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Area to take over all SJVBU by 2020

Its official, Area Energy will acquire all Chevron property in California by the beginning of 2020. The official announcement will be made after the first of the year.
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Chevrom Bakersfield Layoffs

(Source below) -- Roughly 100 Chevron employees working for the San Joaquin Valley Business Unit received layoff notices Thursday, but won’t be let go until after the holidays, the company announced. Those layoffs — which will impact about 300... read more
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Shale 2.0

OPEC Wakes Up to the Threat of U.S. Shale 2.0: /
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New Delta Dental Plan S---s

Wanted to vent that the new Delta Dental PPO plan CVX changed to in 2017 is the worst dental plan I have ever had. What a complete ripoff and waste of money!! They reimburse weeks after the fact at less than half what they represented they would... read more
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Is the oil price turning around finally?

Will 2018 see the oil price marching back into 60's and 70's and 80's and even triple digits? Will the happy times roll again in the land of the chevroids? Or is this a slow and quiet withering of a once almighty industry into the annals of the "been... read more
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Fit for Duty or Fit for Disposal

Do you work in, or visit a “Remote” location? Well pay attention because this affects you! Fit for Disposal, sorry Fit for Duty is a way to lay off people without paying them a package. It circumvents protective legislation for discrimination and... read more
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New Mortality Tables = Lump Sum Increase

Looks like the Chevron HR retirement calculator is now using the new 2018 mortality tables that have us living longer. Although the 3-month average interest rates didn't change much from a December 2017 to a January 2018 annuity start date, my lump... read more
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Any updates on SJV?

It has been around longer than a century endlessly giving and giving that black gold from mother earth's womb, and now facing that inevitable decline. We fellow chevroids should pay attention to what is happening there as many other fields will mimic... read more
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Mcbu - retention

How long until corporate realizes all the 26+ AD managers in mcbu are bonkers. They don't listen to their employeees and many more problems.
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HOW TO CHECK IF YOU ARE ESP: Go to outlook and see what groups you belong to and you can see if you have been selected for ESP. You can see if others have been selected also by seeing if they belong to ESP Group.
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The Permian Basin

Chevron announced today that it will spend $4 billion next year in the Permian Basin in an effort to increase daily production to 400k barrels/day over the next several years. If Chevron is going to hire any additional exploration professionals... read more
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CIP Award

Suppose you were offered another job at another company. You decided to take it. However, you worked at Chevron through the whole year and left at the beginning of December 2017. (So you worked the whole year from Jan-Dec) but didn't complete the... read more
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Just had an Uber ride with a young driver who also worked at CVX downtown Houston. As an ex employee we talked a bit. She said DWEP was dissolved and there was a singular GOM group (Houston/Covington). About time, I thought. So two management... read more
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Back to Bangladesh

What’s it going to cost with a reversal of the decision to leave Bangladesh? Didn’t all the expats move on already? Another “great” decision?
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Who is doing the work?

This company represents everything that is despicable in America. It is about greed, short term vision, no long term personal or business relationships or family values or leaders. Management at this company is not only incompetent but creating a new... read more
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What's Ahead

Signed California Assembly Bill AB 739: It is required that at least 15 percent of specified heavy-duty vehicles newly purchased by state agencies to be zero-emission beginning in 2025, and at least 30 percent of those vehicles to be ZEV beginning in... read more
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CVX management mainly selling stock lately...

In the last 12 months, 90% of share volume trades by management were "sell" rather than "buy", and 1/3 of those sells were in the last 3 months. Are we at some sort of pinnacle? /
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Drug Testing

Did anyone else notice an increase in drug testing for thise currently working?
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So, what's going on with the Oil and Gas Industry?

What’s going on with the industry? Only time will reveal what caused the industry slump (and subsequent recovery). Shale Drilling + Renewables + Environmental Laws + Fuel Efficient Vehicles / Electric + Complicated Geopolitics did not factor into the... read more
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A Thriving Oil Giant

I wander what kind of comments are we going to get on this one... How an oil and gas giant outmaneuvered low oil prices / Italian oil and... read more
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SJV 2020

Any update on what will be new org and size of BU?
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Wirth to dismantle Kirkland's wasteful legacy

He has no vested interest in all the non-value-adding bureaucracy and processes that George Kirkland created. Watch for quick action to reduce/eliminate PRC, Upstream Capability and ETC.
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Status of Fmr CVX Employees

Just curious on how quickly former CVX EE's have found new jobs/careers since layoffs. I know a few who got laid off in June 2016 that are still having trouble finding work.
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Lay off candidates

How does Chevron pick who needs to be in the hit list? Are there any thumb rules?
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ITC status

I was laid off from ITC, for the folks who are still employed, how are things going. Hopefully, no more talk of future ROM's. How is management doing, any retirements or changes ?
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Oil coming back

Itsgoing to come back big. It will be demand driven. Recent cuts in investments in new capacity by the industry will make it impossible to meet the demand. Oil will sky rocket. 100..150.. 200.. You name it. Chevron stock will be in 200s. Position... read more
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Do expats still get all those extravagant tax free alloances in this tough business environment for oil? It makes a lot of sense to cut back on those.
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