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Is anyone else hoping to get laid off soon?

It is so sad in Islandia. Is anyone else hoping to go in Phase 1? The only reason I am sticking around is for the slim chance of getting bonus (prorated), options and severance. Are you worried about losing your job or waiting to get severance?
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No more Agile Central?

Will Broadcom not divest Agile Central? Instead send into maintenance mode and lay most off along with thousand more?
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Security team being outsourced

Let me set more fire on this forum based what I have been reading here: •Are you aware that in Latin America, employees from Director and above drive a bullet proof car provided by CA, tracked by GPS(the excuse is due local violence, they are... read more
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Valid point or not?

From another post. What say you on this? Finally, yet another useless group to cut. Broadcom buying CA will be the best thing to ever happen to the company. They actually have the requisite balls to trim all of the fat that's accumulated over the... read more
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Ditton Park Office

Sadly due to close according to my colleagues? Apparently they were informed last week by someone close to it.
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My Islandia Predictions

Anyone thinking Islandia will be occupied until 2021 is smoking something. Or that they can’t lay people off. My predictions. 1) they will lay off at least 50% of Islandia day one. They can pay in lieu of WARN. Severance counts against that, so... read more
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Partner program discontinued?

I heard that Partner program will be discontinued. A friend overseas told me that last week Partner enablement reps were freaking out. They were not laid off yet, but they had a call last week and they are already aware that and is about to happen... read more
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Entire E-team gone day one

I heard a rumor the entire e-team will be let go day one - which kind of explains their lack of engagement. Day 1 includes a dramatic reorganization for those that remain and most staff will be one or two levels away from an existing Broadcom... read more
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When will Islandia close?

I am in support, in Islandia. We are the few technical people left in the building. I am sure everyone not in support will be laid off on day 1. How about Support in Islandia? So far, we have heard nothing, which is extremely suspicious. The only... read more
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CA Annual Event

Heard that CA has an annual event with 5000 attendees that Hock recently canceled. Is this true? How many of the 5000 are employees?
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Layoffs are coming, nobody can change that

It doesn't matter if it's tomorrow or in a week or month or year. The point is it's coming. If you manage to survive one round, chances are huge you will not have that much luck in the next one. Stop passively waiting for something you can't prevent... read more
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Could this end in a Compuware/Dynatrace scenario ?

Where they just keep the mainframe and then most of the rest of the company is kept intact including HR, marketing, sales, finance and sold to a private equity and continues to run as a separate entity?
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Heard SAAS is no longer required and no concept of SERVICE to customers? what happen to the existing customers on SAAS who had license till few years? Any thoughts???
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Do the needful folks!

Here is how it's going to play out. Hock is going to tell everyone he hopes to build the world's leading infrastructure technology company, there will be great growth opportunities for employees, Broadcom invests heavily in R&D, he bought CA for... read more
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On Cancelling CA World

It's not just about CA World being canceled, its how and when it was done. The message to customers stated that refunds would be given for pre-purchased tickets to CA World 2019 and 2020. There was no proper message conveyed to customers on why this... read more
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Guy Confirms Divestitures

Did anyone catch Guys response asking about what happens if they get divested? His response was I can't answer that yet, terms are usually negotiated specific to each divestiture. We already know Guy has a job with Broadcom, he kinda indicated that... read more
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CA World being cancelled is not the end of teh world

CA World being cancelled does s---, but it makes sense regardless. Unless a clear picture can be articulated it shouldn't be held. It doesn't mean decisions won't be made by then, it means they won't be made in time to properly prepare. Better to... read more
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CA On-prem/SaaS Enterprise Customers

Sorry to hear the news to all CA employees. Outside looking in it doesn't look to promising so hope things work out. I was wondering from a product futures perspective any news on US and EU BU's who are responsible for developing enterprise tooling... read more
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No more hiring its a sign $$$$

A month ago I was looking online at our careers site 500+ jobs available now only 50???? People team and the talent team cant tell me whats going on, WHY?
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NO Updates from Management....

not a single update from management till now about SAAS, any idea if we get at least some prior notice before we got terminated. Heard that SAAS is no longer required, any thoughts on how they deal with existing customer contracts?
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We are getting noticed

/ The article has a whole section with quotes from folks here. I'm really glad that at least somebody seems to be listening to what we have to say. Not that I think that anybody who matters will read... read more
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Just to recap

With the exception of HR, executive leadership has disappeared. The only leader talking to us is HR, guess what that means. CA World is cancelled, for a variety of reasons. Two of the most likely is we can’t commit to any roadmaps in Enterprise... read more
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Customers freaking out on Twitter

Customers are getting no response about their CA World refund. It can be seen on #CAWorld at Twitter. This makes me wonder, if customers will be defaulted, what guarantee do we have we are getting severance pkg?
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Broadcom gets the client base and we get fired

Broadcom is buying CA because of its customers and its technology, as their CEO stated, so that means not for its workers and their accomplishments. It was clear to me from the start that this buy goes way more to Broadcom’s benefit then CA’s, but... read more
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Offered Product Manager position in Hyderabad

Long story short - CA made an offer this week to join one of non mainframe products in ITC Hyderabad. The interview panel was nice and compensation is good. Only concern is that i'm relocating with family and not sure if I need to pickup given the... read more
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The best scenario: to get a retention bonus for 6/12 month to transfer knowledge to offshore, then to get severance package, all stock vested and looking for job while working on retention with Broadcom. Second Best: Still a layoff, just package and... read more
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Any feedback on shareholder meeting this week?

I saw an email that said that the merger was approved (no surprise), but nothing else on the shareholder meeting anywhere. I'm assuming the golden parachutes were approved, was there anything interesting during the meeting?
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