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More layoffs at Charter Communications

For those who might have not heard, Charter Communications is cutting over 80 customer service jobs on the east side. I guess it was about time, considering they made a whopping two-months without layoffs. We might have started thinking we were all... read more
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Charter Spectrum layoffs May 2018

It's really a shame the way Charter Spectrum decided to handle the closing of Cheyenne call center. More than sixty people lost their livelihood with no warning or explanation - people showed up for work and were simply told to go home. This is truly... read more
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Tech III 45 $ an hr

The tech levels were restructured after you were replaced. The tech III your speaking about is a plant maintenance tech position. Top of the pay scale in NYC!
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NYC Strike

any update on the 433 day strike?
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Charter Communications Layoffs 2018

How many times do we need to be surprised by executives - do you think that we might have job cuts in corporate again - here in Stamford.
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Charter Spectrum

I am hearing many management personnel are bragging to the new techs that none of the techs on strike will be coming back unless the resign from the union and reapply for their positions, what is the union doing? You are not dealing with time warner... read more
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Field Technician Jobs in NY

There are numerous Field Technician jobs in New York posted on the Spectrum careers website (10/1/17) Are these union positions?
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Charter spectrum plans on closing warehouses all over NYC and NE ny. The plan is to outsource all the jobs to a company know as CTDI which pays there employees minimum wage with no benefits and represents a modern day sweat shop. Not only close to... read more
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Waste of time

Charter aka Spectrum tw cable is advertising for a new call center in Colorado for the Merger. They have been stringing perfectly qualified Telecom Techs promising permanent jobs getting people to fill out paperwork start dates etc...for over the... read more
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Ethics are not a strong suit here

I left Charter Communications a few months ago, the best decision I ever made. All the things I was asked to do to get more sales were mildly put unethical. And I am not even talking about lying, that's kind of a given. And if you are - like I was -... read more
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No communication

It's so frustrating working here sometimes, as we are left to discover what has changed in procedures and operations on our own... Those at the top make a decision, but it never gets properly communicated to the level that is most affected by the... read more
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Position being eliminated

Charter in June brought all the approx. 26 Plant Security Investigators into HR around the same time and told them that their Jobs were being discontinued and that they would have to apply for 1 of the 13 positions that were open in the TWC Security... read more
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It's not that bad as some want to present it

OK, there are occasional layoffs in random groups and that happens, but given that Charter has over 100K employees puts us in a different situation. When you have 100K folks there will always be some skills that you do not need and skills that you... read more
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Other jobs out here

Low Pay, Low morale, sh--ty management, zero opportunities for advancement
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Altice Acquires Charter Communications (August 2017)

Altice is in the process of securing funds to acquire Charter. This may close in Q4 2017. I worked for both. Still with Charter. If you think Charter is mismanaged, think twice - what a bunch of incompetent bozos they have at Altice:... read more
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Harlingen callcenter worries

Any word as to the status of the Harlingen, TX callcenter? We're hearing some vicious rumors on this end that may mean the end around the October-December timeframe, just in time for Christmas. Does anyone know anything?
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No respect for their workers

NYC workers have been on strike for 9 weeks now. Their entire techs op unit, service, install, plant, construction, fiber, warehouse, business unit. They bring out of state contractors to do our work. Charter has no loyalty to it's workers. They... read more
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Say no to Union if approached

I was hired recently by brighthouse networks now called Spectrum, part of charter communications adquisition, can you believe we had a training class to say NO to the union if we were approached?... LOL,
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Ibew any update

What's going on a lot of people are vested in this if we lose it's a black eye for the American worker, and Corporate Greed running amuck
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Charter Cuts Jobs Again!

What are your thoughts on this??? They are trying to put a positive spin of this massive layoff round - so, now Charter is saying that we'll have to be happy as they are adding 20K jobs in call centers that they are bring from overseas to the USA - I... read more
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Charter Communications Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Charter Communications layoffs in Stamford in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Former TWC and BHN employees being told move or quit

Charter has made it known that former TWC and BHN employees will have to move or quit. There are relocation packages being offered for employees having to move large distances, but those who's commutes will "only" increase an hour each way are being... read more
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2015 Layoffs at Charter

Does someone have info on RIFs? I left in 2011 and I am just curious. I have many friends over there at Charter, but I haven't talked to them in a while.
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