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Key Signs Something is Going Down.....

When a Mass Layoff Is Imminent The more signs you see, the more likely that a layoff is coming. • The company has been failing to hit targets for some time • Nonessential budgets are reduced or cut • Teams and offices are streamlined to eliminate... read more
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May 14 90 days

Deason went on Bloomberg TV and said they will look into an auction. In 90 to 120 days . He also said xerox could be a standalone company for a year or two . Carl iccan said we are the worst run company. Even Steve jobs said the same thing . Do you... read more
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I would highly recommend that no matter how secure or successful you think you are, spend some time with your family over the next 2 weeks. EOM
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Class action lawsuit anyone?

The average employer match is about 50 cents on the dollar for the first 6% of pay according to a 2009 study by Hewitt. If an employer decides to suspend its 401(k) match based on this average, it could save about $1,500 per employee each a year. A... read more
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Any Legal Recourse

Xerox - under new leadership - is keen on dividing and conquering the unsuspecting employees. Trying to make the place as toxic as possible - legally - so folks with not much time invested will leave a sinking ship. But those of us - the glue that... read more
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Are 401Ks Next?

Rumor has it that our new fearless leader is targeting company 401K contributions. Matching will be terminated. Mr. Visentin's praise of employee dedication is not supported by his actions. If the dedicated service sabotage every endeavor they... read more
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Change in Severance

Change in severance effective July 31, 2018. Unbenounced to anyone, HR changed policy for the sales organization, of 2 weeks flat severance. No longer are the years of employment relevant when being terminated/IRIF'd. For all of you hanging out for... read more
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Collecting Unemployment - Be Aware of Timing

Pay heed to the next to last paragraph below (from NYS Legislature): New York Unemployment Benefits No Longer Available to Former Employees Receiving Severance. Effective January 1, 2014, former employees in New York are, in most cases, ineligible... read more
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Actions coming?

Any word on what today's TAX means? Layoffs, numbers, orgs, ...
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Layoffs coming

CEO, “we need to optimize our operations, which is our second priority. This is more than just process optimization. We need to optimize the way we are organized, our product portfolio, our supply chain, our financial model.” Aka we need to layoff... read more
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Layoff waves

Rumor from connection to Executive HR planning, A plan is being worked for two major layoff waves. One will be predominantly US in Q3 and be several hundred in all areas. The second will tentatively be within 30 days following and worldwide. It’s... read more
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Hasty Departure of General Counsel?

Announced today that our General Counsel decided to leave Xerox for personal reasons, effective July 13.......Awfully fast exit for a top-tier employee if you ask me.
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John Visenten just hired a COO. Pay attention to his opening remarks: "I have spent a considerable amount of time listening, learning and studying Xerox. To be more responsive to our customers and bring value to our shareholders, we need clear... read more
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John Visenten

Anyone have any thoughts about Mr. Visenten? What is the general feeling about his vision to date? Is he a stooge of Carl Icahn doing his beck and call, or an independent visionary? I get this weird feeling he is scouting around to see which parts of... read more
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Be sure to use your vacation time

When the awe hits, and it will, there is no compensation for unused vacation. Take care of your family and get out of the grind. You will regret being walked all over if you don’t.
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Finding a job after 50...

Remember that as one ages, personal priorities, passions, and perspectives of that individual change. When you're 20-something, you're all about the company - long hours, ramping up your skill set, even becoming a workaholic. In short, sacrifice is... read more
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Xerox lost in black hole

A black hole recently swallowed a star and spit it out in a million smaller’s name was Xeroidious. How fitting. It mirrors this company that is being broken into many smaller pieces and auctioned for pocket change. I guess that’s what... read more
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When coffee isn't even provided...

When you work in an office where the coffee machine has a 'bring your own pods' policy, you know pretty fast that this is not a great company to work for. When there is never, in years, any night out or supper paid by the company, you know your... read more
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Latest on Xerox layoffs?

