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Several eBay locations hit hard

Major layoffs are happening right now, San Francisco is being hit hard. From what I understand, this will continue until the end of the week. I really wish they would do it all in one go, stress of having to deal with this for days is not going to be... read more
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After 2 reorgs we're understaffed at every department

EBAY has no strategy aside from firing talented people to spend money on entry level customer service roles. The Sydney office now resembles an Indian call centre.
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Will there be more layoffs this week?

Anybody knows if downloadbesttorrentblog.rus were limited to last week or can we expect some to spill over into this one as well? I'm asking specifically for the U.S.
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ebay headed downhill

in 2014 layoffs, in 2015 they canned india, then in 2016 they canned remote workers, In 2017 they went after contractors, now in 2018 they are after the only thing left, full time folks. leadership at ebay is obsolete, too much legacy crap and... read more
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A failure at the Top

After over a decade at eBay, I was let go as well. I’m happy in a way, because I was too comfortable working there, even when I felt the company is poorly run and see no bright future. But in my opinion, everyone up top should get slashed, and not... read more
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Ebay is dead.

So long to the retarded policy of always taking the side of the buyer and allowing international scam. You got what you deserved.
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The Second Floor Gentry

ebay execs will walk around and brag/preach about diversity... Big words about "inclusion', 'opportunity', 'equality', 'merit'... This only applies to the bottom of the barrel positions in the call center floor - they need diversity when they need to... read more
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eBay used to be a company to be proud to work for!

Our CIO is one of the biggest "all me and only me" types that ever walked the earth. Shareholders have got to wake up and smell the air - they have to ACTIVELY police the executives activities as they are representing a threat to the longevity of the... read more
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Wenig's only play

Honestly, can he build, grow and develop? The answer is know. Yep, cost cutting is his game and a monkey can do cutting - cut left, right, up and down - the profits will go up. Yeah, the company will go BK in a couple of years, it'll get acquired and... read more
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Laid off today Data Engineer, Quality - San Jose

Nothing more to add. I was let go today, and even though I was not expecting it, I feel relieved as it's very stressful to work in an environment where you do not know if you'll have a job tomorrow. It's obvious there are challenges and that ebay... read more
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Happening Now

Just seeing posts from people on Slack that layoffs are happening in the Portland office, as well as news reports that it's happening in Israel.
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Layoffs today for AMs

Merchandising / Account Management re-org happening today. Lots of people getting laid off.
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EBAY Layoffs 2017

How about a new round of layoffs in San Jose.
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Jobs are coming back to the USA

OK, this is a rare but good example of how companies can bring jobs back to the country: US-based ecommerce giant eBay has just fired its product and tech team in India, except 15 who may be moving to the US. These were staff working out of eBay’s... read more
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EBAY Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of EBAY layoffs in San Jose in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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2015 Layoffs at eBay (ouch)!

Not sure why we have no posts but here is Jan 2015 eBay layoffs skinny. The execs are freaking out as Ichan is breathing down their necks. So, nothing new here, it has been like this for a while. However, he is more particular now and he’s demanding... read more
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Ebay had multiple layoffs

Let's see what 2014 and 2015 bring, ebay is not growing rapidly any more and had it not been for PayPal we'd have major issues right now. PayPal is basically supporting the other businesses we have.
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