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Broadcom Acquisition

Folks get ready for a different culture - fast decision making, every decision about bottom line, no WFH policy etc. This is coming from someone who went thru acquisition/integration with Broadcom. Here's what to expect if you are in Finance, HR, and... read more
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Acquisition Ready

They chucked ALL customer care languages to India. Newbies who know nothing about the processes, or the products, or the company, and worst of all, know nothing of the markets they will serve, have replaced seasoned professionals. Our team of 10 had... read more
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Acquisition bait--- Broadcom 44.50

Ticker for Broadcom is AVGO. Hot off the wire: Broadcom is nearing a deal to buy software company CA Technologies for about $18 billion, according to people familiar with the matter. Broadcom is to pay $44.50 a share for CA, formerly known as... read more
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Layoffs will continue

They already told us that downloadbesttorrentblog.rus that were announced will continue into the fall. They haven't reached the 800 that were originally announced. There's nothing vague about it. downloadbesttorrentblog.rus will continue. Pretty much what said. We are... read more
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More layoffs soon?

I have heard very vague rumors of further layoffs in the next few months. Anyone else?
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This is not ethical

Obviously layoffs are difficult - for all involved. The best option is to handle everything with integrity which is currently in question where CA is concerned. The timing - down to the week - is of utmost importance to both the employee and... read more
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What is better?

Somebody in another thread wrote how management was very open about these layoffs and how that's a good thing, and it got me thinking. Is it better to get all the info on layoffs in advance, but not know for months if you are among those who are... read more
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How visible has management been on this layoff? I am wondering if they are communicating with employees or hiding in the Ivory Tower. I know for a fact they are not in Islandia but any idea on how they are “showing” up?
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How many of the new jobs are going to Vietnam?
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How bad will this week be?

Any thoughts on how bad will this week be regarding layoffs? Or will we maybe get a short reprieve? I just hope they don't continue as they have so far and spread it out over a couple of months, with fifty or a hundred laid off each week. That would... read more
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I'm terminated!

Just as a buddy in support was messing me about the lay-offs my boss sent me a web ex invite. As soon as I joined the call I knew something was up, he sounded like he was at his own funeral. His next words where... "I have X from the people team on... read more
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Employee Age and Layoffs

From observations in Islandia, affected mostly older employees (50+), especially those who have been at CA for over 10 years. No younger employees were laid off. The company says it wants to hire hundreds of new employees with modern skill... read more
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What's happening today?

It is very quiet here today. What's going on? More layoffs or is everybody just recovering from yesterday?
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How many were laid off yesterday?

I barely managed to get any sleep last night worrying about today and if we'll see more layoffs today. From what I understand, only a small number has been laid off so far, meaning that plenty are left to go. Do we have any idea on the total number... read more
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When it happens it will likely go down like this

This was posted by , I thought it needed to be a thread of its own for important info for today. I hope the OP does not mind: When it happens it will likely go down like this... -You'll get an appointment for 15min, a conference call... read more
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Is it happening this week?

What are the chances the announced layoffs will take place this week? There has been very little chatter about it here and at the office since the announcement and I can't really figure out if this is the calm before the storm or simply silence due... read more
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Layoffs criteria?

Who makes the decision on who will be laid off at CA Technologies and based on what criteria? The way I see it, this can go one of two ways. They focus on merit and get rid of people who really deserve to be shown the door. Or they decide to save as... read more
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Question regarding severance

Anybody knows if we are eligible for unemployment if we were laid off from CA Technologies with severance? I'm just trying to get all the information I might need soon in order and this is the one question I have not managed to find an answer for... read more
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What about the jobs being created?

What are the chances those who are about to be laid off will be offered one of the 500-600 jobs that CA Technologies is creating at the same time? Or is this a way to get rid of the employees who have been with the company the longest and replace... read more
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How cruel is this?

Seriously, how cruel is it to let us know a huge round of layoffs is coming and then provide us with no details on who will be laid off and when exactly? Why couldn't they have waited with the announcement until they had more details? Next several... read more
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CA's Biggest Gamble

Shifting massive and complex products to SaaS. Their existing customers expect a certain feature-set and are instead being force-fed a cloud-based solution offering 1/10th of the required and expected functionality. CA's plan: keep much of the same... read more
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It’s official

Mike has announced there will be 800 layoffs. Does not say where though..
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More rumors on layoffs at CA Technologies

Somebody in an old thread posted less than a day ago "Heard more rumors of 1000+ yesterday, unsourced. Change Always..." I was wondering if anybody here knows if there is any truth to this? Where did the information come from and if there are any... read more
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CA Technologies New York City Office Shut Down

CA is moving its global HQ from New York City to Stamford or Hartford, Connecticut in late 2018 or early 2019. The move is intended to make life more convenient for the CEO, CFO and CMO who all live in Connecticut and don't want to commute into New... read more
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No remedy for bad management

There’s no remedy for bad management. Bad managers hire only bad managers because any good managers will recognize the incompetence and escape the recruitment process. Bad managers blame engineers for management issues. Bad managers point the finger... read more
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CA Technologies severance info correction

I'm not sure where the info below came from regarding severance, as that is not in the current plan. It's two week per year, as it has been for last two decades. Also, your severance does not get reduced if you are asked to stay during a transition... read more
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11/29/2017 Fort Collins axe will fall

Maybe this will be the official WARN event giving 60 days notice of site closure. Maybe it will just be the usual layoff. Maybe Boulder (Rally) will be included. Maybe some upper managers will also get the ax. Please reply if you know more than... read more
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Rumors of Ft Collins site closures

Rumor going around saying sometime early next year they will close the site down. Even after spending all the millions on renovating a new office.
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CA Layoffs 2018

Financial Market keeps going up and down, there is a ton of uncertainty and people are talking about layoffs in NYC.
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Always more layoffs

CA Technologies does not have major layoffs because they are ongoing, every three months we lose people, no matter how we do. There is zero job security here. I don't remember a time when I went into work not worried about whether it was my time to... read more
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Political minefield

CA is a really crappy company to work for unless you are a Golden Boy or Girl. If your boss likes you, you get ALL the plum assignments, but if they don't you get the really crap jobs/accounts or nothing. I saw this happen multiple times, and I saw... read more
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Advice on Layoffs?

Our company just got acquired by CA. Being an individual contributor working for a manager who doesn't really appreciate my work, what are the signs I should be looking for in terms of impending layoffs. Anyone else here who has been laid off after... read more
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It's happening now!

I just got laid off from the Fort Collins office. who ever thought spending millions of dollars on a new building to make one agile was a fool.
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