Been hearing a lot of rumors on incoming layoffs at the office in the past several weeks, but there is always very little concrete info, though. Does anybody here know more about what's about to go down (and if it's about to go down at all)? Just the... read more
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Just be prepared of the best things you can do right now is to clean out your PC. Delete and offload any personal information, files, etc. When the dodo hits the fan, it will happen so quickly, especially in the case of an IRIF. Just be prepared. Just... read more
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Sad to it go this way............

It is sad to see what's happening to Xerox. Yes, real problems exist with the company but when Carl Icahn became the largest shareholder, I knew it was just a matter of time before he would set in motion his characteristic move to control the board... read more
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Auction rumors

Hearing that auction may split patent portfolio, Global Imaging Dealerships, PARC and production business and office business. Xerox to cease in q3. Anybody hearing more?
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Xerox's problems start at the top

As Icahn recently mentioned on one of the cable news channels - Xerox is a very poorly managed company and it starts from the top. I TOTALLY AGREE. We hire people from failed companies to run Xerox and expect them to do different here at Xerox by... read more
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Auction time

This company is going to the auction block, chopped up and sold to highest bidders. This is due to Greed and Corrupt business practices on the part of Executives and Management and those who support them. It’s a shame, because of the talented people... read more
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What's next

Let's see what's next . Layoffs, closures.. Could anybody else screw this place up more . Ask yourself this would you buy a Xerox products. What will happen next . Wait for sale or auction wait bankruptcy . Another week we need to screw this place up... read more
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The main Problem with Xerox - sales

The main issue with Xerox is that they are lead by the SALES side of the house. SALES knows nothing about development and service. SALES are always doing stupid, stupid things. Such as all the money spent for month end or year end installs - why!!!... read more
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What's the word - major restructuring coming?

With Jeff out, and Carl and company in, what are the chances we'll see major restructuring & layoffs over the next few months? We only have 1 supplier of office engines (FX), so now that we are driving a wedge, real or perceived, between Xerox and... read more
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More layoffs at Xerox- USCU

Yesterday was just another day for Xerox management as they delivered the news to 29 employees that their services were no longer required. We're talking about a very tenured group of loyal employees (20-30 years of service) cast aside at the whim of... read more
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Musings of a Layoff/Downsizing Survivor

Wait until around November - Thanksgiving time - before some really serious stuff happens - if it is supposed to happen. I've survived 6 or 7 layoffs/downsizings over the last 20 years. Yes, Xerox lays off or makes periodic adjustments throughout the... read more
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Stay away from Xerox

If you want a career, you don't want to look at Xerox for it. EVERYONE lives/works in fear of when will I get IRIF or forced to VRIF. They don't care about their employees, its all about cutting people to reduce salaries while all other AMERICAN... read more
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Cerritos Xerox is Closing on 3/9/2018

Xerox, this is in Cerritos Moore St... We are closing down 3-9-2018. We are moving operations to 3rd party. West Disti closing doors for ever
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XIM VRIF offered today.

Applications due in by April 14. Final decisions will be communicated no later than April 30. Approvals and exits may occur anytime after March 1. Note - these are the Voluntarys
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March 2018 layoffs at Xerox

Los Angeles is being hit with layoffs, courtesy of Fujifilm merger. Around 50 employees are being shown the door, with their last day being March 10. We all knew this was coming, and I think we all know these employees are far from the last ones who... read more
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Xerox is taking its last breath.

Been with the Big X for 10 years but I left for Qualcomm in 2008. Over the years i watched the two ladies destroyed this once great company. I must say, U.B. is the worse piece of crap CEO this world have ever seen.
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Exciting News!

Last week, we made a very exciting announcement regarding the future of Xerox. We will combine with Fuji Xerox, our longstanding joint venture with Fujifilm, to create a global leader in innovative print technologies and intelligent work solutions... read more
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Xerox Cerritos Moore St

Cerritos closing down 3-9-2018. Moving operations to 3rd party. West Disti closing doors for ever
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