guess we will see soon enough. /
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Subsidized Medical Coverage

Just saw in Compass today the company is eliminating subsidized medical coverage for retirees under 65. This only effect those that are less than 50 years of age who still met all the old requirements of 25 years of service and 55 years of age. They... read more
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75 stores are closing now

I bet its more than that. When the merger is finish than we get more word on how many stores are really closing.. Amazon is also taking over the retail industry and more people will be out of work. 102 million out of work.. Smh!!
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if I would have only known 6 months ago

If I would only known 6 months ago that Walgreens was going to lay me off June 1st 2017 I would have taken the first job I was offered before Walgreens, I have been a very good employee and I worked my butt off, but due to company "cutbacks" I will... read more
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Zero loyalty

We were told by our MVP a year and a half ago that 2/3 of all store managers would not make it. 1/3 would quit or retire. 1/3 would get fired. The last 1/3 would be ok. If you've noticed the trend so far it's been true. You just need to figure that... read more
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