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Hit this con where they will feel it

Thank god I have a close friend at the LA times and a wide net over social media...the war has begun...DCEH won't have a business when they don't have students, homeless rehab clients for their hysterical "Nano " degrees or when they are exposed as a... read more
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I Am Ai

Art Institute students and former students have been fighting for justice for years. Maybe some of the profs should join in the struggle. /
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Bring back PACE...

Just on a temporary basis. Put STAR on one team and imbed troubleshooting professionals with that team. Let them tweak for 3 months then roll it back out. This shrug your shoulders because it doesn’t work is KILLING productivity and morale. The... read more
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Miami Ai: Dream Center Lays off LOTS OF PROFESSORS!

We were all scheduled for 12th week all school meetings today.......where the President came in teary eyed and let everyone know (apprx 20 FT Professors), that they are now unemployed - with the option to come back PT. The DreamCenter is a f---ing... read more
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How can we help the student's caught in this mess

Ok everyone, so the ships going down due to corporate shareholder greed.. Cool, business as usual in America. But what can we do for those who really saw these places as a chance for a better future? Who aside from the Department of Education? What... read more
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The Art Institute of Las Vegas Layoffs

The directors were terminated as of 9:30 AM this morning. Their positions are completely gone. Not only that, but they also terminated full time faculty positions I think. With this, it is also being rumored the Dean position will also be gone at the... read more
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Future of Ai?

With all these full time faculty laid off today, what's the vision for the future of Ai? Will the remaining campuses also close? Or convert to learning centers? Why were some full time faculty spared? Is there some sort of grand long term vision or... read more
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South University...

"Due to these changes, the campus president position is being eliminated on five of our campuses to include: Austin, Montgomery, Richmond, Virginia Beach, and West Palm Beach. I thank each of the presidents for their years of dedication and service... read more
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Paying for College

Here is what's on my mind - as the prices continue to increase and more and more people realize that they do not get a return on the money invested in their degrees, is there going to be a point where people just say: DEGREES ARE NOT WORTH IT ANY... read more
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San Antonio and Austin

What happened in San Antonio and Austin did they lay-off all full time in media arts and design?
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Student Tuition

And when students can't get any assistance from a live body on campus, where do we tell them their tuition dollars are going?
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How do they plan to run anything with what's left? Seriously, can somebody explain this to me???
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Ai Texas System?

What is the status of the AI Texas system?
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Ai Dallas?

what is the status of AI Dallas are all full time faculty now adjunct or just general education?
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The Character of BR

Never have I met such a cowardly, pathetic individual as BR. Doesn't have the courage to speak with faculty, staff, or most importantly students. Doesn't have the dignity to speak to students when confronted by them (as in the case of Philadelphia)... read more
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AI Dallas

All full time faculty and directors let go.
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David Halperin And the Fake News

Brent is doing his best Fixing a tired system- all this belly aching on here is why we have to do what we do. Stop talking to David Halperin like most members of the media he does not know his facts. We offered to let him talk to Brent. My old friend... read more
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Restoring Faith

I am proud to say today that Brent is helping restore faith in Ai ‘ reputation by helping creative and innovative new programs at a tired dysfunctional college. More to come...
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Mr DCEH man

The Mr DCEH who keeps posting on here - wants you to know he does not care about academic accreditation. He only cares about the dollars in his pockets. Mr DCEH man does not have the guts to identify himself
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Solvency of DCEH.

Can DCEH remain solvent long enough for the “Nano” bonanza pay off?
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Nano credentials.

future is bright.... These certificate programs are being developed as we speak at Ai.
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Reality for DCEH

Every time you lay off people and then say get back to work you demoralize people. The colleges accredited fully have to pass rigorous standards but you are to stupid to realize that when we all walk your student population tanks online and offline.
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What’s a nano certificate go for?

Does anyone know how much the nano courses are going for? What’s the limit on a Pell grant? How often can the same student apply for Pell grants?
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A response to DCEH man

Telling people to shut up and get back to work clearly indicates that you are not a leader and are actually a major part of the problem whether you are a hold over from EDMC or part of Dream Center’s new regime you are one of the clear reasons your... read more
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