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Shopping for a School?

Wanna pay 40K to have it handed over to employees that, instead of focusing on you the student and the quality of your education, they idle their time away on the net all day. You may want to rethink your choices.
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How many shares are trading today?

From the latest Quarterly Report, "At May 7, 2014, there were 87,643,297 shares of Common Stock of the Registrant outstanding." And so far today over 22,000,000 shares have traded. That's over 25% of the outstanding shares.
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F*** Massimino

F*** Massimino. What a wormy piece of shit. I hope he enjoys life now because there is a hot place in hell awaiting him in a few years.
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We need to have a talk about Dave...Socle Dave

I've been at Socle about a year now, and I really would like an answer to some questions I have about this guy. He is the most messed up manager I've ever worked for by far! So, for those of you old-timers (SFS): 1. How in the heck did DS get his... read more
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Still Hiring

I'm losing my job, and yet Denver is hiring more supervisors and managers in Denver. Can't they just ask people if they would like to relocate or are we concerned with toner and 10% cut in pay?
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Wyotech Drug Problem

I saw this site and decided to post. The only thing that my kid said about this school in Blairsville was just how easy it is to buy drugs!!! With the lack of instructor supervision he said you can hide in the cab of a diesel truck and take drugs... read more
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This is worth a repost (regarding 2nd Amendment)

Anon from Colorado Springs wrote: The original Operating Agreement was signed by all involved parties (CCi, DOE, and all lenders to which we owe money). Then CCi couldn't quite meet the requirements of that agreement so they submitted a First... read more
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CCI already had an online payment system that any campus could utilize: / I guess they are updating. Thing is, you can't make if a payment if you haven't the job or income to do so. Doubt the update will help with... read more
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Why won't ANY colleges in my area accept my Everest credits? Not 1 cal state or UC school will accept them (Everest Anaheim)
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My short rant

Not sure if this was mentioned but let's ponder about this furlough deal. I for one will enjoy my week off. The time off will help me unplug from the CCI chaos. Executives think I will not enjoy my time away? But this is my view on this forced... read more
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Thumbs up thumb down

This board needs a thumbs up thumbs down button..I would have a field day with that option
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Why do some think they are lucky?

You all have a 6 month lease on a job and then bye bye lol. Some faculty will remain but finance and admissions reps and doas will all be out.
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This bitch fires me and yet she comes in late even buzzed and she still has a job.
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Does anyone know if Instructors at Heald College in Roseville have left because of the law suits????? Some of them had no business being Instructors in the first place so I am curious if some have left?
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I am shocked from the comments and feedback that given to me from my post... I sincerely hope that those debbie downers, are not instructors, or at this point they have been fired. My instructor was 100% correct, on the positive, i was able to find... read more
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What will happen to Career Services?

I see a lot of posts saying that there will be massive layoffs for admissions and FA but with our placement being a source of contention for the ED, will career services be eliminated as well?
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Check out the ECMC board.

The blood sucking debt collectors think they are better than us. I bet their managers look at us like a liability that needs fixed or sold. Fk them. At least we have the balls to speak up against managers who are over the top assholes.
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Oracle is here

As promised in my post. You can check the 4TH floor log.
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There is a lot of talk about crime but there has never been criminal charges. Weird! Anyone know of criminal charges?
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