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August 2018 layoffs in the works

Sounds like another round of layoffs are coming our way for the month of August. Such is the rumor here in RTP, IT. This is getting old.
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Cisco Talent

There is no value of talent in Cisco anymore. These rumours of layoffs are reality now. Better work in other companies or even startups instead of mentally torturing and blaming yourself. Many of the colleagues are having mental breakdown in Cisco.
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Neet Urgent help - San Jose

What is the midpoint or base salary range ion San Jose for Grade 11 and Grade 12 in Cisco TAC, Advanced Services or BU ?
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RTP ops Layoffs

Got the dreaded 15 minute 1:1 invitation along with 7 of my reports. RSU will only be paid out if you sign the waiver.
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SPVSS sell - outstanding engineer Jerusalem

Motivation. Engineer (non manager) Getting RSU''s every two years, got notification last week, most of the non vested RSU''s are lost in the transition to primeera. This is a big portion of his year's pay. I know manager read this. This action kills... read more
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LR in Security BU

There is restructuring in Security BU (email security, Fire Power and Policy) departments. One Director has been changed to Principal Engineer and lot of team has been deleted. This is the same division, where last year a Sr. Director was removed.
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Y sends an email and all the managers line up and accept it. Accept loosing ALOT of money. They must have got something they are not telling about. How knows and willing to share ??
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cisco aci and multisite

I have heard lot of buzz from within cisco about cisco aci and cisco aci multisite from insieme BU. Do both these products make good money? How is the multisite team? I have an offer from them
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I used to work for Cisco a while ago. I am filling an application where the new employer is asking about the Cisco employment dates, manager's name and phone number. I don't know/remember the manager's current phone number, and think that he is now... read more
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Layoffs in Collaboration Vertical

Many of the people in Collaboration Vertical are LRed. Product impacted are remains of cloud, UX and contact center on premise applications. Also one Director is in the list. Important sites SJ, Boston and RTP are impacted.
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Cisco IPRs against Chanbond / UOIP

It seems Cisco lost on 7 out of 8 IPRs that it filed against Chanbond / UOIP. Uoip has sued 13 major cable companies for infringement of it patents. RPX also lost IPR and then appeal against Chanbond / UOIP. The trial is expected to start at the end... read more
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Rest In Peace CMS

Cisco will transition the four largest CMS customers to TAC operations in Krakow & Bangalore beginning 2nd quarter FY20. All other CMS customers will be sold off to other managed service providers.
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Permira is the problem

I'm an xNDS and xCisco employee. I think Abe is a great technologist, businessman and manager, who would indeed like to bring some cool stuff to the market. And he's far better than the raft of incompetents who have managed the xNDS business so... read more
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How did the transition to a paid CSM service go?

My company is doing something similar. How did customers take the change in approach. And where you successful at getting customers to pay for a customer Success manager when they previously had it for free?
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AS will be restructured significantly next month

Due to the merger in TS & AS many redundant AS positions will be chopped. AS is bloated & highly overrated. If you are a grade 11 or 12 in AS then you are a target this time as your work can easily be done by grade 6 or 8. Due to the flat revenue... read more
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IT to be hit again

I am hearing the rumors of layoffs as well. Especially in IT and operations. As always the rumor is will be big but who knows. Ive heard that rumor before and it doesnt materialize. Regardless if you are one of the people who gets let go... read more
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Massive February 2018 layoff coming

Confirmed there will be a massive mid-February layoff descending upon the company. Profits are not there and labor cuts is the only answer. Strap on the belts because it will be a big one.
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Cisco to Buy Amazon

Why can't Cisco just buy Amazon? Problem will be solved instantly.
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Performance Improvement Plan: Layoff chances?

I want to get laid off because I have an offer from mid August. I have not been working much and have been put on a PIP. Does this increase my chances of getting laid off? My cut off for resigning is 21 August. Is there anything else short of... read more
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Age discrimination

I was laid off in September, 2016 and was I was well over the age of 50 as were just about everybody else knew that was laid off. To get our severance package we had to sign an agreement essentially giving up all rights to sue Cisco, etc. Cisco would... read more
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The Poison

Counting the days until I can get that Cisco poison off my resume. When Cisco takes over your company then the logo and company name against your career stages becomes Cisco. That is career poison.... Roll on NDS 2.0 so I can change it back again and... read more
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Quality issues

There has been an alarming decline in the overall Quality of features in ios xr and no amt of sanity, testing and or precommit gates is helping because the bones are weak now. I do not see sanity catching real issues, sanity scripts themselves break... read more
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More layoffs to come in Q4

Cisco has declared to spend $300 million for restructuring costs so we can assume atleast 4000 ppl will be laid off.
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Laying off in US, hiring in Ireland?

Can somebody explain to me how is this OK? While people are being laid off or forced to leave on their own practically on daily bases here, Cisco is adding more jobs in Ireland. It looks like everybody is prioritized over American employees. I'm... read more
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